Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Cooper-Don Lemon 1-2-3.
  • Out# videos: An for Melissa Francis;
  • Fox News #1 on cable for 32 weeks, also tops MSNBCNN in key demo.
  • O’Reilly: Media side with anti-Trumpers.  FNC ‘most shared‘ on campus.
  • Tucker videos: Political erasing where were
  • Fox primetime sked may be Tucker-Sean-Laura.  Jake Tapper moonlighting.

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  1. Political violence by the Alt-Left is easily forgiven by the liberal media if it’s directed at the right targets.

      • Living so close to West Virginia I barely got away from having my place named the Robert Byrd Memorial Cabin.

        Need to think about tearing down some monuments on the National Mall. Jefferson owned 600 slaves during his lifetime, freeing only two men before he died and bequeathing freedom to five other men, believed to be his progeny, upon his death.
        Get out the jack hammers.

  2. There was too much left-leaning political clickbait surrounding Mr. Bill’s Hill column. I had to copy the text and paste it to MS Notepad so I could read without the aggravating clickbait. One example is Clay Aiken saying he’s sorry he believed President Trump wasn’t racist.

    UPDATE: Now, I’ve read it. Great column.

    • That Hill website is 99% advertising garbage. I don’t have your tenacity to cut and paste the text to where it’s readable. “Sorry, Mr. Bill”.

      • What I do is type Ctrl + A to highlight all text, then Ctrl + C to copy it, and I open Notepad and type Ctrl + V to paste. Then, I highlight the text below and then above the column text and delete it. All that remains is the column, which I then read.

        • I shouldn’t have singled out “The Hill”. After leaving here I went to a TV station website (WVEC-TV) and got the same full screen modal overlay ad. Web ads are getting out of hand.

  3. Fox News just cant win with the haters…….for a week they have whined that North Korea wasn’t the first story on some opinion shows……..yesterday NK says they wont lunch a missile at Guam…….and now they complain that NK was the 1st story……..because some dumb thing Trump said is much more important than a country launching a missile at part of America.

    BTW: Trump was the 2nd story.

  4. Apparently, via J$’s tweet, Marie Harf drove Melissa Francis to tears on Outnumbered. I empathized with her, but you just know the haters will dredge up her child acting past to undermine her true feelings.

      • It was genuine, I agree. And unfortunately a little strange that Francis became so overcome and triggered when her personal feelings on race weren’t being discussed.

        Whether she actually rolled her eyes or not, I can’t tell. But she did display something of a dismissive gesture as Harf spoke. I’m imagining what most of the reactions around here would be if Harf had rolled her eyes at Francis, Francis says don’t do that, and Harf starts crying about how uncomfortable the entire subject makes her. I am guessing most would be calling her unprofessional at best under those circumstances.

        • Frankly, Juan equating Antifa with armed security that escorts Jewish worshippers into synagogues IS an eye-roller.

          So is the willful and opportunistically dumb formulation that southerners with Confederate ancestry, trunks of crumbling wartime correspondence passed down through the years, and objections to statue removal, are part and parcel with Neo-Nazis and the Klan.

          Those are the “nice” (albeit culturally deluded) people that Trump referenced.

          I can understand being brought to tears by the cynicism of the Harfs and the willfull (rather than cultural) delusion of Juan Williams, but yes, it was unprofessional.

          Not as unprofessional and self-indulgent as saying the president and everyone who supports him abet Neo-Nazis as Don Lemon proclaims, but unprofessional still.

          If we want an example of professionalism and emotional depth, Harris Faulfner brilliantly supplied it that day.

          • Don’t agree on everything certainly, but your perspective is always interesting. Agree that Faulkner always handles herself with excellent composure and that Lemon is perhaps the least professional host of a national cable news show. Oh wait, there is still Jesse Watters. But close.

          • Lemon is in a class all by himself. Anybody who would suggest that a missing airliner was swallowed by a black hole is the biggest fool on national TV.

    • It’s interesting that the media demands that you make moral distinctions between two groups, both wielding baseball bats and sticks, because one of those groups merely wants to shut down the free speech of racists. Oh, and to bust racist’s heads.

      You must make that fine distinction…between freedom lovers and violent hate groups…but it’s anathema to Harf that there might be a third group protesting the removal of statues. A group with a lineage of Johnny Rebs.

