Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump’s Hillary’s CBS
  • Reliable Sources: Hillary; Jemele’s tweet was mainstream; Fox war on ESPN.
  • F&F video: Sunday’s premiere of OBJECTified.
  • CNN bans Milo.  The battle of the boobs.  CNN launches ‘Pacific’.
  • Colleagues react to Meghan McCain news.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Rubin Report video: on Trump, Fox haters, and much more.

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  1. I thought it was dicey to hire Meghan when her dad was still in the Senate. Could make things on the panel awkward if the others wanted to criticize him.

    • I always assumed the Meghan hire was simply Rupert Murdoch doing a favor for John McCain or just trying to get on the good side of a powerful Senator.

      I read awhile back what McCain did to his 1st wife after he returned home. I lost just about any respect I had for the guy. I wish him good health, but America probably dodged a bullet that he was never POTUS.

      • There is a chance that there was some sort of favor, but Meghan must be really likable in person. She has gotten a lot of jobs that she wasn’t suited for and some of those probably didn’t care much who her dad was.
        There also is the likelihood that media outlets think she is more famous and/or relevant than she is.

        I think she had been unsuccessful at all of her previous jobs before coming to Fox.
        Two canceled shows on Pivot. Poor selling books. MSNBC had her as a paid contributor and never seemed to use her.
        Her writing and video work at The Daily Beast was awful.
        Not a respected political analyst.

        Nothing that should have given Fox a reason to hire her. Even more so when she had been in feuds with multiple people at the network.

        She was better at Fox than at other places and improved as a host from her early days on Outnumbered, but she still wasn’t that good when compared to many of her colleagues.

        • Meghan was better as a guest than a permanent piece of the ensemble. She is best taken in small doses. I hope Out# keeps the current format with two hosts and two rotating chairs. It’s possible there could be more changes. Either Sandra or Harris could become permanent host of ANHQ and Melissa Francis could become a co-host. Anybody but Lisa Montgomery. I couldn’t stand her when she was a VJ and she’s even worse now.

          • I wish they’d give that job to either Kennedy or Melissa Francis.

            Both those ladies have a decidedly non-pompous bent and sense of irony that is needed on that show.

          • I adore Kennedy! She’s smart, funny, and witty. Some of her libertarian beliefs make my teeth ache, but I don’t find her smug. And she’s a genuine capitalist who thinks raising taxes on the wealthy is a dumb idea. She’s the kind of host I was hoping SE Cupp would be, but SE just doesn’t measure up.

          • I don’t think SE Cupp would describe herself as a Libertarian, so she sort of comes off as just another Conservative pundit. Kennedy seems to stand out because she brings that contrarian view to a discussion. She seems to have dialed it back some since her show “The Independents” was cancelled, however.

          • My problem with SE Cupp is that she doesn’t come off as conservative to me. Not anymore. She was on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show on Friday. SE tweeted that she just loves Chelsea. What a shock – SE loves yet another liberal! I sound like a broken record, but liberals love SE because she constantly bashes other conservatives.

          • neither the president or his supporters are conservative either. seems to be the latest craze. one day when people wake up they will wonder what was in the water that screwed with their minds so much.

        • I always thought she was hired because Roger Ailes shares the same likes as Clay Travis. Nothing I ever heard from her convinces me otherwise.

        • I think Meghan was hired in an effort Fox has made to try and score a younger audience.

          She has improved on Fox in the way that Ronan Farrow, Luke Russert, and Chelsea Clinton did not on MSNBC.

          For all the Trump engendered ballyhoo around Katy Tur, she seems to struggle, and wears a facial expression that reads as scared and miserable most of the time.

          Fox did Meghan a favor by bringing her along at the speed that they did.

          • The door was opened to her via her journalist parents and Olbermann, but to her credit she has chased bad weather via the Weather Channel and paid some dues doing fluff pieces for local tv. She moved up to covering news.

