Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Hannity/Trump-Baier(11p)-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Fox News Specialists video: Trump rally ignites a
  • Joe & Mika ape Olby: Resign, Mr Trump!  Dick Morris resurfaces.
  • Katz: Coop top cable newser on the overpaid tv anchors/hosts list.
  • Lemon rant shows CNN a rancid echo chamber; Ana won’t back off.
  • Zurawik: After latest CNN town hall I hope I never see another one.
  • Videos: Tucker on an The Five on
  • CNN admits worst-kept secret ever: the press don’t like Trump.  More.

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  1. Loved Tucker’s ESPN story. In fact, last night’s show was a really good one. Also loved his take on the journalists at places like Huffpo and CNN who took his story about Trump looking at the eclipse without special glasses to be a serious story. Gutfeld joined Tucker for that and they were both smart and funny.

  2. Wonder what the CNN folks thought when last night’s Trump raucous crowd interrupted him with chants: “USA! USA! USA! … CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks! … !”?
    a) deplorables
    b) we have more work to do
    c) deplorable bastards
    d) why can’t we just all get along
    e) racist swine, Nazi, deplorable bastards

        • Do you read every post with the mindset of it having been written from no other perspective or making no other point but your own?

          • no, i read every post from an American conservative viewpoint. note abernie supporter agrees with u…lol

          • The point is that you should read every post from the perspective of what the writer is trying to say.

            Then address THAT.

          • “should”. maybe reading my posts. but most posts i read have logical errors in them i don’t believe, am i supposed to channel the poster to conclude they are saying different things than they actually write?? that was popular in the late dark ages. people would try to channel Aristotle, Plato .et al. kinda crazy if you ask me.

          • except Zurich completely missed the elephant in the room, as did larry’s list.
            educated people are not stupid enough too believe this is the fault of congress after the president sets parameters that are impossible. that is the elephant in the room and therefore the correct response.

            a bunch of big mouth stupids show up at a town hall, they represent no one that is worth anything. political poder, casi igual a bernie people. i guess missing the point entirely should be respected and responded to seriously? wrong guy

            want a banana? cutting another 200lb bunch tomorrow.

    • Zurawik only complained because it was a Republican. Nancy Pelosi did the same type of thing in her CNN town hall and Zurawik said (wrote) nothing. I noticed Zurawik continues to (overly) kiss CNNs behind as he wants to continue his appearances on CNN.

      • oh baloney. Pelosi did not have a president chopping her off at the knees. Big diff with big big distinction. with three simple left wing phrases Trump made it all impossible. “insurance for all”, “better and cheaper” , ” i will never touch ssi or medicare”. not much left to legislate with so blame it on rinos. what a pathetic joke that excuse is. so Ryan returns and has a bunch of wanks whine that the president says it is Ryan’s fault and Zurawik should report that how? you people made this bed, sleep well in it.

  3. was gonna post Zurawik Because i thought you might not, i look here it is. Good job. i get trying to make the most of a bad situation that is trump. he appointed quite a few good people, and fired the #2 puke Bannon. surely we need things he has made impossible to legislate. no question GWB could have had tax reform done and obama care repealed with the same crew in congress. trump so busy with 3rd grade tactics like the blockers and deniers here he has failed. the excuses made for him in regards to race, immigration, nationalism, “Nationalist economics”, and the myriad of bird seed he tosses to the worst in society deserves to be mocked along with the fools that believe such things. For example, you want the country safe or no foreigners? the latter the most important to the people that talk change but don’t want it. safer? USA is a country whose applications for tourist visas is NOT required to furnish “apostilled” docs for health, police record or income. not one mention of people coming to the country being required to show enough cash and be banned from social services other than public ed which is paid for by …wait… taxes paid from property, owned or rented. no talk of retirement residency, because the USA does not want that free money in it’s economy. RFID tags in passports, coming … someday. overstay fines, the norm in most countries, nope. at the same time we have made visas an expensive lottery of 90% rejection. 100’s of millions of income lost to the USA because of visa rules the world’s airlines that no longer use Miami and Atlanta as hub ports to the rest of the Americas. every week new flights scheduled direct to other countries that used to change in the USA. the entire midwest to NE fruit belt where many of you live will go under in this admin. you know pears, apples, plums etc. forget strawberries, whoosh gone, avocados too, florida oranges bye bye, don’t cry.
    the usa thinks people want to come and stay. the vast majority do not want American citizenship which is hard in every country in the world now. they want to come to visit, shop or work and be able to go and come as they, or their employer see fit. you come illegally and can’t go home without losing your income so they stay, duh. if you trumpers wanted safe legal immigration with more strict rules on citizenship and tourism, maybe learn a little on how we do it and the changes needed become obvious. deal with reality we have shortages at both ends of the labor pool, hard physical and hard mental ends. things Americans do not want to do. work in a chicken processing plant or become an engineer or doctor. hahahahahahaha. one university in india graduates more of each than all American universities combined. hey you built that libs.
    Just a single area a leader could be effective in, but trump is no leader. he is nobody anyone should respect. he is a dirty self absorbed nasty man. punta.
    quit trying to defend his sicko ideas or they stick to you, oh you like that. brilliant.

