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    • except there is no GOP anymore they split 3 ways and many of the Trumpers will never be conservative republicans again. it is a joke that even Fox continues to call crony capitalism and nativism conservative “hard right”. ot “harder right” when they are the antithesis to American right wing. You think Reagan or Goldwater are Trump like? no way. you have cons like cruz and the freedom caucus, establishment gopers like lindsey & the johns, K, and Mc, then trump all alone in the exec. Trump resembles civilian fire bomber FDR more than any republican.

    • i never knew Navarro was a Nica, explains a lot. She came in on refugee status during the 2nd war. this article sinks in well with the Navarro article above. oh dollar drop now need over $1.20 to buy a euro when it almost kissed parity in jan. so you can export more to europe except oooops no labor. of course the dollar drop and agri going more import every day will mean what you eat will require more dollars. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-08-29/why-trump-won-t-keep-his-promise-to-create-jobs?utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=bd&utm_campaign=headline&cmpId=yhoo.headline&yptr=yahoo

      want growth, learn spanish. not like millennials want to work.

    • was anyone really surprised she’s really a Democrat? Ive watched her many times…….shes clearly NOT a Republican……..no Republican would donate to Wasserman Schultz claiming they were giving to people bucking the party……Wasserman Schultz WAS the freaking party for crying out loud.

      “So? Like many Miami R’s, I gave to some D’s who bucked Party”

  1. I guess I’ll be taking the Sky News app off my Apple TV. And I prefer legendary golfer Tom Watson, who won many Open Championships in the UK, over his namesake cited in the Guardian story.

    • That’s hilarious !!
      So Murdoch withdraws FNC from Sky News…so you have to remove your Sky News App?? Why ?? To spite us ?..lol. You must know that in times of International Breaking News ,Fox gets most of it’s information from Sky . Trust me Fox needs Sky News — we don’r need Fox.
      I am very open to be corrected ,if I have your reason wrong.

        • I wouldn’t think FNC would break with Sky News – not at the moment anyway…assuming old Murdoch is still in with a chance of buying Sky News outright.
          That is the reason Murdoch has pulled FNC from Sky, because Sky is questioning the venom and right wing hatred broadcast on FNC – and it is Jeopardizing his bid for Sky.
          If his bid for Monopoly Sky fails ,he still owns part of Sky ,so I am assuming you will still use us for Breaking news.
          We don’t broadcast FNC’s level of venom…so Whilst Murdoch wants to hide FNC from us…we have no such worries regarding letting America see Sky News !
          Murdoch should worry about perfecting FNC and spending money having Worldwide reporters on the ground — instead of trying to POLLUTE the UK market with another version of Fox News .

          • Good for you ,if you want to keep the App.
            As for my Jabs at FNC – that is my opinion.
            American politics are vile ,hateful ,venomous and divisive.
            In the UK..we are not politically divisive. I call it Civility amongst our fellow men/women.
            That is why I can be friendly with the GOP and Dem people as long as they don’t try to push their politics down my throat .
            See what I mean ? Just Civil – but not false.

          • That caused Because of Racist Nigel Farage – who because of his hate… and Love for Trump earned himself a place as a FNC contributor. Now there’s a shock !
            There is evil and wrong doings everywhere in the world.
            But trust me,in the civilized world and especially magnified by Trump – your divisiveness in politics in America wins the gold medal.
            Trump – a narcissist to the Nth degree who won’t come to the UK unless and until he can be guaranteed a Royal welcome and Crowds baying his name with Glee and hysterical joy.

          • Wow, you sound very politically divisive. Previously you said “In the UK..we are not politically divisive”, but now you say you are and you also spewed quite a bit of hate toward a fellow countryman and even the US President.

          • My point is ,that people don’t have to agree to be polite .
            I have my views and disagree with a lot – but I can be polite to people with opposing views.
            I rarely air my views but when I do they are based on Fact not emotion !
            At no point today ,have I been impolite to you on a personal level .
            I have simply said things you happen to disagree with.

          • I never said you were impolite, however what you may call facts, many see them as your opinions based on your political beliefs. You obviously don’t like Fox News, Farage or Trump. That is your right, but your assessment of them and sadly divisive name calling is your opinion and not facts.

          • What I call Facts – you interpret as my opinion.
            That is your right and I respect that. You are right – I don’t like certain politicians on the right ,but I have no problem with the fact that you might.
            I will end this discussion by saying that you said name calling is divisive.
            You are right again – Just look at your “Name Caller” in chief. That, you cannot deny is divisive.
            There are faults in all areas – I avoid this site because I don’t agree with the general points of view here , and it has never been my aim to intrude on a site just to be a Troll or cause disharmony .
            I came here today because of the Sky News link only.
            I respect Johnny Dollar enough to let harmony reign on his site.

        • they have the same owners so of course not, but honestly FNC doesn’t do well in the UK plus it’s not really an international news channel like CNN i (sometimes is ) or AJE or TRT world it’s an American with American focus so it wouldn’t grab as much viewers as those do or their own domestic channels , kind of like if we got the BBC News channel (not bbc world) on the US cable systems it focuses (mostly) on UK domestic news so it wouldn’t do to well here.

