Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-The Five-Mark Steyn 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Why did media to David Duke?
  • Fox News producer dies just hours after his son.  Greta’s getting calls.
  • CNN skeds Town Hall.  CNN ‘Republican’: Trump is unfit to be human.
  • Kaczynski flacks for CNN in stink over Reliable ducking Lord coverage.
  • Watters World video: Jesse unravels who is

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  1. I like what FOX’s Steve Hilton had to say about Charlottesville on his Sunday night show. In criticizing Pres. Trump he said that in order to fight Islamic terrorism, we have to call it by its name as Trump has done. And the president should have done the same concerning Saturday’s white supremacist domestic terror. Hilton is a populist and he emphasized that populism has nothing in common with Nazism and Trump should have made that clear.

    • Why Steve Hilton deserves a weekly show on Fox News Channel is beyond me. I haven’t watched him once. He is a moderate RINO there at the demand of James Murdoch. Bring back Bill Shine please, someone who wasn’t born into the job.

  2. It seems that a few people want Fox News to be all die hard conservative Republicans with no other voices or opinions. I am conservative and I love that Fox News has conservatives, libertarians, liberals, Republicans, Democrats and Independents as guests and hosts. I don’t want to watch an echo chamber, like MSNBC and now CNN. I personally believe that has been Fox News strength all these years – fair and balanced. Every program has always given both sides a voice. Yes, they are losing to MSNBC prime time right now, but mainly because of the anti-Trump rhetoric and conspiracy theories that liberals seem to crave. Compared to previous years Fox News ratings are actually about the same or better and they continue to dominate dayside.

          • She probably thinks that’s her bread & butter on getting booked on CNN

            CNN loves booking Republicans that bash TRUMP

          • There was a time if someone heard rhetoric like “Not fit to be human” they would assume that the subject of that description was someone who committed genocide or a Ted Bundy at best.

            Now that’s just daily outrage yabbering. You say it right along with defining genocide as a particular tax policy, etc.

            That’s why the media can go tromping off to Charlottesville to film low-lifes beating the hell out of each other and not ask what the hell the city fathers were thinking with this bullshite.

            It’s just all fodder for the media’s outrage audience and if they’re lucky it will all fall out on the political side they advocate.

            Our overlords are so bereft of wisdom and genuine societal concern. They (and us) have become so callow.

          • i believe she cut her teeth on the ABC sunday morn show, she and the Cuban money guy are what ABC chose to represent the right for awhile.

  3. Bob Somerby writes a blog post.

    His liberal readers then decry his post with arguments and rhetoric that illustrate his point.

    • If there is something going on, the actual news will probably leak or be reported before long.

      The Drudge tweet leaves so many questions for Fox to answer. Possibly even to people who work there. They will need to make things clear quickly.

      • Maybe move The Five back to 5, and move Outnumbered to 9pm. Good counter-programming against Maddow. And FNC instantly has the most diverse primetime line-up in cable news.

        • You seem to like the idea of a lot of people sitting around in a circle shooting their mouths off. I find it a bit tiresome and repetitive.

          • Panel shows work only when they have the right combination of people. Once something throws off the chemistry, the show usually declines. Also, with more people, there is a greater chance that there will be multiple hosts that the viewer is not interested in hearing from.
            I don’t think there is a good cable news panel show (where the panel last the whole hour) on TV currently and in the past ten years, the only good ones were Red Eye (for 5-6 years), The Five (for 5 years) and Ounumbered for a year or two.

            I also think that panel shows don’t work in primetime. There are too many people having to get their opinion in and the viewer is looking for something a bit more focused. You need shows that are able to bring on guests to talk about the news of the day. The Five doesn’t get big interviews. If there is a big news story that day, they aren’t able to bring on an actual expert. Instead you get people like Juan and Jesse just giving their opinion.

            Panel shows are better suited for people to watch more casually.

            Outnumbered probably wouldn’t work in prime time and it definitely wouldn’t work with the current official hosts. They lack big enough names. They are not very good commentators. They don’t have that great of chemistry.
            Harris is good at news hosting, but they as a whole aren’t that great at commenting on breaking news.

            Also, they would need to likely have to have four or five full-time hosts and trying to find prime time caliber “one lucky guys” might be tough.
            Plus, I don’t think anyone on that show really wants to work at night.

  4. headline – FALL PREVIEW: Laura Ingraham’s prime time to shine! Developing…

    @Drudge tweet – FALL PREVIEW: Laura Ingraham’s prime time to shine! After years in the trenches, much deserved.