            She’s young, attractive, rather vulnerable seeming, and so was assigned to cover Trump who is considered to have an affinity for those attributes and whose candidacy was not really taken seriously by the media.

            The media is courting young viewers too.

            Hosting an MSNBC show was certainly quite the leap, to say the least. But the biggest part of that promotion is that she represents a media narrative about the president that he was only too eager to corroborate.

          • She also did a very poor job on The Weather Channel. Not as bad as that ghoul Julie Martin, but close.

          • Nothing could smarten up Chelsea Clinton. It didn’t take a village to raise that idiot. And, Katy Tur looks like she could use more fiber in her diet.

      • Wow! Sensitive much?
        Geraldo was actually trying to compliment the guy.

        “Don’t invoke my father in that way….”

      • Thanks for the link – never saw that.

        I’m just going by a general observation that her father was never a big topic of conversation on the show because she was there yet he would be talked about on Fox on a number of other shows over this or that.
        To me it’s a bad idea to hire someone as a co-anchor who has a father who is a prominent sitting US Senator.

    • Very true – from the few times I watched Outnumbered I never once saw one of the other panelists criticize something her father said and he makes the Sunday politics rounds a lot and always had a lot to say.

  2. Does the article about Milo and CNN mean that Andrew Bolt wasn’t allowed to rent a CNN studio to film an interview with Milo?

    Not broadcast the interview on CNN, just rent out the technical facilities?

      • In Jonathan Turley’s blog he has piece on why he is leaving the Methodist Church.

        Turley attends their annual conference and this year’s included the new addition of safety monitors who would be called in for discussion on sensitive topics that becomes robust enough to make other conference goers uncomfortable.

        This along with doctrinal grievances engendered Turley’s decision to leave.

        The ever-so-kind motive of protecting people from being offended Seems to be the all-purpose excuse for shutting down people with differing views.

        We see it with CNN’s decision that the presence of Milo might traumatize their studio staff(!) We see it being used in college campuses and outlets such as Google and Youtube.

        Brian Stelter frequently references this sort of…kind concern…either in attempting to get certain views off the airwaves, or in facilitating the airing of outright conjecture and invective that he’s hearing from his “concerned viewers” and other followers.

        Please God, deliver us from our kind and concerned keepers.

        They are tyrants, one and all.

  3. Concha hits the nail on the head once again. I guess Baldwin’s fake outrage is appropriate for a fake new network or as The Cable Game calls it VFN (Very Fake News).

    • Evidently the 1st Amendment comes way down in the list past “expressions so commonly used that your granny says them” in Baldwin’s sense of importance.

  4. Amazon Deletes Negative Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s New Book https://buff.ly/2xauaZ3

    Amazon has a history of deleting negative comments/reviews for liberals, another recent example is Amy Schumer.

    I have never seen or heard of Amazon deleting negative comments/reviews for conservatives.

          • I read most were not, which I understand. However do they do that for conservatives? If so, I have never read about it.

          • I downloaded it….didn’t buy it from amazon…….they allow you to leave reviews for books you didn’t buy from them…..funny they didn’t delete any 5 stars…….and while I’m only about 15% through it NOT a 5 star book. Id give it a 3 star so far. Yet 92% of reviews are 5 stars……I mean really????

  5. Calling POTUS a white supremacist is “mainstream”…because… we’re told… that “half of America” believes that Trump is that.

    For this reason, it was wrong of a spox to suggest that an ESPN employee should face consequences for calling the president a racist on the air.

    sheesh…that’s logic isn’t it…

    “The participants were then asked whether they were inclined to believe officials who said that a fire caused the tower’s collapse [9/11] or critics who claimed that explosives brought down the building.
    Among Canadians, 49% said they were inclined to believe the critics, while 37% of Americans said the same. In other words, the Canadians who responded to the online questions were somewhat more sceptical of the official account than were Americans.”


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  7. Watching the debut of Harvey Levin’s new show on FNC. Enjoying the interview with Judge Judy. Don’t know how well this show will do over long term but good start in terms of quality, IMHO.

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