Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Melissa Francis audio: Harassment is rampant on other networks.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-O’Donnell-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Weprin: Sinclair’s FCC filings and the implications for Fox News.
  • Student’s intern adventures at CNN.  The 200 songs of Morning Joe.
  • Somerby: CNN spun so far out of control they walked it back next night.
  • Eboni K Williams’s secrets of success.  Why Bret Baier called out Trump.
  • Videos: The Five on Joe Concha wraps a

51 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Last night on The Five OMT (One More Thing), Dana stated that the price of chicken wings is at an all time high. It got me thinking, which do you prefer, the two bone piece or the drummy? I love the drummy, my recent favorite is a dry cajun rub, but sweet and spicy as also great, like Asian zing or mango habanero.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 intern adventures
    4 called out
    3 Harassment is rampant
    2 out of control
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Sinclair’s FCC filings and the implications for Fox News.

  3. I always appreciate that J$ or JD (still don’t know the preferred abbreviation), doesn’t mind folks hanging around after “last call”. Heck, we fortunately get to seem him comment after his popular links post on occasion!

    • Yes, the above appears as I am kissing up to J$. Why not, because I love to be able to comment at a place that caters to my interests and as a bonus I do not have to deal with any ads, popups, etc. However, I wouldn’t blame J$ for ever adding ads as we all know he does a lot of work for nothing. Also Roger Ailes checks are coming anymore (Sorry to joke about the dead, but most of know about his falsehood that I am talking about).

  4. Wow just when I think the only news is going to be a huge storm all weekend……..Trump does something. Now I can watch the news.

  5. Since S.E. Cupp Unfiltered doesn’t air on Fridays, it is now known what the show’s ratings were for its first week. I don’t know if there is a single positive that they can take away from them.

    – It wound up averaging 86,250 viewers a night with a 34,750 average in the 25-54 demo.
    – The combined viewership for the week was 345,000 and 139,000. In its final full quarter, Red Eye averaged 506,000 and 148,000 a night.
    – It declined in ratings each night.
    – Even though it debuted with a really low 106,000 and 44,000, it still dropped 31% in total and 37% in the demo by Thursday’s episode.
    – It was 22% below the second to last cable news (out of FNC/MSNBC/CNN/HLN) show in total viewers on Thursday night.

    I thought that maybe people were not yet aware of it on day one, but it looks like there were people who actually gave it a try at the start of the week and just didn’t stick around.

    The show clearly was not in a good situation to succeed. It is a show with hardly any promotion on a network that people hardly watch. It lacks a good hook to get people to tune in and the guest booking is already unimpressive.
    Still surprised it did this poorly. Thought there would be more people at least interested in seeing SE and/or Andy. I also would have assumed that HLN would have given it a push out the gate since they even bothered finally putting it on air after announcing it months ago.

    Don’t know how long they will keep the show on if this is what the numbers stay at. They clearly have some money invested in it and are not going to just throw that away too quickly. It is not like they have anything else to put on in the slot that will actually be a hit.

    The show might just stick around as long as HLN keeps the same format. That might not be that long though.

    • I like both SE and Andy so I’ve put it on my Google calendar, yet I still forget to watch it. I’ll try it again next week.

    • I haven’t watched it live and HLN doesn’t repeat it (can’t replace Forensic Files that much) so I DVR’d it and watched later in the evening, very enjoyable show i LIKED IT. HLN’s numbers are weird though like Forensic Files varies in ratings alot. Alot of people might not even know what a HLN even is … but I hope they stick to their recent changes and add more live shows like 5-7pmet .

      • Forensic Files likely has people binge watching it which helps it keep viewers, but once the network switches back to news, the viewers likely turn to something else.

        Unfiltered would likely benefit from having another news show as a lead-in. Even if it got fewer viewers than Forensic Files. They would at least be able to retain some viewers.

        The show probably deserves to have more viewers than it does, but it needs to do a better job of being a show that convinces people to tune away from the cable news channels they usually watch at the time.

        They need to get to work promoting this show and coming up with guests and segments that would bring people to the show.

        • HLN did promote it through out the whole day on the bottom of the screen including during their highest rated Show Morning Express. They do need to better a promoting their stuff and promoting on other Turner channels would be wise too.

    • Forgot to look to see how the ratings compared to the time slot for the first four days of the previous week.

      The week before HLN averaged 199,500 and 68,000 (25-54) at 7:00. So, Unfiltered was down 57% total and 49% in the demo (even with the previous week having a night with only 25,000 demo) from the week before.

      That makes the ratings look even worse. Reruns were getting twice as many viewers.

  6. Melissa Francis with Jenny McCarthy: playing down to the host and audience. Putting on the ditsy schtick.

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