Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Q&A: ‘Unrepentant’ Bill O’Reilly talks possible return (via TVN).
  • Katy Tur: Trump ‘endangered my life‘.  Soledad O’Brien resurfaces.
  • Report: NBC suits eying Maddow as ‘full time’ Today family member.
  • Somerby: Are MSNBC’s evening stars infested with mental disorder?
  • Pushback on TMZ Bolling report.  FNC graphics do the ‘vertical slide‘.
  • Storms give CNN a boost, but will it last?  CNN promotes junk science.
  • Freedman: CNN’s systemic issues of trust and truth must be addressed.
  • The Five video: Why is broadcast news coverage of Trump

33 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Juan: “Why is broadcast news coverage of Trump 91% negative?”
    Jesse: “91% of today’s press are liberal activists.”
    Kimberly: “Thanks for watching. Tomorrow: who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb. Bye.”

    • But did they include ESPN in the numbers, it would go up a bit if you added in the ESPN, TMZ, Entertainment News ( sic ) blurbs

    • Jesse is a the missing fool of the village. of the 91% negativity, the best and strongest criticisms are from conservatives. the left wing portion of the media just repeat rinse repeat rinse everlasting stupidity. the criticisms on the right are acknowledging he is an FDR type manipulator prone to crazy taxation, entitlements, foreign policy and more. his utterances of “insurance for all”, tariffs, “bring me tariffs”, saying one thing then another like “fire and fury” then “negotiation” are fair game. once the hurricane bump wears away and we get back to continuing obama care, no tax reform, and higher deficits the numbers will drop back and he will pull another stunt. the question is will he blow up the world or the economy first. either one first makes the other 2nd.

      • of the 3 broadcast networks they were talking about….ABC….NBC….AND CBS……which has the conservatives you speak of?

        • “why is broadcast news coverage….”
          u r correct i elided over larry’s/jesse’s specified qualifier. my bad. i guess i am so closed minded in my conservative investor world i can only see what is obvious, not a political fantasy. ty for correcting my error. stupid me, there are no cons on the nets, just like most cons are nevertrumpers …just for different reasons than the libs.

  2. Report: NBC suits eying Maddow as ‘full time’ Today family member:
    give MK/RM the 9AM slot for the new net crossfire. 1st show, a cage MMA fight for top billing. no way it does not make the hour the most watched 9am programming ever. problem solved.

    • i say pay, because cable and sat are combined, but streaming left out? kinda weird because all the largest telecoms are doing all 3 in hopes that when it sorts out and there will be one horse to ride. they can then enfilade customers at that point in hopes of complete competition destruction. ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Katy Tur = Drama Queen

    Republicans or TRUMP Supporters aren’t violent thugs like the Left

    You were in no danger ???

    • The liberal press saved his butt. Now, all the Kennedys that mean anything are long gone, and they don’t care.

    • The Troll of Chappaquiddick knowingly left her to die. He later went on to try to undermine this country by providing classified information to the USSR. A murderer and a traitor.

  4. Normally Nielsen has had some lame excuses for ratings delays, however I guess since they are located near Tampa, it’s acceptable this time.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Bill O’Reilly
    4 vertical slide
    3 suits eyeing Maddow
    2 endangered my life
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Pushback on TMZ Bolling report.

  6. Listening to Greg Gutfeld on the Rubin Report — says no one at Fox has told them they are moving back to 5pm; said he learned of the move from CNN and Mediate blog posts

    He did not seem upset, just laughed that this is how he found out. Says they will probably fire him in the same fashion…….haha.

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