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  1. My heart breaks for the Bolling family. I don’t understand why Bolling was let go from FOX. There is no evidence, that I know of, and his alleged incident happened years ago. Why is it just coming to light now? Why do his accusers get to remain anonymous? I really believe the Murdoch sons are on a mission to rid FOX of conservatives who support Trump.

    • It sure sounds like the Bolling story had been known for years, but it wasn’t until now that someone decided to take the time to write about it. Supposedly other people were about to write about it as well.

      The accusers and the other sources look like they were not trying to get anything out of it. There is no report that there has been a lawsuit or that anyone made a complaint to the law firm investigating incidents at Fox News. I’ve heard nothing about any of them shopping the story around. A writer probably simply asked them about a rumor and they confirmed it. The story didn’t go into much depth.

      I bet some involved with the story likely feel bad about what has happened. I’m not sure anyone involved necessarily wanted him gone. Even those sources that probably didn’t like him likely didn’t care whether he was fired or not.
      Came across more like a story meant to shame someone for something inappropriate and not trying to run someone off. Likely didn’t think Fox would handle something so old this way. Also, it would have been a safe assumption that Fox already knew long ago.

      I’m pretty certain that Fox News is positive something happened. There were too many sources. No one really defended him. Bolling would have been fighting harder publicly. He would be able to afford the lawyers to fight it. Fox News would love to be able to say there is no proof of the accusations. It would help fix some bad PR.

      Since the accusations are likely true, the accusers deserve anonymity.
      Also, Lauren Sivan admitted publicly that she saw the photo (I don’t think she was a recipient or an accuser though. Probably not even a source for the story.)

      Now, did he deserve to lose his job at the time of the actions? Probably. Did he deserve to lose it this many years later? I don’t think so, but we also don’t know if there is something else that has not been reported.

      Fox has to be a little worried about trying to hold the network up to too high of a standard. There are likely many other employees and potential future hires that have some things in their past that might eventually cause trouble.
      There seems to be a consensus that this type of stuff has happened and is happening at other media outlets. Those people are just lucky that they have not been looked into.

      • I think the sons are trying to get rid of people they think are causing bad PR for Fox/News Corp as a whole. They are trying to get rid of PR obstacles to other business deals. They likely have no strong feelings one way or the other towards anyone. They probably are not very hands on when it comes to programming or talent (who to hire. Where to put people). Likely others are in charge of those things.

        Fox is actually moving more pro-Trump with hosts. It looks like they are about to have a Tucker/Ingraham/Hannity prime time. Bolling had recently had his contract renewed. Guilfoyle has recently had her contract renewed. Jesse got Eric’s spot on The Five. Gutfeld has been more pro-Trump than he was last year. So, possibly within the next month, 6 of the 7 (all but Dana) most prominent opinion hosts at FNC could be considered Trump supporters. 9 of 10 if you consider F&F an opinion show.
        Eboni and Kat were probably the two most outspoken hosts at FNC about Trump post-Charlottesville and their show just got canceled and they got demoted back down to contributors.

      • Well said. It sounded like a one-off and I’m sure some of the recipients weren’t happy about it but given that we’re talking about quite a while ago unless Bolling had a pattern of such behavior I doubt those who saw the picture wanted him fired over it.

        That said, I’m sure his case was given a fair review given the fact that they brought back Charles Payne from suspension. I don’t think Eric helped things by first giving a “I don’t remember sending a picture of my privates” statement though his lawyer to going on the offense and threatening to sue the writer of the article and all that. I’m sure his lawyer told him not to say anything about it which is sound advice but I wonder if he could have returned if he took to his facebook account and simply said that he did a stupid, childish thing a couple years ago and he regrets what he did and apologizes to all who saw it and promises that nothing has happened since then nor will it ever again.

      • I agree with much here, but I don’t see why the accusers “deserved” to stay private.

        I think the accused deserves to know and to face his accusers.

        • I agree except they were sought out by Ali or whatever his name is. There is no doubt in my mind he did in fact send the pics.