  2. You’re right about the headline. The story was tipped to me and I was in a hurry and went with the way it was tipped instead of reading thru the article. My fault, headline corrected. Sorry about that.

  3. Martha, after reading your comments I have to assume that you’re trying out for a position on “that right wing channel spewing it’s venom.”

    • Nope ! But I sure learned a lot about how to do it, until I wised up .
      But you are right – I should stop. I never watch it only Shep.
      It just takes a while to get out of the system.

  4. I watched four episodes of SE Cupp’s new show; didn’t watch last night’s. I watched a clip from last night where Andy compared Sheriff Joe to Pol Pot. OK, he’s fitting right in at CNN/HLN. I was hoping that Andy would be more of a co-host but this is definitely SE’s show. Andy is just another panelist. That didn’t work out very well on Red Eye and I don’t know why anyone thought it would work out well here.

    • You have to like a person to watch someone’s show, and I just don’t like her. Maybe if she was still a conservative like she used to be. Now she is neither fish nor fowl.

      • SE, just in my opinion, has sounded more conservative than she ever did when she was on CNN shows. In general, though, she’s the kind of conservative that liberals love. Andy has sounded much more liberal than he ever did on FOX but I don’t care because I like him!

    • Anyone who would compare any local politician to a dictator who murdered millions, is not only a horse’s a$$, but an ignorant one, to boot.

    • Unfiltered’s viewership finally stopped declining Monday. Second highest total viewer number so far, but show still finished below last week’s demo average.

      Looks like they might be having trouble getting guests already. Had Dave Smith on twice in the first five episodes and there are two repeat guests appearing tonight. One appearing for the second time in four episodes and one appearing for the second night in a row.

      So, out of the 18 panel guests spots so far, three people have taken up six of them.

      I wonder if the plan was for Andy to not appear every show, but is having to because a lack of guests.

      • I also noticed that Dave Smith, Krystal Ball, and Robby Soave have already been repeat guests in just a week. How do you account for the lack of guests?

        • There is of course a chance that they are having people drop out and they have to find a late replacement. Also, they likely can’t just call someone in the building to fill in like Fox shows can.

          I think a show like this probably can’t get that great of a booker. Even then, there are still a lot of guests that would be willing to appear on any basic cable news show that invited them on. The show’s demo ratings are better than what FBN shows get. Yet, that network is able to get plenty of guests.
          Plus, there should be a lot of people who were Red Eye regulars that they should be inviting. Andy likely needs to get more involved.

          Maybe they had to rush to find guests for the first couple of weeks. There are likely a lot of guests that they would like but are under contract at other news outlets. There also is likely quite a few people who just aren’t able to come to NYC on short notice.

          • I assume it is the same building. Not sure how many people are actually around during the day or how many opinion people are working at CNN New York. A lot of them seem to be based out of DC.
            Also not sure if the network wants their non-opinion talent to be on an opinion panel.

            Fox News has all those FBN people around. So, Red Eye likely had far more guests to chose from in their building than SE does.

            Fox News talent has always seemed to intertwine more than the other news networks.
            I don’t know if SE even knows that many people that work in her building.

    • I’ve been DVRing the show to watch later, and still liking it (I barely ever DVR current events programs so that tells you something )

  5. Last week the Disgraced Racist Newshound “writers” were confused that #1 Fox news wasn’t the history channel. This week they seem to have confused it with the Weather channel.


    Disgraced Ellen takes a H/T from the Disgraced Racist stooge™ Ice (her 1st mistake) without doing any research and not realizing with a disgraced newshound there’s always a catch (her 2nd mistake) she whines that Fox news tweeted a tweet about something said on outnumbered four days before . Never mind that during the same time period Fox News feed is filled with items about Harvey.


    Now the catch…and with haters there always is one….…today’s is
    a great example of Newshound being hypocrites’ #56456478

    What were the other news networks twittering about that morning.

    From 8am when Fox made they “horrible” tweet to noon MSNBC made 7 tweets……Opps….not one about Harvey

    MSNBC tweeted a story about Roger Stone that was 24hr old…and wait for it…….a post
    about a comment on meet the press daily from 2 days before…then another from 2
    days before about DACA.

    CNN made 20 tweets….. 14 about Harvey and 6 other news tweets
    including this one not very weather related


    About emoticons….LOL

    Now Fox News you might wonder…..Well old “fair and balanced”
    did 88 tweets…….45 about Harvey and 43 about other news……opps pretty balanced.

    Of course the racist and the Disgraced Newshounds don’t tell
    their poor readers about MSNBC or CNN or the fact that Fox was on a twitter
    storm about Harvey……that wouldn’t fit their delusions.

  6. Thanks for the pics of Geraldo’s crib, Johnny.

    It’s staged in a calm and restrained manner in attemp to make it feel more elegant than it is.

    The kitchen is awful. The views are wonderful.

    Very nice place.

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    • Was followed by a BILL OF EXCEPTIONS:
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      4. (you get the idea)

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