Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Inside N Korea-Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • It’s official: Tucker Carlson-Hannity-The Ingraham Angle 8-9-10pm.
  • Hannity to O’Reilly: You should come back to Fox; would you consider it?
  • Hannity v Maddow: polar opposites.  Controversy swirls around Bila exit.
  • Drudge: Laura/Fox a ‘done deal‘.  The View: Bila out, Meghan McCain in?
  • Mike Tobin detained. Today’s lawsuit. Video: on poisoner Bourdain.
  • NBC staffers hope Megyn’s Today debut is less bad than her Sunday show.
  • Katy Tur: I don’t vote, because I want to appear neutral (despite vomiting).
  • O’Reilly accuser arrested for filing false report.  Thank Betsy for watching.
  • Jamie Weinstein audio: Tucker Carlson.  Chase Bolling’s ex-girlfriend speaks.
  • Swamp Watch videos: The corrupt spokesperson

72 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The Daily Caller should tell Betsy Rothstein that it is possible to describe boring rote partisan-driven narrative (Reliable Sources) in a way that doesn’t come off as boring, rote, and plaintive, pedestrian snark.

    Why doesn’t DC get their in-house wag Jim Treacher to do the job of watching Stelter so we don’t have to? He’s actually funny, ironic, and insightful.

    The Cable Gamer would be absolutely superb at this job. Sean Davis at the Federalist would be very good. Hell, Anne Coulter could knock Rothstein out of the park.

    But Treacher works at DC and would be the most sensible choice. I wish I could find his piece “Dan Rather: Water isn’t Wet” from his personal blog days.

  2. In the cause of preventing arson, destruction, and looting, a minimal detention of a Tobin is a small price to pay.

    • Thought everything would get done and announced last week after that CNN story. A little surprised that it wasn’t officially announced last week,

      If the show is indeed starting next week, like Drudge says it might, Fox would need to start telling the other shows where they will be moving. Once that many people know, every one will know and Fox would just announce it. So, if it is starting next week, Fox surely will be announcing it by Tuesday.
      If nothing is announced by at least Wednesday, it is probably not likely that it will start next week.

  3. Surprised CNN didn’t win an Emmy last night for BEST SUPPORTING TRUMP HATING BY A FAKE NEWS OUTLET. There is always next year.

  4. If the McCain story is correct (and it appears to be) then I guess she didn’t leave Fox News to spend more time with her family. OTOH she wasn’t fired by Fox News either, so I wasn’t the only one out on the wrong limb.

      • Sure looks like it.
        Whatever the reason, this must have happened quick on Bila’s end.

        I didn’t watch, but Bila seemed to be enjoying it and seemed like a good fit there. She was probably the best token conservative they have had when it comes to being able to debate.

        I don’t know what job could be out there that she would see as an upgrade from The View. Maybe a solo show, but I don’t know of a well-known place that would give her one.

        There is the good possibility that The View would rather have the conservative be someone that can get more media attention. Like Hasselback or Candice Cameron could. Bila became more famous in the past year, but hasn’t become all that well-known. Meghan would get far more attention.

        I’m not sure that The View has had the exact same hosts for more than a season in years. So, they are probably always looking to change, but Bila definitely seemed like she was not the first one to look to when trying to replace someone.
        I think the show will likely be worse if Meghan winds up being hired. Bila is better at dealing with people she disagrees with.

        Fox might see her experience on a network show as a reason to hire her back for Outnumbered, but she was never that great as a host on Fox.

        I do think Fox and CNN both should immediately be trying to hire her as a contributor. Fox could definitely use her as a commentator and a fill-in on The Five.
        Maybe she will listen to some other offers, but would be surprising to see her away from TV very long.

          • The combination of this story:

            …and this tweet

            …says a lot.

            Still raises more questions. How would all of this happened so quickly? That interview was Wednesday. Meghan announced she was leaving Fox on Friday.

            If Meghan left knowing she would join The View, that would mean that in 48 hours (more likely 36)
            Bila was expecting to be there for the season.
            The staff got upset.
            Bila decided to leave (seemingly without another job offer out there)
            The View agreed to let her leave.
            They reached out to Meghan.
            Meghan decides to leave Fox for The View.

            Then Monday, Bila has her last day.

            That means really big decisions were made by people and shows in really short periods of time.

