Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Out# video: Trump gets coverage from nets.
  • Steinberg: Meghan McCain leaving Outnumbered and Fox News.
  • Maddow interrupts blue-dress Hillary interview for sneezing Panda.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-The Five-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: The Five-Tucker Carlson-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • The pivot to authentication: inside the redesign of Fox News’s website.
  • CNN host: If I cooked for Trump I’d poison him.  Q&A: Eboni K Williams.
  • MSNBC host: ‘Antifa’ protestors are ‘good people‘ on ‘the side of angels’.
  • Tucker video: with Dem lawmaker who favors Dream Act.

72 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: “…on the side of the angels”

    Do any of the Bush family or former officials see Antifa in any way approaching this light?

    With this, Nicole Wallace absolutely takes the cake for willingness to sell out to utter perniciousness in order to host a tv show.

    What a complete hack.

    • Fox News hosts have gone out of their way to say that management or anyone else at the network has never told them what to say or what position to take. I have never heard that from MS/NBC or CNN hosts.

      • Because their media liberal overlords strategically refuse to distinguish a KKK member from a scientist who statistically argues that you dumb-down a gene pool by artificially/ governmentally facilitating low IQ women to have a multitude of babies, in a way that their families commonsensically would NOT, were these women dependent upon them (Charles Murray).

        Thus they sanction Antifa attacking Charles Murray and anyone coming out to hear him speak.


  2. The Five, my favorite Fox News Channel show, was #1 in the demo on Wednesday and #2 in total viewers!
    I love it, but I really want them to move back to 5 pm. Actually, I think it is more of a reality as I saw one their hosts liked a tweet yesterday that said the can’t wait for them to move back to 5 pm. Everyone knows Laura is coming, it is just a matter of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.

    • Dana was teasing him about looking pale in this video and that he needed make-up. Last nights episode was funny, as usual, especially when they were joking about Gutfelds bowel issues and the puns were just too easy for them.

  3. IMHO Eboni Williams would have been an frontrunner to take Meghan’s spot on Out#. But Eboni thought she had a permanent role at 5pm, so she signed up for a noon radio show. Now 5pm has gone bust, there’s an opening on a very popular midday news program, and she can’t take it because she’s on the radio from noon to three. Bad run of luck for EKW.

    • Interesting. True. She’d be a good fit for Outnumbered. Still, if she could tone down that Jesse Jackson speech pattern. ?

      • She’s an attorney and sounds like one, to my ear.

        She’s brisk and fairly cogent, and yeah, she could do with a listen to Joe Concha or James Rosen on how to be both AND sound conversational.

    • I don’t think Fox would have a show with two black female hosts.

      Now, if Harris leaves Outnumbered, there should be no competition. Fox should tell Eboni to quit her radio show and then give her the spot.

      Outnumbered is definitely the best hosting spot for Eboni.

        • I agree. Fox doesn’t seem to though. They probably don’t even realize that they have done it.

          FNC and FBN have been on 30 years combined and I don’t think they have had a single show where two of the full-time hosts are black. …Unless Fox and Friends Weekend once did.

          This is even with shows with a lot of hosts.
          The Five originally had 10 announced hosts. One was black. Outnumbered originally had 7 announced hosts. One was black.

          They try spreading them out instead of putting people in the best roles for them.
          If Fox had 10 great hosting talents who were black, they would probably put them on 10 different shows.

          I don’t think replacing Meghan would be the best use for Eboni at this point or the best replacement for Outnumbered, but even if she was available, I don’t think the network would even consider it.

          • Again, people should be judged on ability, not race. It shouldn’t matter whether they are white, black, yellow or red. Of course, I don’t know of any of us redskins on TV.

          • Unfortunately many networks are too concerned about perception that they try to put people in roles they aren’t right for. That goes beyond race, but race gets more attention. Especially at a place like Fox News where they get flack for almost everything they do.

            Eboni is talented but I think they saw her more for her race when putting her on The Specialists. That was not the right show for her.

            To be fair to Fox, I think they thought she was worth taking a chance on, but they should have always tried multiple hosts before settling on two permanent ones. Instead they tried to force something.

          • The Specialists was one dumb idea. Eboni has talent, but she wasn’t ready to be thrown into a hosting role.

          • In the fall on Sundays you can see redskins on TV, although some announcers now insist they’ll only call them “Washington.”

          • Those announcers are ignorant fools. In many tribal languages, the word for indians as a people translates into English as “redskin.” My name on the blog is “Nixon, a redskin.”

          • That’s such a specious observation.

            Are we to gather if a network has never concurrently featured two ethnic Hispanic or Asian host that this is some sort of conscious or unconscious attempt to “spread them out”?

            And then what if it is?

            It would be indicative of some societal imperatives on all industries. Imperatives that push for a ethnic quotient regardless of who might be best for the job.

          • Networks seem to try to spread out all kinds of groups. People are seen as types. Ailes pretty much said as much when it came to creating The Five.

            On panel shows especially. On a non-business news show, you often only see one business news person (at least full time). Even when Fox has a lot of business news talent that can do political news.
            Dagen McDowell would have been a much better choice for Timpf’s seat on The Specialists, but Fox likely never considered it.

            Fox rarely has more than one panelist who is not conservative or libertarian. On The Five, they would put independent talent like Geraldo and Eboni in the “liberal” seat. Even though Eboni should have been filling in for one of the women at some point.

            Fox is never going to have a three or more host show with all blonde women because they don’t want to get mocked for it.

            Networks are way too concerned with types even though most of the viewers who watch every day really only care about what people say.

