Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Fox & Friends shocker: Clayton Morris leaving Fox News.  More.
  • MediaBuzz videos: seeking TX North
  • Reliable Sources videos: Harvey; rescuers; ‘right-wing‘ media; Habermans.
  • Q&A: Eboni K Williams discusses her book Pretty Powerful.
  • Zucker play: CNN suits can read their reporters’ private messages.
  • Angela Rye, ‘the Beyoncé of political commentary’.  Sunday talkers.
  • Q&A: SE Cupp is not just talking Trump.  Olby says the hardest word.

28 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Caught a glimpse of Juan Williams tonight. More obnoxious than I remember. My guess is on purpose. Been watching MSNBC for inspiration?

    • I think Juan tries to keep the panel balanced. If the others lean right, Juan will lean farther to the left. If the panel is fairly balanced without him, he’ll stay pretty much in the middle.

      • How the idiots at NPR could have thought he deserved to be fired is still beyond me. Though a traumatic event, it there was a last laugh to be had, it was his.

  2. In the news this weekend: “dreamers”. My thought: if dreamers and their friends voted Republican, they would have been whisked back across the border faster than you could say, “illeagal aliens”.

    • I have, I watch a lot of HLN news programs , it’s an alright news show after MXP with Robin is quick paced but still not bad. She also to me, seems happier than she seemed on CNN for the past few years (can’t imagine why). Plus HLN altogether is good in daytime if you don’t want to have the political stories for hours on end pushed down you.

  3. juan williams on cashing in? like hiding the crazy aunt in the basement. which leads me to a complaint i have had for awhile. there is about zero economic coverage on either FBN or cost of freedom. considering the average age in the usa is higher than it has ever been and the fox demo is already “55 to dead”, where is the show explaining finance terms? hey, start with the diff between a dividend and a distribution and how to protect yourself.

  4. Why would Eboni Williams need to tell professionals in any industry that appearance matters?

    Are visual-media people in denial about that? Do they need a philosophical foundation for this fact? Do they tell themselves they’d be invaluable if they looked like Golum even as they spray on tans, inject Botox, and veneer their teeth?

  5. no special report tonite? does this mean there is no news? or is the clip poster down and out? play a song about it.

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