            Meghan leaving Fox without planning to join The View doesn’t seem likely, but even if that was the case (where The View reached out to her on Friday), this still all happened very quickly.

            I think the Page Six story is likely off at least somewhat.
            Even if true, I would be really surprised if ABC/The View doesn’t push back against it in some way because it makes them look really bad.

          • Fox News likely would have something to say if Meghan was allowed to leave for personal reasons and then just went somewhere else. They probably knew where she was going.

            The lack of on-air mentions about McCain leaving makes it more likely they knew it was a career move. They would have probably mentioned her leaving if it was personal.

          • It looks pretty unlikely that is was Jedediah’s choice to leave.

            In her comments, I don’t think she ever said she decided to leave. She said it was her last episode.

            Coming back to start the new season and then leaving so quickly while under contract makes no sense. She would have had no time to line something else up and The View would have had to rush to find someone new. They would have asked her to stick around another couple of weeks if it was her choice.

            Saying that you have opportunities and have a book to work on does not sound like good reasons to leave a high profile job.

            If you have a future book to promote as well as an upcoming wedding, The View is a great place to be. You can use the show for free things as well as access to top wedding suppliers.

            She didn’t mention looking for a change in careers or wanting to do things out of home. So, choosing to become unemployed shortly before getting married seems odd.

            I also doubt it was that interview. They know what to expect from her and that fell well within those expectations.

            On the other hand, tweeting that video of the question makes it seem like she thinks it is a reason.
            Don’t think she would have tweeted that if she was leaving on good terms.

            Seems most likely that she is simply being replaced and there was nothing she did or could have done that would change it.

        • Jedi was so much smarter than anyone else on The View. I hope she goes back to FOX, but I don’t know where they would put her. Maybe she can take Meghan’s place on Outnumbered.

          • Cable news channels can never have too many good commentators and for ones under-40, she would be one of the better ones currently at Fox.
            Especially when Fox is about to have three hours a night of opinion shows that need a lot of guests.

            Fox still hasn’t made that many higher profile hires considering how many people have exited in the last two years.

            Not sure Jedediah would want to go back to just being a contributor. Will be a big drop off from network host, but might be her best option.
            Her work as a political commentator had been pretty good at the time she left.

            Also, being at Fox would likely be the best place for her when her book comes out.

          • Watched the video of Jed announcing her departure this morning. She did have a bit of the “deer in the headlights” look about her I thought. The only reason I could see “The View” producers switching her for Meghan is that Meghan is better known and is (at least on economic and foreign policy issues) a more traditional Republican. Jed did hold her own though even in the 5 to 1 debates. Hope she does come back to FNC.
            As for the page six story, don’t buy that Jed wanted to go back to place with one viewpoint. When she first got hired by ABC, she talked about Andrew Breitbart and what he said about the importance of conservatives/libertarians persuasively making their case in liberal pop culture outlets. Never saw any “View” clips of her looking afraid or not being able to handle different viewpoints.

      • She does seem to adapt her positions based on who she is around.

        Pre-Fox, she only seemed to be on shows where they had her attacking the right from the right.

        The liberal Meghan McCain didn’t really exist while at Fox.
        At Fox, she became one of the most down the line republicans at the network. It was like she was just a surrogate for her dad and Lindsey Graham.

        Will be interesting to see what Meghan McCain shows up on The View.

        • The FOX News Meghan was this self righteous Super Conservative that it even made me nauseous ???

          WTF was that RINO Meghan at? lol

    • Meghan McCain is probably a good fit for The View. The IQ level is low for the entire panel and she can be quite feisty and self-confident.

    • There was just something off with the story and that helps lead to a lot of speculation.

      Also her saying that she was “leaving to focus on other things” was really vague. It does make it sound like it was personal reasons.

      She is in her early 30s and her career was/is going pretty well. Her Dad is still working. He has a lot of of family to support him. He didn’t need her 24/7.
      She wasn’t going to put her career on indefinite hold until her dad dies. He probably wouldn’t have allowed it. Especially if he is not dying in the next couple of months. If he was dying in the next couple of months, Fox would have let her take her time.

      It was too good of a job to just full out leave at this point in one’s career unless there was a guarantee of something better out there.

      – This also made me originally think that it could just be that they let her go (even as a mutual decision) and they tried to make it not look bad.

