Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: Dramatic rescue of broadcast live.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker/Sean Hannity 1-2/3.
  • Zucker play: CNN exited early from Trump tax reform speech.
  • Q&A on covering Hurricane Harvey: Steve HarriganJeff Flock.
  • Bedard: Laura Ingraham to prime time slotThe Five back to 5pm?
  • CNN Labor Day: three hours of Reagan bashing.  FNC signs Tomi.
  • Fake ratings: Is CNN using trickery to ‘game’ the Nielsen numbers?
  • August 2017 program ranker: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • August numbers: FNC tops all cable for 14th month;  CNN;  MSNBC.
  • Videos: is Returning the Favor; together!
  • Dem Governor’s brother gets a solo tryout on CNN.  Piers busts his butt.

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  1. In August, The Specialists dropped out of the top 10 among cable news show in total viewers. They are now 11th. The month (April) before they started, the 5:00 slot on FNC (The Five and one week of an extended Special Report) was the fourth ranked show.
    The Specialists was 8th in May, 8th for Q2 (they were only on the air for two of the three months) and 9th in July.

    They were 18th in the 25-54 demo. That was a new low ranking. Previously they had been 17th, 15th and 17th.
    The month before they started, the time slot was the 8th ranked show in the demo for April (I think the slot would have been ranked at least 6th if it was only The Five being included and not the week of Special Report).
    Think they were one of three FNC shows to not win its time slot. Joining The Five and Cavuto.

    Ratings were down 1% total from July and up 8% in the demo. In total day, the network was up 2% total and 9% in the demo. So, the show wasn’t too far off from that.
    Though, the shows that they are up against were up more from July. Situation Room was up 24% total and 32% demo and Meet the Press Daily was up 13% total and 10% demo.
    The time slot benefit from breaking news, but The Specialists benefited the least.

    In Bolling’s last week (first week of August rating period), the show averaged 1,759,600 viewers a night and 338,000 in the demo. So, compared to the month average (includes that final Bolling week), the final Bolling week was 7% higher total and 3% higher in the demo.
    With Bolling there, ratings would have likely been close. Maybe they would have retained some viewers that tuned out with the Trump discussions, but probably not to any large extent.

    This is why the show should have been replaced whether Bolling was still there or not. The show hasn’t been growing since the month it debuted.
    The show also wasn’t getting better with Bolling and has often gotten worse without him.

    In total viewers, The Five at 9:00 is down in viewers and ranking from their last month at 5:00. Even though the demo numbers and ranking are up, it is understandable that Fox would want to move it back to 5:00. The Five clearly would be doing better at 5:00 than The Specialists is.

    Having The Five back at 5:00 would put Fox back in first in the demo at that time and likely would help lift Cavuto into first place. Then FNC could focus on trying to win at 9:00.

  2. CNN is still upset about the fall of the Warsaw Pact and the dissolving of the Soviet Union.

    • The Lahren hire is getting a lot of attention, but not much attention seems to be paid to what her role will be.

      “Lahren will have a signature role on the network’s upcoming digital lineup and will also offer political commentary to the network’s opinion programming, primarily ‘Hannity.'”

      So, an online gig and mostly appearing on Hannity. Not a very high profile role. Not hosting. Possibly will be appearing on the network less than 10 minutes a week. Might not even be actually working in the building.

      I think Fox was able to hire her pretty cheap and she was likely not getting very good offers elsewhere. It’s a low risk hire with some upside. If she makes the effort to get better and stay out of trouble, this could look like a good hire in a few years. Also, she will immediately bring more attention to whatever Fox winds up doing digitally.

      Fox has needed to make new hires. This one will get a lot of attention, but isn’t going to have that big of an impact. At least short term.

      The press release does raise some questions. What is the “network’s upcoming digital lineup” going to be? Are they going to actually try to have a more prominent online presence?
      Also, is this hire part of bolstering Hannity for a move to 9:00?

        • Meghan hasn’t been on Outnumbered for quite some time. Is it because of her dad’s illness or is she on vacation?

          • She’s been in Arizona since her Dad’s illness was announced. It is surprising that she has been gone this long (over a month).

            If she was more important at the network, I don’t think they would let her have this much time off. I think they just don’t care much.
            Outnumbered doesn’t seem to be much of a priority for the network right now and the ratings have stayed about the same without her.

      • You gotta be kidding. Fox signed her to a contract so she could appear for only 10 minutes a week? Try to sound rational.

        She will be put on Outnumbered regularly I am sure, and a lot of the FBN shows.

        • I think they signed her to a contract mostly for whatever online role she will have.
          On Facebook she had a post that included this sentence. “The Fox News digital future is bright and I can’t wait to take it to new heights!” That is clearly her primary role.

          When it comes to on-air, it looks like it will mostly be Hannity and usually contributors with regular appearances don’t appear more than once a week on a specific show. Maybe she will appear twice a week.
          It also looks like on-air hosting isn’t likely anytime soon since neither she nor her mentioned her serving that role.
          With her age and the way her time at The Blaze ended, I think they are going to take it slow with her. Outnumbered is probably only likely on holidays.

          Fox really needs to avoid putting any more younger commentators in hosting spots. It has not gone well. They already have a lot of people in roles they are not ready for.

