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    • If J$ had a post on/from him, I don’t know it just might make me angry and you don’t want to see me angry. 😉

        • when we think of families disconnecting we usually think about the young. truth is it is a lot harder on older people. you can give the guy a break and still ban him for cause.

          • Nobody gives more breaks, second chances, benefits of the doubt than J$ before he writes a one way ticket to Elba.

          • Just imagine being on a small island with Moe and MT and Haggis FOREVER!!!! I think Id start swimming through the sharks.

          • Spud had a much bigger devil’s island, but when you send all wouldbe sinners to purgatory, attracting a congregation becomes damn near impossible.

          • How many did Spud ban and how many just got tired of the crazies?
            Just a few years ago he had hundreds of comments every few days…….now its just like the same 5 of us……..and I noticed last week that banned dry drunk Moe made a appearance.

            I like Spuds site….still go there a few times a week…..sure he has a dislike for Fox but he pretty honest about it…….and he has good insights……..but he let the stooges drive off most of the good comments.

          • He would say he is fair to FOX. Spud has cut back on his posts so much, that is a function of a diminished audience of commentators as much as anything. Going back to a regular job was a key to his available blogging time.

    • Its been so nice not to see or hear from him since the ban. Ive been lucky and not seen him post anywhere else since also.

      • He’s bopped into my twitter feed on occasion with new identities, but they don’t survive there long. Not a very productive strategy.

        • I wonder how many fake twitter names hes up to now? Glad I don’t have to see his nonsense anymore……………. till J$ breaks down and lets him come back 🙁

          That’s some sick obsession he has with us……….banned and still stalking people here. in the months hes been gone I thinks hes been mentioned here like twice and both times we were laughing at his foolishness.

          • “I wonder how many fake twitter names hes up to now?”

            Actually there is an easy way to find out. Simply search Twitter for “GATXER” without the quotes.

            You will see three Twitter accounts: Michael T., Cable News Junkie and H.A. Bennett‏ which have some striking similarities. He claims he uses these to circumvent Twitter blocks and to minimize losing followers from his main account who may not like his attacks on you and others here at J$P..

            Search results:

          • Wow……I knew the nut job was obsessed with this site by My God!!! what they hell is that……I will NEVER do that search again……I had no idea he was still talking about us like that….so hes got like 6 because the coward has at least 2 I don’t see there……and people wonder why I don’t send stuff on Twitter……people are completely crazy.

            He was banned like 4 month ago and it looks like hes been talking about us every few days since……..I can honestly say that hes entered my mind like twice since his complete meltdown……and I’m better for it.

            You seem to have missed one:
   is clearly the nut job coward also.

            Shame what happened to him……..OH and he also uses his fake accounts to send racist stuff he wouldn’t want his “fans” to see. because making fun of a woman of colors skin color is clearly not racist in stooge land…….right out of the storm front playbook.



          • Well to be honest Ive lost count……..when he went crazy I stopped reading his stuff but I took a look just now and these are his “known” accounts as far as I know.





            Theirs one with a Arizonan school logo and Minnesota Nice said he had one with Martha99 it……I thought there was one where he pretended to be a woman but I cant find it.

            Other than a week ago I really had forgotten about him till today…….interesting that he has like 3 fake accounts filled with stuff talking about me and this blog…….can you say obsessed?
            All this time since he was banned hes been holding a conversation with himself on twitter…….what a loon.

          • Oh I didn’t answer your question about Cindy……that looks like a Trump supporter to me. Not him as far as I know……..but he has lots of fake Disqus accounts also.

          • I just looked at my blocked twitter accounts (which are only his) and there are at least another half dozen. You should be honoured, spelling just for you 😉 as he has or had a Martha99 twitter account.

  1. It’s nice to see what a wonderful and generous person Janice Dean “the weather machine” is, she makes us Meteorologists proud!

  2. CNN is undone by its own bias. Hoisted by its own pertard. Picard? — not so much. I’m a Kirk kind of guy.

  3. Greg usually films his show on Fridays right?……..will the Racist keyboard warrior Iceman accept GG invitation to appear to air his complaint’s and lies face to face? Or will he be the coward he always is and pretend he won that argument and Greg was wrong. I notice hes still lying about Fox and conveniently forgetting to tag his victims so they cant respond to the lies and smears.

    Will Dick show up and be a man????????

    I wonder if it eats at him that GG tweet inviting the coward on the show got more likes than Ice has followers?
    Some of the responses to GG about Ice are hilarious. I love this one!
    “Hey, Dick Breath! Liberal Pathological liars tend to run from the truth.
    Let @greggutfeld give you 10 minutes of fame.
    It wont hurt, much!”


