Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • O’Reilly: After years, the forces of darkness and evil finally got me.
  • Somerby: How can a writer this clueless be a major political analyst?
  • Chris Wallace signs up for another hitch at Fox.  Weekend numbers.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Tucker Carlson-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Monday’s numbers: Coop-Rachel Maddow-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Impartial MSNBC reporter: Trump’s victory almost made me vomit.
  • The Cable Game: A simple twist of fake.  NJ school banned Fox News?
  • Zucker punches Facebook.  Kamau Bell honored.  Cook’s tour resumes.
  • Henneberger: Cable reporters’ misery during Irma was journalistic low.
  • Breakfast Club video:  Melissa Harris-Perry resurfaces.
  • Videos: Tucker debates The Five on Hillary’s

48 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air Sunday at 8/7c on CBS hosted by Steven Colbert. Not with a gun at my head. Maybe not with a gun at Bella’s head. Tough call.

  2. I am hopping that Melissa Harris Perry has tenure , otherwise oops, also she seems to get into spats with management of places.

  3. SE Cupp Unfiltered was in LA yesterday and will be there again today. That’s a lot of money for CNN/HLN to pay for Andy and guests (repeat guests, btw) to fly across the country to do a show that’s not doing well in the ratings.

    • I hope for SE and Andy that the CNN brass has some patience, because they’ve been thrown to the wolves with that show. It’s entirely decent and watchable compared to other political chatterfests. But HLN has now spent years with a schedule consisting mostly of endless “Forensic Files” re-runs and a little schlocky legal news coverage thrown in. What is the potential HLN audience even supposed to think the network is? It is difficult for this show to build any momentum from that lonely island.

      • I guess I don’t like it as much as you do. I watch maybe every other episode. SE has changed since her days at FOX. It seems, to me, that she loves criticizing Repubs and conservatives more than she does Dems and libs. She talks at the end of each show on a specific topic close to her heart. On Monday’s show there was not one mention of it being the anniversary of 9/11. I thought for sure that SE’s closing comments would be about 9/11. Instead she went on a rampage about Mitt Romney possibly running for the Utah senate (she is opposed). She was just crazy. If you turned the sound down, she looked like a lunatic. I don’t know what Andy is doing there. He’s in a belittling position; I thought he’d be more of a co-host. And if he says, “I guess I’m not a good libertarian because…” one more time! Andy, just admit you’re a liberal – we’ll still love you!

        • SE’s monologues are awful. I’m not sure there are even 10% of viewers on a given night who care about what she is talking about. They are sort of preachy. She often tries to be over-the-top for comedic affect and it doesn’t work.
          I’ll give the show some credit for trying to be unique at times, but SE is not good at comedy. The discussion occasionally have funny moments, but if the show wants to have humor, you would hope they would have on more comedians.

          I think they are not quite sure what they are doing with Andy, but he is doing as well as probably could be expected in that role. He seems comfortable. He is balancing commentary and comedy pretty well. He is still doing a lot of the humor he did on Red Eye.

          I think the show would benefit from him being at the other end of the table or in the “Bill Schulz seat” (second from the end) it would move two guests closer to SE and it would allow Andy to be in the middle of the guests where he could interact with them more.

      • I enjoy the show too. Honestly If they didn’t have Robin Meade and some other people I liked I wouldn’t have even touched HLN for years… but yeah CNN pretty much doesn’t care about one of the most widely distributed cable channels. But do hope they let this show grow, they need to promote it (the rest of HLN too) on CNN, TBS,TNT,tru TV, and other Time Warner Channels . Either that or Zucker is afraid HLN could beat CNN again like it did a long time ago.

      • I think HLN is going to stick with them for a while unless they give up on the network as it currently is. As long as HLN stays the same, I expect them to at least make it through the end of the year. They will probably get at least six months.

        If HLN announces more new news shows, that would be a good sign for them. The reruns are not going to bring in many new viewers. If there are no more new shows announced within the next six months, I think Unfiltered is in trouble. The network will likely just go back to more reruns.

