Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Trump (Fox)-Trump (CNN)-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • ‘Campaign’ Carl Cameron retiring from Fox to begin ‘a new chapter’.
  • Cupp’s goal: destroy political correctness; video: her
  • CNN premieres Snapchat show.  MSNBC’s latest conspiracy theory.
  • Eboni: Being pretty can help you get ahead.  MSNBC hires Noonan.
  • The Five video: Ed Henry joins analysis of Trump
  • CNN hires Steve Warren.  Kurtz: ‘Media misconception‘ about Bannon.
  • Sunday showdown: Reliable Sources edges MediaBuzz.  Weekend numbers.

56 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I’m sixty-one this year and I know the difference between a “misconception” and a mental projection.

    Howard Kurtz should too.

    • I hope this doesn’t offend, but I always thought you were older. My parents were also born in 1956.

      Howie is a few months older than one of my aunts. He turned 64 back on August 1.

        • It’s so unfair that a species that’s so pure and guileless burns out so faster than the likes of us.

          • I’m grateful little dogs have a longer life span. The only thing more unfair is that they all deserve a good home and good care and so many don’t get that.

        • So sorry. Will pray for you. I have two cousins who beat lymphoma and have been in remission for many years.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that, Cece. My prayers are with you. Fourteen years ago this month I had surgery for brain cancer. I wasn’t supposed to make it off the table, but here I am.

        • Cecelia, I am so sorry to hear about your lymphoma. My husband is 10 years out from lymphoma and 5 years out from prostate cancer. You will make it through this and you may cherish life going forward in a very different way as my husband has individually and we, as a couple, sure have. My prayers are for your strength and perseverance as you work your way though whatever life brings you in the future.

          • Homemaker, so many people have been so kind and have said such uplifting, tender and encouraging things to me.

            No one more so than you.

        • So sorry, thoughts and prayers with you (and family – as I know they get stressed as well). Take Care.

          • My diagnosis has been far harder on my husband and daughter than it has ever been on me.

            Thank you, MN.

    • I used to play the tenor sax in 6-8 grades. I was always last chair as I hated it! I also took organ lessons for 3 years. My Mom dreamed of me being a church organist. I doubt I can play sax anymore, but I can play piano somewhat.

  2. I recorded SE Cupp’s new show but watched only part of it. Is it me or did Andy look unhappy? (I say this knowing that Andy Levy never really looked very cheerful!)

    • Andy has been on TV for over 10 years and rarely looks fully comfortable. He has a personality that is not naturally suited to TV. He was always more lively when he would do the podcast.
      Also, whenever he would be doing a new role, he would get off to a slow start. Whether it was Halftime, guest hosting or being a permanent part of the panel. So, he is likely getting off to a slow start with this show, but he seemed to do fine. The congressman was getting the most attention.

      I thought when he was doing the eclipse and AI bits he was his usual self.
      I think he’s not sure how to look when he has to be on camera while other people are having a discussion.

      They need to either make him more of a sidekick or put him in the chair furthest from SE. That way he doesn’t have to be seen as much when he is not talking.

  3. her debut episode.
    very smooth, moved fast. better than all 3 of foxe’s new shows if she keeps it up. rare to see all sides given equal time, i thought she got as close to that as possible.

    • I didn’t like it as much as you did, but it wasn’t bad. I hope Andy has a bigger role in future shows because it seemed like he mostly just sat there and didn’t say much. Yesterday was Dave Smith, tonight is Charles W. Cooke. I guess they will be sharing a lot of guests with FOX and FBN.

      • i tried to sind 8/22 and only the premier is up and i do not get HLN on cable here ….lol. if you see it please post.

      • well i liked WADR too, so it may not be something you like, i will watch again because i am sick of people using the same talking points over and over. it is like they are zombies just repeating for a free cracker. been pretty dismal and info lite.

        • I didn’t like the fact that in the first few minutes of the show SE said that Trump defended Nazis and White Supremacists. I don’t think that’s exactly what he said at all.

          • “very good people on both sides”. after checking info cc posted, i had to conclude there were no good people in the streets at all on any side on either day. kinda hard to see differently in my view, but that is what makes the world go round.

    • agreed , it was a good show tonight as well 90 times better than any CNN panels which descend into some sort of talk over fest and insults. It was smooth guess they had enough months to practice.

          • i grabbed mine at 62 because i knew it was the only way i would ever get money back. men in my family die young, at 62 i beat everyone i know of. kids out of school, out of the house set for life, self employed in the people’s republic of oregon. big empty house and yard paying 50% in taxes and all my clients were car dealers. i wanted out, filled 2 passports. missed a lot, gained a lot. the way it goes. like giving up my season tiks before chip and marcus got to oregon. lol

          • It’s all a crapshoot. I collected a lot of money between 62 and 68 that would have had to come from other sources with associated costs.


    SE’s show was a disaster in the ratings. It did only 106,000 total and 44,000 in the 25-54 demo. Last Monday in that time slot, HLN had 212,000 and 79,000 in the demo with an episode of Forensic Files. The show following SE last night had almost 2.5 times more viewers.

    Compared to the other shows in the time slot, MacCallum had 18 times the total viewers and 10 times the demo viewers. Erin Burnett had 11x in total and 9x in demo. Hardball had 16x in total and 7x in the demo.

    Getting half the viewers from the week before is a horrible start for a new show.
    The fortunate thing for them is that it seems like a lot of people didn’t realize it started yet. If they are getting about the same number next week, this show might not last very long.

    The Specialists made a bit of a comeback, but still had some issues.
    Pros: Won its timeslot in total and 25-54 demo and was up to 1.6 million from 1.3 million in its last episode. Up in the demo from the Monday before.
    Cons: Lost to Cavuto in total (previous Monday they had beat him by 200,000), 18-49 and 25-54 (only FNC show of the night under 400,000). Finished down from the previous Monday, but so did the other shows in its time slot.
    The combination of the eclipse and the Trump address lead to a good day for FNC. So, The Specialists’ ratings likely were inflated a bit by the rest of the network.

    The 5:00 show on Fox cannot lose to Cavuto. Last year The Five averaged 700,000 more viewers a night than Your World.

    • Well it’s HLN alot of people (including probably CNN ) forget it exists. I watch it more than the others because they do other stories in the day than just politics. And Forensic Files ratings fluctuate between high and low. Michaela Did better than F.F did last Friday but not better than last Tuesday . Hope HLN holds firm in this strategy and ads a new show 5-7pmet they have some clear ideas this time it seems let’s hope they don’t give up in 18 months again.

      • Based on nothing at all other than an idea that occurred to me, but I get this feeling that when the big Time Warner/ATT deal goes thru, something is going to happen to HLN. Basically it won’t be HLN any more. Needless to say, I could be wrong, and probably am.

        • With ratings so bad, clearly Time Warner is either keeping HLN on basic cable by force or through deal making. I don’t think that is going to stay possible much longer.

          Even the HLN name has become mostly worthless.
          If it doesn’t improve soon, they will either need to completely rebrand it or sell it off.

          They should just make it a documentary channel.

    • I’m surprised the debut show didn’t attract more viewers. Both SE and Andy have tons of twitter followers and they both have been promoting the show.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC’s latest conspiracy theory.

  6. This whole Eboni pretty stuff would have a lot of media and “activists ” screaming ” Sexism” if she was blonde.

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