  4. Update to my DirecTV news networks post… I just noticed I get RT (Russian Today TV) on channel 321.

    Not sure which ultra-liberal / far right media figure has fallen further – Ed Schultz on RT or Keith Olbermann sitting behind an Ikea desk on GQ podcasts.

    Speaking of KO – Funny Twitchy post showing Colorado Rockies official twitter account mocking KO stupidity.

    • Frankly surprised that Fox didn’t choose to dump him regardless of the results of the “probe”. He didn’t deny the affair, and the woman is out there back on social media as though nothing happened.
      I suppose this is a good thing. Bolling next?

      • Affairs are definitely not uncommon in media.

        It sounded like many people at Fox already knew about Payne’s affair. If not for the accusations made, he likely would have never been suspended.

        Ed Henry’s affair didn’t involve the network, but it was a more embarrassing public story. He wound up being gone quite a while.
        I think Fox likely cleared Charles long ago but was just letting the story fade away even more.

        Odd that they are having Charles come back on a Friday and the same day as the Bolling news. Maybe Fox wants to just sneak him back in there.

        • It seems that Bolling crossed a line that Payne didn’t.
          Henry’s affair, as you say, didn’t involve anyone in the company.

          • I think Bolling just became too toxic in their eyes. The story got too much attention and Fox still has to signal that they are taking issues like this seriously. They also really had to worry that the pictures still existed and would get out.

            There is still no evidence that anything happened in the past few years or that any recipient was against him still working there. There also is plenty of signs that these incidents were widely known at Fox for years.

            If they had waited six months and then brought him back, people likely would have mostly forgotten the story.

            Money also likely played some part of this. Bolling would very likely have been demoted if he had returned and that wouldn’t justify his likely salary. Easier for Fox to just pay him a settlement. Also, Bolling likely wouldn’t want to stay at Fox if he couldn’t host. There are so many ways to be in the media that he likely will have plenty of options.

    • Eh…I never took to “The Specialists” – especially when one of the specialists was Kat Timpf who “specialized” in being a millennial. That and they could have had some actual specialists on to discuss foreign or economic policy but too often they just had the usual paid contributors show up.

        • The original press released pretty much said Kat’s expertise was being a millennial.

          “The combination of the co-hosts’ expertise in business, millennial and legal topics, respectively…”

          I think the show never really put much focus on that though. The title was pretty pointless immediately. Most of the guests listed “specialties” were often just some sort of hobby and not an actual expertise.

        • I like Kat. The wit, humor, and Libertarian passion she displays on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” did not go over as well on “The Specialists”. This was due IMHO to lack of chemistry with Bolling, the thrown- together -at- the- last -minute feel of the show, her inexperience, and some viewers that just cannot handle listening to someone with a different political viewpoint than their own. She will get another chance in a couple of years I’m sure.

          • Kat works better in smaller doses. She didn’t show any signs that hosting is a good role for her. At least on a show with fewer than five hosts. She was much better when she filled in on Outnumbered and The Five in the past.
            Maybe they could give her another try online, but she is really bad at interviewing/asking questions. She was also bad at it on her podcast.

            Hopefully she can reset and they will start using her more frequently as a commentator. I think she would do well with a weekly segment on Tucker.

            Also would be good to see more humor from her on Fox outside of Gutfeld. It was disappointing to see how unfunny she was on The Specialists. Often it was from her not even bothering to try humor. The format really didn’t suit her at all. It made her too serious.

          • I like her, but not when she rails against the war on drugs or labels certain Republicans “neocons.” Dave Smith likes to throw that word around, too.

          • Isn’t libertarianism basically about ” weed”? I remember Mary Kate Ham going on about that with O’Reilly a coupke of years ago quite heatedly.

        • I’m not putting her down – the premise that she was a “specialist” in anything, however, was a bit silly. At least Eboni Williams is a lawyer and Bolling spent all those years working in the stock market (commodities, I think).

          I think looking at the bigger picture Fox just learned that everything they touch isn’t a sure-fire hit. I don’t think “The Specialists” did badly in the ratings but it was never going to be an adequate replacement for The Five.

      • That show was poorly done in almost every way and never really improved. I think Fox likely gave up on it fairly early. They did little to help it improve and once Bolling was gone, the show got almost no promotion. Eboni and Kat rarely appeared on FNC weekday shows.

        Hopefully Fox will now find better uses for Eboni and Kat.

    • I guess Laura Ingraham watch will start soon. My guess is early October would be the most likely start date.

      Fox has a lot of anchors that they still don’t really have permanent spots for, but I can’t imagine Fox is going to put a news hour at 5:00 for very long.
      They already have three other news hours during the day that have an open host spot.