        • I think Bolling does know who they are. If he was lied about, he can go ahead and sue. Then the names would likely become public. So, if they deserve to be exposed, they probably will be.

          There still looks like there has been no lawsuit and no complaint to the network. That also would possibly put the names out there. If one had been made (at least one post-Ailes) before the story was out, Bolling would have likely been suspended sooner.

          Fox pretty clearly went on more than just accusations from one side.
          Bolling had been laying pretty low over the past month. If innocent, he should have been out there fighting every day. He threatened a lawsuit against the writer but never filed.

          Now, there is of course a chance that what actually happened is too embarrassing for him to want to admit. Perhaps some sort of affair. Maybe even texting the wrong person, but he doesn’t want it known who he meant to be texting.
          In the majority of cases, it is usually best to just be honest and try to move forward.

          I’m not sure “accusers” is even a very accurate word. I think it quite possible that it was a different source who directed the writer to those who received the texts. Then they just confirmed the story.

          I think they have wanted to not really be a focus of the story. This story would have been reported long ago if they had been the ones wanting it in the press.
          If their names were out there, they could get a lot of unfair attention no matter if what they said was true.
          If they are victims, they deserve privacy if they want it. There is a fair chance that at least one name will eventually come out.

          • It’s not encumbent upon them to confirm a story. By doing that they were giving the green light to it being reported and in the context of there being a super media interest in Fox staff contrempts, they knew very well where it would lead. They likely asked to remain anonymous sources.

            I’m not suggesting that there should have been a report listing they’re names, just that they deserve, ethically or legally. no more media-wide anonymity than does Bolling.

          • In my workplace if we get a report of unethical conduct or wrongdoing. it is always investigated. Sadly it wastes a lot of time because many are false or revenge type of reports.

          • This statement – “It’s not encumbent upon them to confirm a story.” – however now after re-reading I see now you didn’t mean Fox News but the women. Sorry, please forgive me. 😉

          • Yes. However, we don’t know that it was only female colleagues who confirmed seeing a pic. Could have been men who got it or were shown it too.

          • I said that in the context of my thinking that Bolling inadvertently sent the pic in a group email, not as a pean to various sexualities.

    • Law firm investigating Eric Bolling allegations – Paul Weiss – gave 93% to Dems. Could be a Democrat hit job on Bolling & others that were ousted like Ailes &

  2. Just in time to place my entry in the big Morning Joe sweepstakes. My life would be complete if I was able to snag one of those t-shirts or tote bags.

    • Wish they were only Southern, as in South Pole.
      Wish their overfilled bags of liberal donated money hadn’t make a joke of their Poverty.
      Wish they gave a damn about the Law.
      Wish they had even a pretense of honesty at the Center.

  3. Only Monday and we have the quote of the week. General John Kelly: ….. ‘empty barrels make the most noise.’”

  4. TMZ really on the passing of Eric Chase story. One observation: I taught school for short time (was not my calling). The old saying “kids can be cruel” definitely extends to teenagers particularly on social media. Whether Eric Sr committed the acts he’s accused of or not, his son probably was taking a lot of grief/harrassment over the story reported. Very sad.

    • My second wife taught school for 20 years. She claimed that when it came to outright viciousness, you could not top a teenage girl.

    • Do you have the Delightfully Delightful™ Lauren Sivan model? Open the control panel cover and set the switch to manual override.

  5. I’ve decided against buying the Hillary book. Apparently it’s just a therapy session with her ghost writer.

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  7. Much credit to the posters that predicted Ingraham would get a slot in prime time on Fox. I was skeptical that after previously failing with shows on MSNBC and Fox that she would get another shot. I wish her much success.

    Fox HAD to move The Five.

    Maddow vs. Hannity should be fun.
    Memo to Sean: do your shows LIVE. Your canned shows from the afternoon when news is breaking at night kills Fox News.

  8. I was surprised how little attention 9/11 was given today. I realize Irma is the bigger story right now, but still…I think only FOX aired the reading of the names this morning.

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