Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: The Trump the
  • Reliable Sources: ‘Delusional‘ Trump; Breitbart; Trump vs press; tweets.
  • Video: for Casey Stegall.  Joe & Mika disdain twitter.
  • Soledad resurfaces…on Fox!   Why Bannon won’t challenge Fox News.
  • Bolling book sales stall.  CBS anchor: Fox News is an ‘alt-right website‘.
  • Attorney announces legal ‘takedown’ of CNN for committing ‘fake news’.
  • Zucker punch: Rosen schools Acosta about Fox.  Sunday talkers: preview.

42 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • I get the feeling that Acosta loves not being called on so that he can play the victim on CNN afterwards.

    • What’s interesting about what happened to Rosen is that other media members seem to know nothing about what Eric Holder did to him.

      • They know……they just didn’t care because it was Fox News…….if Trump did the same thing to Acosta……it would be the lead story every night for a month on MSNBC and CNN.

        They say….well we said something on a few shows….so we covered it………but their basis was clear on HOW MUCH they covered it.

        • I don’t think Acosta did know about Rosen.

          Once, I and several people were twitter arguing with Ron Fournier about Trump’s treatment of the media.

          Fournier was lauding Obama for his behavior and Rosen broke in and told him about what had happened to both he and Fox.

          Fournier had no idea. Brian Stelter had no idea and had to be told.

          • I don’t see how you could be the WH head reporter for a major network and not have any idea what the last WH did to reporters just a few years ago. IMHO that’s just as bad.

            But then again maybe Acosta only watches CNN….in which case maybe he doesn’t know….how could he. I do know that Trapper knows…..Ive seen him make a comment before.

          • Acosta appears to live in his own little fantasy world. Not as bad as Don Lemon, but he’s working at it.

  1. Bolling’s books sales made me wonder how Mr. Bill’s new “killing” will fare now that his TV exposure his faded.

    • i have never heard of anyone that ever liked, respected or listened to advice Bolling and this goes back to FBN, and earlier financial appearances. in places where investors are talking they like him about as much as they like Cramer.
      Cramer has cost uninformed people tons of dough one day a judge will let a suit go to trial and he will lose bad.

    • Good question. I don’t think it will suffer too bad but it will be interesting to see. He can still go on the network morning shows and so forth to plug it.

  2. Todd Piro is nothing special, but watching him on the hurricane coverage just reinforces the difference between a professional broadcaster and a lobbyist like Pete Hegseth.

  3. Do they even believe themselves?

    “We try to keep our head down and try to do our job. We’re trying to
    make the story about the story and certainly not about us,” Scarborough
    told TheWrap.

      • Just so it’s not on Fox Soccer Plus. If they preempt rugby league for that loon with the same first name as a California prison, they are a bunch of oedipals.

      • I think you’re right. Remember, Fox Broadcast is home to left-friendly shows like The Simpsons, which I still watch, and Family Guy, which I quit watching except for the crossover episode a few years ago.

          • I don’t like the gratuitous violence, sophomoric humor, reliance on producers to do voices more often than voice actors, jokes that run way too long, or the unfunny political jabs. And don’t get me started on scenes with puking.

          • I agree about the political stuff. And the puking. Other than that, if I find something remotely funny, I can live with it.

          • I remember when Fox destroyed American Idol by having leftist Ellen DeGeneres be a judge on the show. She knew zero about the music industry and the ratings collapsed.

  4. Why MSNBC viewers never know whats going on.


    Joy Reid‏Verified account @JoyAnnReid
    No FEMA director, no NOAA director and no head of DHS. Plus an administration filled with cronies and climate change deniers. Going great!

    We of course do have a FEMA director and every dept has a acting head most being career government employees if not appointees.

    An NOAA spokesman noted to CNN that acting Director Ed Rappaport is a 30-year veteran of the agency.


  5. The crazy disgraced racist hater tried another attempt to fool his poor followers again this weekend.

    He sent this Fri night
    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    Cable news at 8:17 PM
    CNN – Joe Arpaio pardoned by Trump.
    FNC – Colin Kaepernick.
    MSNBC – Joe Arpaio pardoned by Trump.

    Now why isn’t Tucker talking about the Arpaio pardon when the other two were………with a disgraced newshound “writer” you know there’s a catch…..and there is………8:17 is a strange time to make a check……so why would he check then? could it be that because if he did his “check” just 2 min before he would have to tell his foolish follower that Fox was also talking about the Arpaio pardon was well?

    and then there this laughable attempt to smear Fox News


    He provides screen prints to complain that Fox is letting Watters talk about Hurricane Harvery……not realizing it was no longer a Hurricane…but he NEVER knows the news of the day…………but fails to notice in his own screen caps that CNN isn’t even talking about the tropical storm but the Arpaio pardon which was day old news by then.


  6. MSNBC couldn’t interrupt the MEET the Press repeat that is like 6 hours old…..for the TX GOV press conference?


    EDIT: and even worse BIG NBC is interrupting NASCAR with a update but MSNBC stayed with Meet the Press.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links…
    5 legal ‘takedown’
    4 ‘alt-right website’
    3 book sales stall
    2 schools Acosta
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Soledad resurfaces…on Fox!

  8. So its 9pm and prime time in TX……Fox News is LIVE with TS Harvey news with important info and interviews.
    CNN is playing a princess Diana doc and MSNBC is of course playing Lockup from 2008…….but don’t worry there’s only Tornado’s appearing in TX right now.

    FOX NEWS helping people…..CNNMSNBC…..not so much.


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