      • I wonder if Fox is waiting to announce a lot of changes at once.

        The Five moving back. A possible Hannity move to 9:00. A Jenna Lee replacement. A host for 2:00. At least one or two of those new hosts will likely need to be replaced on another show.

        • I think the odds are pretty good that Julie Banderas will be teamed up with Jon Scott on Happening Now, or a little longer shot get the 2pm hour for herself. I think she’s ready for the move to weekdays and they’ve been using her a lot lately. I woiuldn’t mind that one bit. 😉

          • That sounds good to me.

            Not sure how she has lasted at Fox so long while continuously being underused. She should have been a bigger star years ago.
            She has shown that she can do straight news as well as that sort of opinion/news middle ground that hosts like Faulkner and Huntsman get to do.

            She also has shown that she is good as a solo host, a co-host and a panelist.

          • I wonder if that’s because she’s rather moody. Gets her back up easily, etc.

            I know she’s a fan fav and all…so don’t shoot the conjecturer…

          • Lots of maternity leave is a factor in her underutilization. She would add a bit of East Coast sass, demi-Latina exoticism to the seeming Fox preference for Southern/blonde/evangelical/mormon females. There are notable exceptions of course but JB would be different for sure.
            Her moodiness, as noted, could be a risk.
            Then again , on the male side, Shep Smith often seems a step away from full-on blow up.

          • I’m not sure Mormon and Evangenical (as commonly understood) aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact I can’t think of any Mormon females anchoring or hosting on Fox, but I don’t routinely keep track of that sort of thing so I could be wrong.

          • Huntsman and Ibanez are both Mormons. Earhardt and Bream both Evangelicals. Not a problem, just sayin’.
            As for the two being interchangeable: ask a committed Evangelical or Baptist ;-).

          • I’m not getting into religion as such, more of a cultural observation. JB is much more of New York persona than most at Fox.

          • I agree there. I could watch her 24/7. A remarkably stunning woman. Her occasional volatility is a plus IMHO, as long as it stays the exception and doesn’t become the rule (as it has for others in cable news).

    • The Specialists was likely in some trouble even with Bolling still there, but it has been clear for almost a month that the show was doomed.

      I don’t have much sympathy for those on the show about it being canceled because it just wasn’t good enough (also I don’t think anyone is getting fired), but I do have some sympathy about how it was handled. The stories about the show being canceled were in the press for weeks and those on the show were saying that they had been told nothing.

      I also feel bad for Eboni that the show is getting canceled a few days before her book comes out. She needs the promotion. Based on Amazon numbers, the book already looks like it is not doing that well.
      I doubt Fox is even going to give her that much promotion considering there is going to be a lot of hurricane coverage. Also, not sure the network wants to promote a book that puts a big focus on looks.

        • I think she will probably get another hosting spot before too long. They need to try her out in various ways on the weekends. Have her fill in some for Huntsman on F&F Weekend when she goes on maternity leave. Also try her as a co-host on straight news shows.

          If something happens to Harris and the network is set on having a minority host on Outnumbered, Eboni would definitely be the favorite to get that spot. I think she should be put in the rotation on that show immediately anyway.

          She still has a pretty bright future at the network.

      • Whoever green-lighted the show in the first place should be immediately terminated. Probably was James Murdoch, but no one will admit to it.

          • Roger Ailes is the GENIUS

            From what I read he was grooming Trish Regan to replace Megyn Kelly

            That was the right move to make

          • If they knew in January what they know now, they probably would have gone through with that plan.

            At the time of Kelly’s departure, Tucker was doing well and made most sense to get him into primetime.
            If they knew they were going to have to replace O’Reily, they would likely have just kept Tucker at 7:00 for three more months before moving to 8:00.

            Fox’s three biggest shows (currently on-air) will have changed time slots a combined five times this year if The Five goes back to 5:00 and Hannity winds up moving to 9:00.
            O’Reilly was in the same time slot for almost 20 years. Hannity has changed time slots once in 20 years. Greta changed time slots once in almost 15 years.

      • Also, I wonder when those on the show were told it was canceled. I would be pretty surprised if they knew at the time yesterday’s show taped.

        It would be unfortunate if they found out when the news broke, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
        I think it is most likely that they found out earlier today, but not early enough for the news to leak. They might have not even been told in person if they knew early on that they were going to be pre-empted. They might not have even come in to work.

      • Looks like that would put a damper on political aspirations, but Anthony Weiner almost got elected mayor until he was caught tweeting himself again.

        • Bolling probably won’t be joining TRUMP admin
          They got rid of Monica real quick over basically nothing ex. plagiarism

      • There was something about the buzz on social media and his lawyer’s initial statement that seemed to me to indicate that those ” in the know” knew. Sad.