      As duped by the influence of utter mythology as most of this particular group is, you’d think it wouldn’t be so hard for nuanced folks like Harf, who demand fine distinctions between Antifa and racist groups, to recognize that this segment isn’t part and parcel of the KKK and neo-Nazis.

      Nope. That is not a distinction this moral colossus can make. Not when playing obtuse means you can argue that the president was saying there’s a subgroup called “nice”KKK members and Nazis”.

      Why Francis would crybover this disingenuous jerk is a puzzle.

        • I usually do that with videos I post at the website, but when I’m just going to tweet out a video it’s just a clip (2 min or so maximum allowed) and I want to get it out as quickly as possible. There’s a whole other step involved to import it into a program, add the watermark, and then export it again. So with things I put out on twitter I’ll just usually record the clip, edit it down, and stick it in a tweet. I want to get it out before somebody else does because then that makes you King of Twitter for at least ten minutes. 😉

        • Thanks for the info. It was exactly who I thought it would be. I don’t get why people think it’s some sort of clever ‘dig’ to use my birth name as if they’re exposing some deep dark secret. It’s been right here on this website since the day it launched. But hey, if it makes ya feel like big stuff, have at it.

          • No surprise it was our Obsessed Barney Fife………Its been so nice not to have seen anything from him since he got a free trip to the island.

          • His insults are one reason that I didn’t mention getting married. I didn’t want to give the SOB yet more fodder.

          • My guess is he still read’s this site he is BANNED from everyday if not hourly………looking to defend the RACIST he loves so much……..he’s obsessed with us….like I said….its only a matter of time before his mall shooting begins.

            Ive never been BANNED from a blog…..but Id like to think I would stop reading a site I lost control on…….it wouldn’t be good for me . It not like we talk about him…….I think today’s the first time Ive seen his name or thought about him since his meltdown.

          • On May 12th I married my son-in-law’s big sister. She’s 30 years younger than me. I said that after being a widower twice over, that i’d never marry again. I was wrong.

          • It’s sad, Johnny, that with TRRE gone we’ll never again get the level of invective that he could dish out.

  5. The likely move of The Five back to 5:00 probably should happen soon. Both The Five and The Specialists had horrible ratings days on Tuesday.

    The Five finished third in their time slot in the 25-54 demo. They were more than 100,000 demo viewers behind second place. They also trailed Maddow in total viewers by almost one million viewers. They trailed both Tucker and Hannity by over 250,000 viewers.

    If you are Fox News, you cannot have your 9:00 show lose that badly. Especially one that was a massive success just a few months ago in a different slot.

    [Hannity also finished third in the demo, but was only 14,000 viewers behind second and was around 100,000 viewers away from finishing first in total viewers. Tucker finished second in his slot in the demo and easily won his time slot in total viewers.]

    The Specialists finished third in their time slot in both 25-54 demo and total. They were the only FNC show last night, and probably all day, to finished third in their time slot in total viewers. Was almost 100,000 total viewers behind second place. Finishing second in total viewers has been extremely rare for the show and I’m pretty certain that they had never finished third before.
    CNN had nearly twice as many 25-54 demo viewers as they did.
    In the 18-49 demo, The Specialists was the 29th ranked show in cable news for the day.

    Both Your World and Special Report finished first in total viewers with guest hosts. Both shows had more total and demo viewers than The Specialists. That is quite rare for Your World.

    The show did fine for its first week without Bolling, but it became a mess this week. Its been pretty amateurish. The show has been too focused on expressing outrage instead of actually having smart discussions.

  6. Tapper will receive the Distinguished Global Journalism award during Philadelphia’s Sept. 7 celebration… another piece of crap award to add to the pile atop the Nobel.

    Contradicting statements by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia State Police say they did not find caches of weapons stashed around Charlottesville in advance of last Saturday’s deadly white nationalist rally.

    In an interview Monday on the Pod Save the People podcast, hosted by Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, McAuliffe claimed the white nationalists who streamed into Charlottesville that weekend hid weapons throughout the town.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fox primetime asked may be Tucker-Sean-Laura.

    • i’m a white male, i’m conservative, further to the right of almost anyone here and i hate trump. he is nothing but a punk FDR wanna be. from what i read i am not alone, far from not alone.

      • Come on , you know you“re lying you are not really a conservative. Why would any one hate another person because of their politics? You are sick and you need professional help as soon as possible .`

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