    • That’s what liberals do.
      They can’t win elections. They can’t persuade.

      They accomplish their goals via a circuit court ruling (that the SC later strikes down), by trying to put someone jail, and now they’re getting internet companies to censor non-liberal voices.

      Did you know that YouTube just labeled scores of videos from dastardly Diamond and Silk as being too controversal for advertisers, thus severely limiting their financial platform?

  4. Great interview with Dick Morris! How about replacing “Establishment Hack” Karl Rove with the perceptive Mr. Morris?

  5. Clearly, Don Lemon has been given a green light to go after Trump on a personal level. Some of his post speech salvos appeared to be prepositioned. Is it too far fetched to ask if CNN has a dedicated anti-Trump unit?

    • IMHO….both CNN and MSNBC have decided as a whole that the Democratic party cant take done Trump so they become the opposition party. Frankly they are better at it then the dems have been.

      They don’t even try to be impartial anymore. Why would they their fans don’t want fair and balanced……the want anti-Trump and…….well that all.

  6. Cable News Morning Show Total Viewers for TUE 22 August 2017
    Fox & Friends . . 1,937,000
    Morning Joe . . . . . 974,000
    CNN New Day . . . 696,000

      • LOL – (eww, gross, etc. ) No that’s typical ratings. F&F is usually around 1.8 to 2.2 million. MJ about 700K to 1000K and Gov Cuomos little brothers show about 500K to 700K.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 won’t back off
    4 top cable newser
    3 don’t like Trump
    2 rancid echo chamber
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zurawik: After latest CNN town hall I hope I never see another one.

  8. SE Cupp is off to a slow start. Both Mon and Tues it was the lowest rated show 4pm-midnight on HLN, ergo the lowest-rated show on cable news (not including business channels).

    • Do you think Andy Levy left FOX because he really wanted a change or because they wouldn’t renew his contract?

      • The latter. Do you really thinks he wants to be a second banana on HLN? I actually have the channel blacked out .

      • Probably both. He likely was ready for a change and they were likely ready to let him go.

        I can’t imagine that Andy would have left if Fox was willing to pay him the same they did on Red Eye to stick around to just be a commentator, but I also can’t imagine that was even an option for him.

        For years, it was clear that Fox didn’t have bigger plans for Andy. They never gave him prominent opportunities.
        I think the only thing they might have offered him is some sort of low paying commentator gig.
        Being on Fox is not very beneficial to Andy if he is not being paid well and he is not really doing anything that he likes. He doesn’t have outside projects to bring attention to. They aren’t going to give him a shot at a bigger role.

        Even though it looks like no one is watching, this HLN gig is probably more enjoyable than what Fox would offer and is probably paying better than whatever he could probably get from Fox post-Red Eye.
        He is getting to appear on TV for an hour every day. He is getting to appear with a lot of people he knows as well as some new people that likely would never appear of Fox. He is getting to be involved with the production of the show he is on. So, he gets to talk about things he wants to talk about.
        Fox wasn’t offering him the opportunity to do those things.

        It also should help his resume look better.

        • I thought he would be more of a co-host on the HLN show and he really isn’t. The ratings can’t get any worse. I can’t imagine that he is happier now than when he was on FOX. I blame it on FOX, actually. Andy was part of the male talent that they should have been grooming for better things. For instance, he should have been on The Specialists instead of Kat Timpf. In fact, he should have been considered for Bolling’s job on that show.

          • He’s doing what I expected from him. They can’t let someone be SE’s equal yet. Maybe overtime they could move in that direction.
            I actually thought that he would not be an everyday panelist.

