Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Coop-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Video: devastation in Texas.  Jim Acosta goes dark.
  • Q&A: Jeff Flock on how new technology has changed storm coverage.
  • Key facts to know about Trish Regan.   Anthony Bourdain moonlighting.
  • Kathy to Coop: Our friendship is over.  Betsy watches, because you don’t.
  • Video: effect Galveston rescues.  Family feud: Megyn vs Matt?

31 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • I read today that Griffin gave up on touring USA (likely since all her events were cancelled by organizers) and will be touring the World later this year. They can have her.

  1. Nice commentary segment just now on HAPPENING NOW with Mr. Concha and Judy Miller re. Trump and storm, etc.

  2. Acosta should stick with the gray.

    He’s as nondescript as a soldier in a North Korean military procession without it.

    • Not really on fill, mostly old rice and cotton fields. The rice fields got purposely flooded when the rice was growing. I couldn’t tell exactly where they were, but it’s probably less than 5 miles from my house. And we’ve had almost zero water standing in the street, even after 29 inches of rain (so far) from Harvey. Some subdivisions and their drainage weren’t designed right.

      • often every new project changes the drainage, pretty ez when there is no place to really put it. from the air it looks most places the water table is above ground.

  3. mlps, all etfs other than small cap & divs, t, trading down after hours, thnx to kelly, aep again broke it’s 52 wk avg in a bullish manner. gonna be fun. look for jumpers in nyc.

  4. Trish Regan is one of the top Fox anchors right now and was from the moment she came to Fox, she is the one the network should be using to replace Megyn Kelly not the Five at 9pm. My problem with Fox now, is they want to please media matters, the want to appease Ofcom the British regulatory group so they can ok the deal for them to buy Skynews. But what is the problem with moving Trish to the main Fox channel, how does this effect the deal, I don’t get it, she’s a first class anchor with great talent and personality. She would easily rate higher than Martha MacCallum, or many of the female anchors. For a start I would at least move her to the main Fox at 1pm and knock off the 2nd hour of Happening Now which isn’t doing well in the ratings.

      • Yes that was what I heard and read, I believe when Megyn started asking for more money and threatening to leave, Ailes decided to think a head and get someone that he thought could replace her in case she did leave. As well by bringing someone else in he would gain leverage in the negotiating with Megyn, meaning he could say look go a head and leave we have Trish Regan, we don’t need to give you 20 million a year. Now with the different management it is doubtful Trish will ever see the light of day on the main Fox channel never mind primetime.

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