Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz: Bannon; Bannon; mags, tv
  • Reliable Sources: Trump’s sanity; a terrible week; race reportage; Bannon.
  • Katz: Coop, Maddow, Shep, Lemon, et al named to distinguished list.
  • Flood: Joe S still dreams of being a rock star.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Trump was a racist before Bannon came along.
  • Tucker video:  CNN tells CNN: great job grilling GOPer.

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  1. how can a guy with such a long history of being in the middle of production, produce such a lousy over processed mushy sound?
    call it a good or bad tune, i think it is trite, but i am strictly asking why a guy with his sort of access produces such a messy product. it just sucks.
    when you can’t hear the tone quality of each player and singer it is called noise.

      • as a blues man i have seen plenty of odd clothing and instruments, but i detest bad sound. no excuse for it.

        • I thought Gov. Mike Huckabee is a pretty good bass player. He played well with professional musicians anyway.

          • The bass, stand up or electric is the most difficult instrument to become good at outside of pop, rock, country, christian etc, music where the bass plays on top of the beat is ez, u usually just play chord roots. As soon as you need to play in front or behind the beat, i.e. swing, shuffle, cumbia, bossa things get complicated because you are out there alone holding the rhythm together with no support. for the record Lentisimo is the hardest to do well.

        • True. I’m now thinking of a few videos my daughter watched in the mid ’70s. Some did wear suits, I think. I didn’t watch much.

      • plenty of weird looking people can play well. Kirby kelly looks like he has been released from death row to play a gig and go back to his cell, but he is one of the best sit down guitarists still alive. The guy standing with the red PRS looks sketchy too, but they all can play and the sound is correct. clean clear distinct.

  2. Disgraced Racist stooge Irony alert #5854

    Fox tweets:
    Fox News‏@FoxNews
    News Alert: Left-wing activists heading to Boston to counter-protest “free speech rally.”

    Hate quota man then sends this

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    6h6 hours ago
    Richard W. Retweeted Fox News
    State run media calls those counter protesting an alt-right rally “Left-wing activists”.
    FOX knows all the counter protesters are liberals?

    He complains Fox calls counter protester left wing….while he calls EVERYBODY at the “free speech rally.” alt-right………….Disgraced racist Stooge knows all “free speech rally.” people are Alt-right??? The guy doesn’t even know how to tell a Opinion show from a news show.

    BTW: Fox’s tweet is of course 100% accurate since the counter protestors rally was in part organized by BLM,,,,,,,,,a group of clearly Left-wing activists and they were headed to Boston…..im guessing like most Disgraced Newshound “writers” he was just 2 lazy to watch the video.

      • The US uses the Hercules prop communications model. they fly everywhere in the world gathering every text, phone call, skype call, and radio transmission. sure nix can tell you all about em. they have two trading air time out of LIR, which is the international airport 50 KMs S. of Nicaragua as a crow flies, more out of san jose, panama, honduras and who knows where else. there are also awacs at LIR.

  3. RE: J$s reliable sources tweet. i think my comment about the need to be able to make good “catches” applies. Fortunately the CNN vid page is full of so much spam it is almost unwatchable. msnbc, and cnn, longest load time on the net.

    • Before TV was in most homes, it was common to end a children’s birthday party to take everyone to the movie theater. Jerry Lewis films were a safe bet. RIP

  4. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 a rock star
    3 great job
    2 distinguished list
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Impartial CNN anchor: Trump was a racist before Bannon came along.

  5. I wonder if @antifaboston is a troll or parody account on Twitter.

    It’s too stereotypical to be real?

  6. Here’s the skivvy on the free speech group that was shutdown in Boston.


    They had planned this march since July in order to protest Antifa tactics post-election.

    Here’s a story about the Boston rally by CBS News.


    In it, CBS manages to imply the Free Speech folks are white nationalists, despite what they quote the group saying about itself:

    “Organizers of the “free speech” event had publicly distanced themselves from the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and others who fomented violence in Charlottesville on Aug. 12. A woman was killed at that Unite the Right rally, and scores of others were injured, when a car plowed into counter-demonstrators. ”

    “John Medlar of the Boston Free Speech Coalition, which organized the event, is a 23-year-old student at Fitchburg State College. He told CBS News correspondent DeMarco Morgan that his group would not tolerate hate speech.

    “Reasonable people on both sides who are tolerant enough to not resort to violence when they hear something they disagree with, reasonable people who are actually willing to listen to each other, need to come together and start promoting that instead of letting all of these fringe groups on the left and the right determine what we can and cannot say,” Medlar said. ”

    It’s beyond irony. You have thousands of so-called liberals coming to shut down this group and congratulating themselves about it. They’re not worried about Antifa busting heads, they’re worried about a small group having a rally and not thinking just as they think.

    They’re conservatives and libertarians. Let’s just lump them in with the KKK and shut them up.

    High five!

    • I saw this excerpted at Mediaite.

      I don’t think it could be more appropriate.

      Liberals are no longer liberal.

      “Even here in Boston, and among the friends of freedom, we hear two voices: one denouncing the mob that broke up our meeting on Monday as a base and cowardly outrage; and another, deprecating and regretting the holding of such a meeting, by such men, at such a time. We are told that the meeting was ill-timed, and the parties to it unwise.
      Why, what is the matter with us? Are we going to palliate and excuse a palpable and flagrant outrage on the right of speech, by implying that only a particular description of persons should exercise that right?”
      Frederick Douglass, “A Plea for Free Speech in Boston”, 1860


      • Frederick Douglass was one of the greatest minds this country has produced. However, the modern day bullying fascists would call Douglass an Uncle Tom. And, make no doubt, they are fascists in the true sense of the word.

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