        HLN probably needs to go all in on trying to hire Bill O’Reilly. That is likely the only move they could do to make the network have a chance at being a successful news channel. He would bring a lot more viewers to the network and they could build off of it.
        Otherwise, they should just change the format.

        My guess for why they don’t change the format is that the network is bundled with CNN. They will keep it a news channel for that reason.

          • Probably not, but I think they would be making a mistake not to consider it. If he could just get a million viewers a night, it would probably lead to many other HLN show’s ratings doubling.

            I think some networks are too afraid of the backlash that they aren’t realizing that the positives would way outweigh any risks. O’Reilly would bring in a lot of viewers and would go out of his way to avoid any possible off-camera issues.

            The phony outrage that would result from him being hired would only last a few days and then people would move on to something else.

        • HLN needs to stick to what they are trying now , because keep changing everything but Robin Meade is not a working plan, (or the old plan of change everything but Robin and Nancy) hasn’t been since they tried to be Court TV II , or the can I haz newz channel? (except Robin). I think the idea of being alternate to CNN meaning focusing less on politics is a good idea. I like the current line up so far… just need to remove forensic files a little more.

    • It was odd to see the show go out to LA and the two most frequent guests still appeared.

      I am going to assume that SE had to go out to LA for something else, possibly HLN associated and they just decided to go ahead and do the show out there. The show still could have been produced out of NYC. It might have not cost that much to do it.

      Sending the show out there simply to do something different would have been a foolish decision. They barely even promoted it and it was pretty much the same show except for one interview and the interview was generic.

      • SE was in LA for Bill Maher’s show on Friday but she came back and Unfiltered on Monday and Tuesday were in NY. Yesterday she gave no reason why the show was in LA for two days. Tonight’s guests are people I never heard of.

  4. Katy Tur is entitled to her opinion about Trump and a good deal of it is justified – Trump should never have singled her out at a rally in front of a hostile crowd. The irony of it all is that if she was assigned to Jeb Bush or John Kasich she probably wouldn’t be filling in for Chuck Todd on MTP Daily if that were the case. She had to deal with a lot but she won the lottery by being assigned to cover Trump’s campaign.

    • I think she had already “won the lottery” by getting away from the infamous Keef Olbermann and their abusive relationship. At least she doesn’t have to put up with physical and emotional abuse from him anymore. Now, if she just learned one, just one, eensy teensy thing about actual journalism and how it’s done……

    • Sure she entitled to her opinion…….but she cant be even remotely be called a impartial journalist covering Trump now can she? Yet NBC didn’t care they kept her right there. It was clear to see how she felt……..any real news operation would have moved her. Yet TODAY shes still on TV covering Trump.


      • She’s where she is as far as her career in general and her show in particular, because of her history with Pres. Trump.

        • Thats true…Id NEVER haerd of her before Trump………..doesn’t change that people with her views shouldn’t be allowed to report on people who physically make them sick.

          But this is NBC/MSNBC where that doesn’t matter if it the enemy…….if they had a reporter who said Obama’s election made them sick… you think MSNBC would allow them to report on the Obama admin for a nanosecond? Of course they wouldn’t.


      • Isn’t that something? People who want Harris Faulkner taken off the air because she asked a question they didn’t like, are fine with rabid Trump-hater Katy playing an impartial reporter/anchor. Wonder why they’re OK with one but want the other fired…

        • Also if a Fox News personality or any conservative acted the way Katy has with her father becoming Ms. Zoey, even though it’s a very personal matter and I believe it’s none of anybody’s business, they would be demanding action, firing, calling them names, etc. However liberals get a free pass.

  5. Katy Tur should write a book about her dad Zoey. That family dynamic would make for a best seller just out of curiosity.

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  7. Some of those dark and evil forces that brought O’Reilly down reside in his own character as well. I hope he realizes that.

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