            Is he happier than he was on Red Eye? Very unlikely.
            Is he happier than he was when he had an uncertain future and was just doing temporary radio work and rare TV appearances? Probably.
            He probably misses the people more than his post-Red Eye work at Fox. Especially after the temp radio work was done.

            He just never pushed hard enough to make himself indispensable. His best opportunity at proving his worth was when Gutfeld left Red Eye. The show just went into a holding pattern for a few months instead of Andy (or anyone) really stepping up and showing what they could do with the show.

            If he was on The Specialists, he would probably be gone from Fox soon anyway (although if they thought enough of him to be a host, they would probably keep him around if it was canceled). Andy would be better than Timpf, but he wasn’t going to fix that show.

    • Who is her core audience? Republicans who hate Trump? I haven’t tuned her in, probably won’t be doing so. Nicole Wallace seems to bring in progressives who also hate Trump, why isn’t SE Cupp clicking?

      • The show looks like it wants to be a less serious news discussion program. There isn’t the intense arguing you see on other shows.
        Between the lack of intense debates and most viewpoints being represented, I think most people would not be annoyed by watching it, but they still need to give people a reason to actually tune in.

        The show tries to be funny, but SE so far has shown not to be very good at being a host that adds humor. Selling the show as Red Eye-lite could make some people give it a chance, but it right now is coming off as Red Eye-very lite.

        I think the show could try to appeal to viewers as something a little different and maybe a decent show to have on in the background, but no one wants people to think of their show as something you occasionally turn in to.

        People who want to watch political news are not tuning in to HLN. So, even people who might like it are probably never going to realize it exists unless they finally start promoting it.
        Even though they have had people like Charles Cooke who are great in the panel format, they have not yet had a single guest that I think has brought in many viewers.

        • I think part of the problem is that SE and Andy don’t have the chemistry they had on Red Eye. Back then they were terrific together – both very funny even when talking politics. Andy actually looked happy when SE was on the show. I believe them when they say they are long-time friends, but you’d never know from watching the HLN show. The magic is gone.

    • On Monday, SE did beat the second hour (4:00) of “Michaela” in total by 4,000 and demo by 6,000. So, was able to barely avoid finishing last for the day.

      On Monday it had 1/18th of Martha’s total viewers and 1/10th of her 25-54 viewers. Then on Tuesday, Cupp had 1/21st of Martha’s total viewers and 1/12th of the 25-54 viewers.
      [The Tuesday before HLN at 7:00 had 1/9th the total viewers of Martha and 1/4th the demo viewers.]
      Martha had five times more demo viewers than Cupp had total viewers.

      Years ago, it was so clear that SE had a star quality that even liberal outlets were wanting to hire her. Unfortunately, those places took her away from where she was best (Fox News. Especially Red Eye) and she wasted her prime years by hosting shows like The Cycle and Crossfire.
      While at MSNBC and CNN, she lost her right wing fan base. She has fallen into “liberal’s favorite conservative” territory. That is good for getting media jobs, but it is bad for ratings. The right gives up on you and the left still doesn’t actually like you enough to watch you for more than a segment.

      She just is not someone that people are interested in watching right now. I do think that what she has shown on this show could bring people back to liking her again, but she is lacking the charisma needed to get people to tune in.

      Andy remaining on Red Eye probably kept many viewers from bailing on the show, but the show’s ratings low point was when Andy was the top star of the show for the 3-4 months between Gutfeld and Shillue’s hosting eras.
      He’s likable, but he is just not a guy that “moves the needle.” Just isn’t a star. He is a complementary piece.
      Also, I think it takes quite a while for people unfamiliar with him to become a fan. He’s really low-key and that doesn’t immediately draw anyone in. Plus, his sense of humor is different. Many people who are unfamiliar with him probably don’t realize when he is joking.

      [A lot of people who are fans of Andy on twitter are not people who actually watch him.]

      Sure there are still a lot of people who like Andy and/or SE that don’t know the show is on yet, but I just think neither one really has that big of a fan base out there.
      SE couldn’t get people on the right to tune into her other shows and neither did those on the left who normally watch those channels.

      The show is going to be seen as right-leaning. That will turn off liberals. So, the people who they need to target are watching Fox. They have to find a way of convincing them to change the channel.

  9. The ESPN block with Clay Travis and then Jason Whitlock on Tucker tonight was very good.
    As Whitlock said, fear of the San Fran tech community / online mob is making companies do stupid things.

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