Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Concha: The press are making themselves part of the story in Texas.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-The Five-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Fox & Friends video: in South Korea’s DMZ!
  • ‘Campaign Carl’ Cameron to head Londonderry Tales production team.
  • The Five video: America’s response to Harvey
  • Don Lemon: key facts to know.  ‘Hunt’ vs ‘hon’.  Any hits for Hayes?
  • Gardner: Messy CNN defamation lawsuit headed to Supreme Court?
  • Total panic‘ over Megyn’s morning debut after Sunday show ‘laid an egg’.

39 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Twitter erupted Wednesday night when a certain disgraced Fox hater tried to smear Greg Gutfeld. He was careful not to use Greg’s twitter handle (so Greg wouldn’t see it and respond), but someone alerted Greg, and his response set off a twitter storm. We have the highlights for your reading pleasure.

    • Most service providers place news and business channels together. My provider, Altice, places them this way:
      23 MSNBC
      24 CNBC
      25 CNN
      26 FNC
      102 i24
      103 Euronews
      104 BBC World News
      105 Bloomberg
      106 FBN

      • I have DirecTV (since 1997), our news/business channels:
        202 CNN
        204 HLN
        345 BBC World News
        347 One America News
        348 Free Speech TV (says they are “news”, never watched)
        353 Bloomberg
        355 CNBC
        356 MSNBC
        357 CNBC World
        359 FBN
        360 FNC (Fox News Channel)

        I maybe missing one or two, perhaps the doog owner knows as I know he also has DirecTV from previous conversations here at J$.

        • looking at Direct tv’s line up that’s all of them except RT on channel 321 also since 1997 , that’s customer loyalty there.
          my system in HD is
          731 HLN
          736 CNN
          737 MSNBC
          738 Bloomberg
          776 Fox News
          792 CNBC
          793 Fox Business

          in SD
          31 HLN
          36 CNN
          37 MSNBC
          38 Fox News
          53 CNBC
          121 BBC World
          134 Fox Business
          156 Bloomberg

          I’ve seen Fios’ line up they do it the best
          having all the news channels between 600 and 620 hd 100-120 sd

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      • Comcast which try’s to have the same lineup in multi area has
        29 HLN
        36 CNBC
        47 MSNBC
        51 FOX
        411 Bloomberg
        410 FBN

        I don’t think the guy knows what hes talking about……….EVERY provider Ive ever had them some what together….DISH…..DirectTV…….Insight,,,,,,,,and Comcast.

        Only issue Ive seen is when they add something they have to fit it in…..Comcast how every has ALL of the News channels in HD right next to each other
        1110 Fox
        1111 HLN
        1113 MSNBC
        1117 BBCW
        1121 CNBC
        11123 FBN
        with no other channels in between them.

    • That’s kind of dumb , I don’t watch a channel because it’s on channel 303 or channel 43 as long as it has something I want to watch , yes it makes it easier to channel surf that way ( I don’t always use my guide and search thru it) and I might land on a channel but still If I won’t want to watch it I will change the channel.

    • Nice to see they’ve moved on from Fox being popular because it appeals to those rubes who aren’t smart or intelligentual enough to make it in an academic/technological society, or dumb enough to become our political pawns.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Anna Kooiman resurfaces
    4 hits for Hayes
    3 defamation lawsuit
    2 Londonderry Tales
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Total panic’ over Megyn’s morning debut after Sunday show ‘laid an egg’.

  3. As usual, Joe Concha had a good column posted here. But, I have not had a problem with the media coverage of storm so far. I live in South Louisiana where 27 inches of rain fell this time last year. Many friends and relatives saw their homes and cars go underwater and have spent past year rebuilding. Have mostly watched coverage on FNC and Norah O’Donnell on “CBS This Morning” and found the first hand accounts from citizens powerful and moving. I definitely feel for the young lady that went off on CNN but all she had to do was tell them no she didn’t want to do interview.

    • I can’t believe she used that sort of language in front of her children and other people’s children.

      There have been tons of interviews with stressed-out folks who have shown much grace and maturity.

      That woman had NO excuse to act like that.

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