Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Big news for Poppy Harlow, and Anna Kooiman too.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-Coop-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Cablers scramble to cover approaching hurricane.  Today’s oops.
  • FBN sweeps CNBC again.  Today’s lawsuit update.  New Fox podcasts.
  • The Story video: Houston firefighter’s to flooded home.

39 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I have read on a celebrity/television news gossip site that FOX is not going to renew Eboni Williams’ contract because of her political beliefs. For the most part, I really like her and find her to be fair. I hope this rumor isn’t true, but I have found this site to usually be accurate.

      • It’s called AGC Blind Items. It’s a gossip site but I have to admit that most of what they say turns out to be true.

          • Good, I like her. Except when she says that Obama got the same treatment from the press that Trump is getting.

          • Having Timpf be a host on The Specialists seemed like Fox just taking a bit of a gamble on someone.
            Having Eboni be a host seemed like they thought that she would be good at it.

            Post-Specialists, she will probably be put aside as a full-time hosting option for a while, but they know it would be a bad mistake to get rid of her.
            She’s far from the best at the network when it comes to being a commentator, but of their under-40 opinion talent, she might be the most skilled host. Just needs the right show. I still think they should try her on news.
            They can’t just let her become a star at another network.

            If she winds up being out, it would have to be for some sort of money or discipline reason.
            I think Fox actually likes when she is a little more liberal. When she was hired, I don’t think they realized how independent she was and they often tried to put her in the liberal role.

          • She’s got that Jesse Jackson-style of elocution going on. Beats the vocal fry/nasal whine of some others though.

    • lol, Rasmussen.
      poll spread has narrowed slightly on polls you can trust.down to a -19pt spread more hate than love. happy happy joy joy.

    • Poppin’ Fresh Pies used to be a restaurant chain here in Minnesota, now called Bakers Square after Pillsbury sold them.

    • Whenever I see the name Harlow, I think of Harlow Hickenlooper, who had a kid’s show on Indianapolis TV.

  2. Today makes the end of three weeks (only 11 episodes) for S.E. Cupp’s show and out of the 33 panel guest spots, they have only had nine spots filled by women and only five different women have made up those nine spots. One woman (Erin Gloria Ryan) has already appeared four times.

    On top of that, there is two other guests who have appeared three times or more. Robby Soave has appeared four times and Dave Smith has appeared three times. So, three people have taken up a third of the guest spots so far.

    I don’t understand it. It’s not like these guests have been bringing in viewers. They’ve been okay, but not the show’s best guests.
    Many of the best guests have appeared just once so far. Most of those guests were people who appeared on Red Eye. So, this show should try to book a lot more of those people.

    On a ratings note: Yesterday’s episode was the only HLN show of the night under 100,000 viewers and it also had fewer than half as many demo viewers as any other HLN show (26,000. Next closest was 59,000).

    • Show has actually been pretty solid, but they have got to get their ratings up.

      The panelists seem to be getting along pretty well. No one really takes themselves that seriously, yet most of the guests have been fairly intelligent. Guests who were good on Red Eye are fitting in really well. The chemistry they built with Andy has carried over.

      Andy is better as a panelist on this show than I have seen him on any other show. He is balancing opinion and humor better.
      Andy doesn’t have to put up with commentators who are too young or mediocre comedians. It’s a lot of fairly smart people who have good senses of humor, but aren’t necessarily relied on for laughs. Andy fits in well with that.

      SE has been unimpressive. She is okay as a moderator, but not that great as a host. Her monologues aren’t very good. Her attempts at humor mostly fail. She and Andy are not much of a duo. Instead of being her co-host or sidekick, he is more like a featured panelist.
      She does keep the show loose and gets along well with the guests.

        • I think the differences between Red Eye and Unfiltered is a big reason.
          More opportunities to just joke around off the cuff on Red Eye.
          Unfiltered is pretty loose, but nowhere near as loose as Red Eye was.
          Also, on Red Eye, I don’t think Andy and SE were ever in the same studio together. So, they weren’t spending the whole hour on-air together. Now they do that every single show.
          If Andy was doing Halftime for SE’s show, maybe the chemistry would be more similar to how it was.
          On Unfiltered, SE has to focus on hosting and is also trying to actually pre-plan some of her humor. It doesn’t work nearly as well.

          There are also differences in SE and Andy. She was last appearing on Red Eye almost seven years ago. She has since gotten married and has a kid.
          She also has had more media experience. On Red Eye she was still pretty new to TV. Just like everyone else, the more she was on TV, the more polished she became. That makes most people lose most of what edge they might have once had.

    • I think it’s a good show, been very watchable to me , and there was probably a chance it was going to be a small guest pool because HLN… but maybe they add more.

  3. I really like Gianno Caldwell, an African-American and a Republican political strategist. He’s been on FCN/FBN quite a bit during the past month or so. Even though he’s a Republican, he’s not afraid to criticize Trump when he thinks it is deserved. He also praises Trump, of course, when he thinks Trump deserves praise.

    • I just saw him for the first time briefly on The Specialists yesterday. From what I saw, I liked, he is smart, witty, funny and best of all a conservative!

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