Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Coop-The FiveCNN Tonight 1-2-3.
  • Video: Concha and Miller on media’s of storms.
  • Video: to false smears parroted on The View.
  • Video: Jeff Flock during live shot from Florida.
  • Somerby: Mika B has always been ‘one of the weirdest tv pundits‘.
  • The Wrap‘s Brian Flood to FNC, NY Post‘s Claire Atkinson to NBC.
  • Shock: Hillary praises CNN.  ‘Heroic’ Kerry Sanders saves dolphins.
  • Profiles: Wolf Blitzer, Joy Reid.  No-spin news.  Bill Weir gets weird.
  • Why does MSNBC send Chris Hayes out to tangle with a hurricane?
  • ICN: Rumored primetime sked puts Fox News in unfamiliar territory.
  • This time for sure: Laura Ingraham in prime, The Five at 5, yada yada.
  • Katy Tur says covering Trump like being caged in a Roman Coliseum.
  • The Five videos: The heroic ethos of remembering

66 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Fox likely already has a planned start date, but I wonder if they have a date they were wanting to announce Ingraham’s new show.

    Since it is the worst kept secret in media, Fox should try to get the deal done quickly so they can announce it and not keep letting other outlets break the story.

    I would be surprised if it is not confirmed this week.

    I also think this is just a short term fix for Fox. If the primetime can just do well for 3-4 years, they will likely be happy. At the time of the next inauguration, all the hosts from 6:00 to 10:00 in this new line-up will be in their 50s.
    It will hopefully allow the network to stabilize some while they build their new newsroom, build up Fox News Digital and hopefully hire some new talents that have bright futures.

    If Laura bombs, then Fox has some trouble. They can’t just move Hannity again and they probably aren’t going to put a news show at 10:00. They then would have to figure out a new opinion show and they really are limited in their options with opinion hosts right now.

  2. CNN does not have anyone that strongly defends Trump and doesn’t get run over in their 7 & 8 person panels. Around the first of next year (now is obviously a bad time) Zucker should consider signing Eric Bolling (if he wants to get back in TV). They would finally have someone to forcefully take on Chris Cuomo, Ana Navarro, etc.

    • Bolling was fired after an investigation that he texted lewd pics of himself.

      Why would he still be hirable elsewhere?

      I’m not arguing that he never work in tv again, just wondering why you think Zucker would consider taking on Bolling’s….eh…baggage?

      • Funny. 🙂 They hired Beckel after the first time he got fired by FNC. A strict morals clause could probably be put in his contract. It was a thought.

        • An addiction seems more like a medical issue.

          Putting a company at risk for a law suit by sending crotch shots to one or several coworkers, would present more of an issue, to my thinking.

          • I’m a little immature at times (yes a guy admitting that) and always loved the Drudge headlines regarding Anthony Wiener. It was just too easy with that last name and circumstances.

          • tell ya what, when you think it is cute, pretend it went to a daughter. had a guy expose himself a daughter when she was about 12. when she was here this summer, not sure how we got to it, but i said “don’t you remember….” she told me no. know why? that *%^^&%(^ was gone, punta. i was stupid for even asking the question.

          • If you think I think what Anthony did is funny, far from it. He deserves all the negative press and mockery for the pariah that he is.

          • i was writing in more general terms, i.e. next time someone does a public display of male disgust.
            It seems men could lose Victorian machismo while retaining dignity, but they would have to keep the stupid male giggle humor private which many seem to be disinclined to do.

      • Agree. He may get back to being a commodities trader where he made big money or maybe as a politician. However GOP are held to higher standards than Democrats as we all know. Did they ever say they were “pics of himself” – LOL.

    • If you can produce a spotify playlist for your selections that would be nice. I don’t listen to music on YouTube.

      • I haven’t put music excerpts in my videos out of fear of demonetization. I just describe the albums and list my favorite tracks. I do have album links and artist websites in the video description if you watch on YouTube. The same goes for all my videos.

  3. Re ICN: definitely uncharted also in the fact that they still don’t have that buffer show in primetime one to buffer the opinion shows. Also weird to note when it’s MSNBC that’s had the most consistent 7-11pmet line up , being the same since April of 2013.

  4. First time seeing any of SE Cupp’s show……..not a fan of hers.

    It was not too bad — a dramatic reading through the 5 stages of grief with excerpts of HRC’s book.
    I might dip in from time to time, just never really click over to HLN.

    Panel — SE, TV’s Andy Levy, Ben Ferguson, MK Ham aka the Hammer

    • You inspired me, so I changed to watch (also first time) and it was Andy Levy talking/drooling about IPhone X or 10, whatever Apple* just released for $999. J$ probably would have liked the segment. Anyway, I switched back to “World War II In Color” on the American Heroes Channel.

      *Full disclosure – I am a Samsung Galaxy owner/fan.

      • The thing I noticed was way too much cross talk and interrupting. The Five does a good job of directing traffic and allowing panelists to finish a thought before moving to the next person.

          • Last week it had 3 episodes (HLN took monday evening off ) Best viewed day that week was Last Thursday with 50,000 Viewers , worst viewed was Wednesday with 26,000 in demos. so it bounces really.

          • Still not very good at all, but moving up some.

            Average through the first three weeks.
            100,000 total and 35,364 in the 25-54 demo.

            Out of 95 ranked cable news shows in August, those numbers would have ranked it 87th in total and 69th in the 25-54 demo. Both would be the lowest rankings among HLN shows.
            [Does beat all FBN shows except Dobbs.]

            Weekly averages (Total / 25-54 Demo)
            Week one: 86,250 / 34,750
            Week two: 105,500 / 35,000
            Week three: 111,000 / 36,667 (three episodes)
            [Last Thursday was the highest rated episode: 136,000 and 50,000.]

            Even as ratings have gone up a little, the show is usually still the lowest rated show each night on HLN.

            I think the show has benefited, like the rest of cable news, from hurricane coverage. Will be interesting to see what happens without that bump.

        • You watched on a bad day when it comes to cross talk. Actually both days so far this week have had issues with that. Ben Ferguson happened to be on both episodes and he does it too much.
          SE could do a better job moderating the panel, but it’s not something that is a problem every show.

          Not surprisingly, the show is usually hit or miss based on who the guests are. Former Red Eye guests are usually the best on the show.
          When it is a good panel, the show is pretty good. If not, the show can get annoying.

          • I watched the HRC book segment and the Jemele Hill / Espn segment (which had an added liberal panelist). You are absolutely correct that Ferguson did most of the interrupting.

            However, SE just kind of presented the topic and then opened it up to the entire table instead of calling on a specific person like The Five does.

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