  4. In today’s “look like a laughing stock” game we have a TV “star”….saw this on the 12 from Brian stelter and knew it would be gold.
    Brian Stelter‏
    While Fox bashed the media, CNN covered the aftermath of #Irma all evening long. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    which was retweeted by always wrong disgraced racist ice of course……..but the 12th’s rating are out now and just how did the Five do against CNN……OH it beat EVERY show of EVERY hour on CNN in the Demo and in fact had DOUBLE today viewers than its CNN completion at 9 Cooper.
    It also beat in the Demo and total viewers EVERY show on MSNBC but Maddow.

    One again I say…….Fox knows whats it doing……..haters….not so much!

    • That particular little trick (where you wait until Channel A isn’t covering something that Channel B is covering and then tweet about it) is one hacks use all the time. In fact I used it once myself, to zing CNN for not covering something when everyone else did. Moments after I did so, Brian Stelter tweeted back chiding me for a ‘cheap shot’. Of course that was my point. People are constantly doing that to Fox. Including Brian.

      • She was whining on twitter that her Mom only compulsively lies on occasion. Strike that, wrong Chelsea. She was whining on twitter that the CIA now determines what is or is not taught at Harvard. Perhaps Obama can hire her for his Presidential Library.

  5. Anyone else experiencing long delays on occasions in Disqus email notifications? I realize some may have them turned off. It is sometimes over an hour before I am notified that someone replied to me. Just curious.

  6. Looks like TRUMP also BROKE Anthony Bourdain ???
    I remember watching his No Reservations show & he seemed like a pretty cool level headed Liberal
    He was talking about getting to know Conservatives by hanging out with them & he even hung out with Howie Carr, I think

  7. CNN is so offended that they already called me and asked if I could come back on Monday. Too perfect.— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) September 15, 2017

    Clay also added – “And, for the record, I will be on Fox News tomorrow night.”

  8. The Maddow sneezing panda bit is some of the creepiest most feigned pretense at zaniness Ive ever witnessed.


  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Wednesday’s
    4 good people
    3 pivot to authentication
    2 I’d poison him
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Steinberg: Meghan McCain leaving Outnumbered and Fox News.

  10. Just guessing on the Meghan McCain thing….

    I doubt she was fired. She was probably given a leave of absence following her dad’s diagnosis and at some point Fox said “time to come back to work.” At which point she decided it was more important to be around her father while he attempts to beat cancer. With her mom’s wealth, she does not need a job.

    • Something was clearly up when she was gone so long. Even when her dad went back to work.
      Fox is not going to let someone take that much time off when it involves a parent and they are still alive.

      She was hired in July 2015 and there is a chance that her contract came up in July and she hadn’t re-signed. Though there is also a chance that she got a new contract when she officially joined Outnumbered in November 2016.

      Meghan seems like someone that doesn’t stay at a job very long. Sometimes she has likely been fired, sometimes her show has been canceled and sometimes she probably just moves on.

      Maybe Fox was going to let her go a month ago, but held off to let her save face and not make the network look bad.

      Whether it was completely her choice or not, I think Fox is completely fine with her leaving. No matter what they say. She wasn’t a big star. She was not one of the better hosts at the network. She was not one of the best hosts (including guest hosts) at her own show. I don’t think they expected much more from her long term.

      I think Outnumbered might be on the verge of an overhaul. Especially if Sandra winds up hosting at 2:00.

        • There have been so many dishonest and misleading comments involving talent from networks, Fox especially, over the years that I often assume there is something being left unsaid. Unless they are really clear.

          I’m not sure the last time when Fox has publicly said they are not renewing a host’s (or someone who is on a show every episode) contract at the time the person left. They occasionally do it later if there is some dispute.

          It was strange that she was gone so long with no mention. That should have been a sign that something was up.
          I never even heard her say she was going to come back. I just looked through her social media and didn’t see anything either.

          I’m pretty certain Fox didn’t just find out she was going on Friday.
          This must have been in the works or a talked about possibility for a while.

          Fox also probably didn’t try to talk her out of it. Neither one mentioned the possibility of working together again in the future. Both she and the network put out pretty generic statements.

      • Hope for the best for her father and her family, but I agree regarding what Meghan brought to Outnumbered. Fox has better pundits on their roster that they can use. I don’t know if Fox saw this as an opportune time to cut her loose and it was jointly agreed to or what, but they would do far better with keeping the current rotating lineup.

        As for the 2pm hour, I don’t think Fox is going to appoint a full-time host….at least for the foreseeable future. That hour is when the White House press briefing usually takes place and they don’t miss a chance to cover it so it’s kind of meh hour. What’s interesting to me about it is that they haven’t announced a full-time replacement on Happening Now either. Are they going to just keep rotating co-hosts and make Jon Scott the permanent anchor? It’s a very un-Ailes thing to do.

          • I’m not trying to be conspiratorial about her motivations.

            I just think it is not so simple on Fox’s side of things. They probably just wanted to go ahead and move on and they will never say that.
            They have kept plenty of people around when they don’t even appear much.

            It being something that involves Outnumbered causes me to think a bit differently. The show seems to be going through the motions a bit right now and is getting little push from the network.
            The show has declined in the ratings (when comparing to other shows). It went from 12th in the demo rankings in Q1 to 19th in Q2 (Also was 19th in March, July and August). That was the largest drop by any show at FNC.
            [From 2014-2016, it was 14th, 11th, and 13th in the end of year rankings.]

            I think the network is ready to make some changes to that show and has been considering it for a while.
            They likely want at least two full-time Outnumbered hosts appearing on most days and if Sandra gets another slot, they wouldn’t have that.

            Also, there are so many holes to fill right now, I think Fox is looking closer at everything they have and deciding what to do.

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