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    • People can do serious jail time for throwing human waste on others. Of course, nothing will happen to them.

  1. Re: Stelter : I saw that live episode yesterday it was strange, and it’s not really the media’s job to diagnosis anybody on the air didn’t they criticize when Trump was saying things about Hillary’s health? So that would be hypocritical.

    • correct, the criticism is hypocritical, but everything is criticized. there was coverage of hillary’s health in the media including interviews with professionals in the health field. when speaking of a president or potential president health is a fair topic, both physical and mental. Charles “emotionally incontinent” comment is fair, and Fox should have followed up on that by asking professionals to publicly speak to that. i have not once seen anything like that, but i sure would like to hear what they have to say.

  2. I believe SE Cupp premieres on HLN tonight. I have rarely seen a cable news show debut with so little publicity. I’ve specifically searched daily for something about the show to link: an interview with her, Andy, or somebody, and while there might be something out there somewhere, Google News didn’t turn anything up at all. It’s the stealth bomber of HLN shows. Just hope it’s not a stealth bomb.

    • I was also surprised to see so little promotion (aside from that one article from The Wrap). Especially considering how long they waited to debut, the fact that they had press releases for the debut date and Andy’s hiring and the assumption that they are trying to bring viewers to HLN.

      All studio shows are a work in progress when they start. So, trying to have an under the radar launch is pointless. They need to make people aware of it as soon as possible.
      Not sure what was going on with the promotion other than ineptitude. There are tons of outlets that would be willing to do an interview with her.

      Andy deserves some credit though. He rarely would plug his work on Fox on Twitter in the past but has been tweeting in the lead up to this show.

      Also was surprising to see that the show had no major “gets” to announce/promote. Having a little known congressman, an online writer and a guest, who is good, but will appear on anything and is on Fox almost every week (Dave Smith) is not an impressive lineup for a first episode. She didn’t seem to be friends with any of them.

      That article from The Wrap said:
      “She wants most of the guests and panelists outside of Levy to remain a mystery for now but said her “dream panelists” are already booked for launch week.

      “We got real lucky,” Cupp said. “I’m pretty excited about our launch week panelists.”

      GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger, CNN personalities W. Kamau Bell and Van Jones are expected to appear at some point this week but Cupp promises “some fun, surprise guests” that will make an appearance. “If you’re a Barstool [Sports] fan, you might be pleased,” she said, teasing an appearance by someone from the popular media site whom she declined to name.”

      She sounds like when Trump would announce the line-up for The Apprentice and pretend it is all A-listers and none were. How do the first guests and those listed constitute “dream panelists”?
      Also, why would you not announce your guests? If they are good, which she implies they are, it is probably the best way to get people to tune in to a new show.
      I guess if the other guests are similar to Bell and Jones, maybe it is best not to announce them.

  3. Eclipse was interesting in SE Ohio. At 2:30 PM it looked like 7:00 – 8:00 PM. Mourning Doves in the woods started doing their thing. Bella could have cared less.

      • I had a doctor’s appointment. We could see the streetlights come on for five or six minutes from the window.

    • It got a little bit darker about 1:15pm here in SE Texas. We had about 50% cloud cover so it was hard to tell if it was the eclipse or the weather.

    • In Grand Island the totality was about 2 1/2 minutes. It was like somebody turned off the lights and they came back on as soon as they turned off. Streetlights were on. Temperature and humidity dropped dramatically. I DVRed the local ABC affiliate coverage and one of the reporters said the temperature dropped 10-15 degrees.

      • I came in for a few min @40min mark…….I felt my brain scream out in pain. I changed it. I know better than to watch a 1st show.

      • It was much better than The Specialists’ first episode, but it wasn’t very promising. I can’t see it becoming “must watch”.

        It came across like what you would expect from an HLN panel show, just with SE and Andy. Pretty uncreative.
        There were no interviews. No pre-taped pieces. No unique segments. Other than Andy, this show should have easily been able to be on the air months ago. Aside from the set, they could have prepped for a show like this in a couple of days.

        The discussions were intelligent enough, but I wasn’t that interested in them. The show was making a lot of the same arguments that you would see anywhere else and it often got dull. I wound up fast-forwarding through quite a bit.
        Guests did fine, but it was pretty clear that SE didn’t know them very well. They need to book people she already has chemistry with.

        – SE was already 0 for 2 when it comes to major cable news panel shows and that was with co-hosts. She seems even less suited to host one by herself, but at least on this one, she doesn’t have to be serious (like Crossfire) and isn’t outnumbered three-to-one (like The Cycle).
        She was unimpressive as a host, but she seemed comfortable in the role and was more likable than she has been on TV in a while. She avoided trying to be overly serious, but she was also trying to be funny and wasn’t very successful.

        – She didn’t really even introduce Andy or explain his role. They were acting like everyone would just know who he was and what he would be doing.

        Andy had a couple of moments that were clearly his idea (a back-and-forth with SE about Artificial Intelligence and a fake rant about the eclipse and how the earth is flat) and they were the most Red Eye like moments.
        Unfortunately, beside that, he was similar to how he was when he would be on the panel on Red Eye. His comments were usually pre-written and he was reading them off of his paper (none of the other panelists had notes).

        The dynamic between the two was not as good as it was on Red Eye. They made a bit of an effort, but the format doesn’t suit it as well. They are trying to force it a little. Plus, it is seven years since they last did TV together. It might take a while to return.

        – Panel shows are easy to make, but when you really look at them, very few (whether talk, news or sports) are any good.
        Having multiple guests on a news panel show for an entire episode also rarely works.

        – Fortunately for them, the show is so simple, that there are plenty of directions they can go. They are not stuck with a flawed format.

        They need to have some segments where there is more of a focus on SE and Andy (single guest segments. Out of studio pieces). Have segments with only three panelists (some without Andy. Some with Andy plus two.). Make more opportunities for the panel to have more back and forth. They also should consider rotating guests mid-episode.

        They could even just eventually make it a better, funnier, more right leaning version of The Cycle. Maybe find two other people and just have a strong line-up of four hosts. A takeoff of SE’s old Blaze show Real News also might work.

      • It was watchable and seemed pretty balanced in panel selection (way better in tone than any CNN panel is ) they had politics topics and non politics as well.
        And Andy and S.E Cupp are funny together.

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