      • Horrible concept…..if you hated one or both of the guests, you were stuck with them for an hour or you changed the channel which is what most people did I suspect.

  5. It’s time for Fox News to admit a mistake —- move The Five back to five o’clock…’s getting hammered in prime time.

    • I respectively disagree with “hammered”, against RM yes, but overall it’s been placing in the top 3 to 5 cable news shows in both total viewers and demo.

      I do agree though, they need to move The Five back to 6 pm Central (5 pm Eastern), which I suspect will be done one they finalize a deal with Laura Ingraham.

        • I thought the two times Joy Reid filled in for RM, they split. I could be wrong as I have been doing some vacationing this summer. 🙂

  6. Prediction . . . Fox News Channel Schedule for Monday, October 2nd:
    (ugh times in Eastern, even though I am in Central!)
    5 pm The Five
    6 pm Special Report w/Bret Baier
    7 pm The Story with Martha MacCallum
    8 pm Tucker Carlson
    9 pm Sean Hannity
    10 pm Laura Ingraham

    Note the 8 & 9 pm slots are difficult to determine as perhaps Laura maybe a better match to RM.

    • Probably tough to put Ingraham in such a competitive time slot. If she is a bust, FNC is in a rough spot and will take a big PR hit. So, Hannity going there would make more sense.
      Fortunately for whoever moves into primetime is that Fox is actually going to put a major effort into them succeeding. They often don’t do that with other shows.

      I actually think 8:00 (Eastern) is the best spot for her with Tucker going against Maddow. 8:00 is MSNBC’s weakest primetime hour and is rarely CNN’s strongest. Tucker usually wins pretty easily. He should be given more of a challenge. Plus, he is the show that has the widest appeal and should be most suited to bring in viewers.
      The biggest negative about her being at 8:00 might be that she would get the rerun at 11:00. Fox probably wants their biggest show to stay in that slot.

      Fox might just be willing to accept that they are going to lose to Maddow at 9:00 as long as the network as a whole wins. If The Five can increase viewership at 5:00 by about 20% (get back to around 2 million) and Ingraham is able to get about the same amount of viewers The Five did, Fox would see that as a success even with still losing at 9:00.

    • We have too many time zones
      Kind of wish they would model of 2013 schedule a little bit or even before where we have a break from the opinion shows in prime time , like Greta was or Megyn Kelly’s shows were.

  7. Hurricane Irma will henceforth be known as “The PAB Day Storm,” due to Sunday being Lily’s birthday.

    • I open up my paper this morning and I see that the local HyVee grocery store has a “PAB Birthday” sale tomorrow (just a one-day sale on September 10).

  8. Further proof that The Five does not belong in prime time when there is big breaking news — CNN dominated the ratings last night. Fox attempting to counter CNN’s Irma surge by having a weatherman replace Gutfield at the table.

    My replacement for the 9 pm hour would be a second hour of Special Report hosted by James Rosen (or a non-partisan female journalist if they think they have to have a female host in prime time)

  9. At 5:00 in 2017, The Five had been ranked (among all cable news shows) 5th (Jan), 3rd (Feb), 3rd (Q1) and 4th (Ap) in total viewers and 5th (J), 7th (F), 7th (Q1) and 8th (A) in 25-54 viewers.
    [A week of extended Special Report episodes was included in the April numbers.]

    The Specialists wound up ranked 8th (May), 8th (Q2), 9th (Jul) and 11th (Aug) in total viewers and 17th (M), 15th (Q2), 17th (Jul) and 18th (Aug) in the demo.
    [I think that both the August rankings are the worst rankings in those respective categories for the network at 5:00 since probably before Beck. So, at least 8.5 years. Possibly much longer when it comes to the demo.]

    By the end of 2011, The Five had been on six months and finished the year as the 6th ranked show in all of cable news in total viewers and 8th in the demo.
    Over four months, The Specialists averaged rankings of 9th and 17th.
    [In 2017, The Five had been averaging rankings of 4th and 7th.]

    The Specialists would have had to done a lot better the rest of the year to finish above 15th in the demo for 2017. The Five never finished worst than 8th in the yearly rankings in the demo (never worst than sixth from 2012 on).

    In August, The Specialists beat Cavuto by 14% total and 13% in the demo. This week, they lost to Cavuto in the demo twice and only beat him by 4% in both total and demo for the four days they both aired.
    In The Five’s last month at 5:00, they beat Cavuto by almost 50% in total and 33% in the demo.

    So, the show was not doing very well. Show never improved in the monthly rankings. Any increases in actual viewers from one month to the next were more about the news cycle at the time. Little evidence that any other show they tried there wouldn’t have done at least as well.

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