          Now, I do think the weekend shows (especially Watters) and FBN shows will likely use her since she is under contract.
          When it comes to FNC weekday though, for now, it looks like she will hardly be on.
          A lot of it might simply come down to where she is working out of. If she is working in the building, then she will likely be on much more. If she is based out of somewhere other than NYC, then she might not be on much.

          Adam Carolla was a FNC Contributor for a bit and he only appeared once a week on O’Reilly. Miller also only appeared on O’Reilly.

          There have been many other people who were officially considered Fox News Contributors and would rarely appear. Especially those who live outside NYC and DC.

          • Tomi is being groomed and auditioned. She has much more talent and ability than Kat whatever her name is.

            Kat was a disappointment on The Specialists from day one. Maybe she will be the next S.E. Cupp on HLN.

          • Not sure Fox has long term plans for Tomi right now. They are probably just going to see what happens. She is more of a solo host than a panel host and it would be a very long time before they would give her a solo show on-air. If the online gig goes well, maybe she would get a weekend show, but I still would be shocked to see Fox give someone in their 20s their own show.

            Fox had to worry a little about Lahren becoming really good somewhere else. So, by hiring her now, they keep her away from other outlets, get her for a decent value and let her develop under their guidance.
            Unfortunately, Fox has not been doing a good job developing the younger talent they have now.

            She has some talent. Especially for someone who just turned 25. She seems much more comfortable on camera than many younger people on cable news. Her more recent appearances on Fox have been better. She is more subdued than in the past.
            She needs to change her style some. Be more intelligent and not just throw out red meat. Stop taking herself so seriously. Also, needs to go out of her way to endear herself to her new co-workers.

            She probably has more potential as a major star on the opinion side of Fox than anyone else who is currently there and is under-40. She already has a larger online following and has hosting experience, but hasn’t yet had a chance to show what she can do at a major network like Fox.

          • Still wanting to see exactly what Fox is planning for online. Hopefully this hire is a sign that they are going to finally try to establish a strong digital brand.
            There is a lot of good conservative/libertarian online content out there. Fox should have been involved in that space years ago.

          • Ha, the new bosses will give all online territory to The Shep ! and in 10 years he’ll be another Olberman. You saw it here first.

          • BOR watches his segments closely
            If they don’t rate he dumps that segment quickly

            Adam Carolla was on a few times, guess he didn’t rate well so he got dumped pretty quickly

          • Carolla wound up being on more than I expected he would and I was surprised when it started to say “Fox News Contributor” over his name when he was doing so little. He wasn’t even appearing every week.

            It looks like he was hired in October 2012 and was appearing pretty regularly for 4-6 months and then rarely appeared, but still had the Fox News Contributor title when he did appear on O’Reilly.
            So, he was probably under contract for a year and it was likely not for very much money.

  3. is it just me or is Maddow looking more like Scarborough everyday? she picks up a cheap Strat and Mika is gonna transform herself into that other gender. the pic on the drudge page is scary.

  4. Q. What’s the diff between antifa and neo-nazis?
    a) better press
    b) know bigger words
    c) instigate violence vs. provoke it
    d) pretend they like black people

  5. Like 3% growth? either need to like illegals or import more legally.just a simple fact. Costa Rica has the same issue, they want legal employment only, but then who works in the cane fields, picks melons, or wheelbarrows concrete or for that matter cleans a Tico’s toilet? illegal Nicas because making them legal means an end to work not valued at a marketable price. after crackdowns i have seen literally farmers letting cattle into melon fields to feed on them. they tractor up big piles and the cows feed on them by the hundreds. you call melon cantaloupe. maybe you guys will like a u pick world, but i kinda doubt it.

  6. Joe Concha gets more facetime on Fox than Howe Kurtz does, but he gets zero while Kurtz gets the big bucks for doing what? Certainly not for that boring Sunday show of his.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 three hours
    4 busts his butt
    3 signs Tomi
    2 Dem Governor’s brother
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Bedard: Laura Ingraham to prime time slot, The Five back to 5pm?

  8. Not a big fan of Tom, she generally impresses me as rather shallow. On the other hand, Laura Ingraham would be a coup, and the only downside is it would be harder for me to watch the Five if it was on at 5 p.m.

    • Tomi’s fate will be determined by one thing: her ratings. If they are good, she will have a large role. If not, it’s good-bye.

      They already know what numbers Laura brings in, so presumably she will be successful. She might even exceed Megyn Kelly’s ratings, based on how badly she is doing at NBC.

  9. Mike Rowe is today’s ” forgotten man” or even todays ” howard beale” . But he does not want you to shout or yell or get maudlin. He wants you to do well, to work, to carry on, and to be happy doing it. Mike Rowe is many figures to many different persons ( father, friend, patriotic citizen ) and he is a remarkable and respectable person. I hope his new endeavors work out well for him and we all get to see him for a long time to come.

  10. Someone just got called out big time by Greg Gutfeld: “You aren’t just dishonest, you are vile. come on my show? come on, Dick. show up.”

    I have a feeling this especially compulsive will give Greg’s invite the cold shoulder…if you get my drift.

    • Hes been getting blow back on some of his lies as of late….glad to see GG call the coward out for his BS! Notice he backed down so fast his poor deluded followers might have whiplash.


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