      Which I guess they did in a way. They let her out of her contract (still possible that it just expired). Maybe they were willing to do it since her dad is sick, but I think they probably would have anyway. I think there are many people they will let leave as long as they are viewed as replaceable and they aren’t going to what they view as competition.
      Not the first time they have let someone leave to join The View.

      It looks like what should have been the most obvious answer was the right answer. Meghan McCain never stays at one place very long.

  5. Interesting…..according to reports they would not even speak to one another in the hallways of FoxNews. I’ll be curious to see how Bill’s book sells w/out the power of The O’Reilly Factor.

    Bill O’Reilly‏

    Please check out @SeanHannity radio program 4:30 ET this afternoon. I’ll discuss smear attacks & my new book Killing England. A must hear.

  6. FoxNews confirms….


    Hannity Moves to 9PM/ET and The Five Returns to 5PM/ET Timeslot
    NEW YORK — September 18, 2017 – FOX News Channel (FNC) has named
    Laura Ingraham as the host of The Ingraham Angle, a new live primetime
    program to debut on October 30th, announced Suzanne Scott, president of
    programming for the network. Ahead of Ingraham’s debut, Hannity, hosted
    by Sean Hannity, will move to the 9PM/ET hour, the ensemble program The
    Five will return to the 5PM/ET timeslot, while the 10PM/ET hour will be
    helmed by rotating hosts during the interim period. Each of these
    changes will take effect on September 25th.

    • So, the changes will start next week, but not her show.

      Her starting before October seemed too soon, but October 30th almost seems too long. Maybe there is some staffing and possible set issues to figure out, but I doubt the format is going to be all that original.

  7. I’m not getting the Hannity vs Maddow business. Right now The Five is the strongest show on FNC’s primetime line-up, Tucker a close second. So they’re putting their least-powerful primetime show up against MSNBC’s most powerful. It’s almost like they want him to fail.

    • Because it makes better headlines it’s fire vs Ice , can’t do that with the five since it’s five hosts. and Tucker is not on against Maddow so it’s not a thing that works as a headline. It’s for fun headlines and clicks.

    • The Five has pretty consistently been the weak spot in FNC’s prime time lineup since moving. Have done a little better recently, but some of that probably deals with the hurricane and decisions were likely made ahead of the past couple of weeks.

      Since moving to primetime, The Five only has one victory over Tucker or Hannity in a monthly or quarterly ratings release in either total viewers or the 25-54 demo.
      The Five beat Hannity in total viewers in May.

      Tucker has finished ranked (among all cable news shows) 1st (May), 1st (Q2), 2nd (Jul) and 3rd (Aug) in total viewers since moving to 8:00 and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 3rd in the demo.
      Hannity has finished 4th, 3rd, 3rd and 2nd in total viewers and 4th, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd in the demo in the same period of time
      The Five has been 3rd, 4th, 4th and 5th in total and 5th, 4th, 5th and 4th in the demo.
      So, Tucker is 8 for 8 against them and Hannity is 7 for 8.

      In August, Hannity beat The Five by 14% in total viewers and 17% in the demo.

      I think some of the assumptions by Fox are that The Five will get 5:00 back over 2 million a night, Hannity will increase viewers by moving up an hour and Laura will be able to retain enough viewers where the daily and prime time averages will improve.

      I also think The Five at 9:00 is an inconvenience for Fox as well as the hosts.
      If Hannity stays taped, though that doesn’t seem likely, it would mean Fox NYC wouldn’t have to keep as many people around at night.

      • Something that doesn’t get much attention when it comes to what time The Five airs is the availability of guest hosts.

        When the show is on at 9:00, it is harder to get some of the better ones. Kilmeade really isn’t available when he has to get up so early. Women like Kennedy and Melissa Francis have kids and likely aren’t so willing to stay at work so late. When they are done hours earlier.

  8. So, Hannity‘s back at 9:00, The Five is back at 5:00, and The Ingraham Angle is back; this time, for keeps. The original Ingraham Angle was a summer trial run many years ago. I forget which year. The name came from her weekly O’Reilly Factor segment: The Week in Review from the Ingraham Angle.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Chase Bolling’s ex-girlfriend speaks.

  10. Latest story about Eric Chase Bollings has ex-gf describe him in terms that wouldn’t do justice to Francis of Assisi. Yet she broke up with him a few days before?
    College kid said he seemed normal ” partying and doing drugs” the night before he was found dead in bed.
    Different world.

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