    No other details provided.

    • antici……………………………………………………………………………………. pation

    • A writer for Washingtonian tweeted:
      Two sources directly familiar tell me this is not final, that Laura is “in talks” for her own Fox show, but is a “very strong possibility.”

      There are all kinds of possibilities, but it looks like it is actually a Fox show and not her going somewhere else.

      It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a weekday show. Giving her a weekend show (well, just Sunday) would make some sense. They don’t have a primetime weekend show based out of DC.
      There also is the possibility that it could be a Fox Business show, but that would likely just be more competition for the FNC primetime shows since it would be a similar political point of view.

      I don’t think giving her an FNC weekday primetime show would make sense unless Hannity was leaving. If Hannity was leaving, that would be the story Drudge would be focusing on.
      The Five is the show that is most likely to be moved out of primetime, but that also is not a good time slot for a new Laura Ingraham show. She would likely be too similar to both the show before and after her and she would have to go head-to-head with the top show in cable news.
      If Fox is going to put her in weekday primetime, and she isn’t replacing Hannity, then Tucker should move back to 9:00 and Laura should be at 8:00.

      • Fox needs to make changes, but a weekday show for her doesn’t make a lot of sense. Too similar to other hosts. Already in her mid-50s.
        Though, maybe Fox sees everything as temporary right now and expects to have a big overhaul in the next 5 years.

        It would make quite a bit of sense that Fox is trying to once again come up with something quickly because of the Bolling situation.
        If Bolling isn’t getting fired, he probably is going to be gone for quite a while and likely wouldn’t get his same role back upon returning.

        Without Bolling (or without him for a long time), continuing The Specialists doesn’t make much sense. The show still isn’t very good and its ratings were nothing special. They don’t want to have to try to find a new host (or keep booking fill-ins) and/or hope that the show gets better. This is while the show that used to be there is not as good at night and is losing in the ratings.

        The network needs to just move on for the Fall by moving The Five back. I think the viewers would prefer it and I think the hosts on The Five would prefer it.

        • Put Laura in at 9 PM and The Five goes back to 5 PM. The Specialists is discontinued, just a bad dream.

          • They co do this :
            5PM The Five (where it belongs)
            7PMET Laura
            9PMET The Story
            so we are kind of back to 2013 -17 style and you get a break from opinion show in prime time again

          • Martha MacCallum isn’t a strong enough personality or big enough star to handle 9 pm, she barely can handle 7 pm.

          • The time slot and the news cycle goes a long way.

            At 7:00, she is doing a news show while a lot of people are watching local news.

            Between Tucker and Hannity, a lot of potential viewers will be there and people will tune in based on the news of the day and you mostly need to just not turn people away.

            She would just need to do a solid job and have good guests. She would likely get similar ratings to what The Five does now and she would allow FNC to cover breaking news in primetime better than The Five can.

            I think she would do fine and would be a good temporary show for a few years until Fox finds the perfect line-up.

          • Well, that’s 1. I mean Dana Perino blows her out of the water. I also think Trish Regan is very capable. Martha? snooze.

          • Fox probably should have moved Trish over after Megyn left. Could have kept Martha in the morning.
            Now they have too much invested in Martha. Also can’t just put Trish at 9:00 because she would likely do a show too similar to The Story.

            Although, Fox did need to find a new female news anchor for major news nights and Martha seems like she was Fox’s best option. She needed to be made more prominent to fill that role though.

            Dana did pretty well filling in, but she is still considered an opinion host.

        • I don’t see why Fox “needs” to make changes right away….other than Maddow they are still #1……..and that’s a self inflicted wound they deserve to suffer for.

          The Specialists IMHO wasn’t thought out very well…………personally I still want a prime time News ONLY show back.

          • For one, Fox can’t just leave the Bolling situation hanging around into the Fall.

            Also, they have shows that aren’t really working (either for time slot or format reasons). When the problem is clear, there is no reason keeping the current status quo.
            If they continue with the same lineup into October, they are probably not going to be able to make any schedule changes until 2018.

            Bolling’s issue also gives Fox an out to cancel The Specialists and blame Eric for it. Then they can go ahead and move The Five back and come up with a new show for the Fall.

            So, go ahead and plan to make changes for the start of September.

  5. Whatever Trumps said, says, or will say will never satisfy his critics. If he announced a cure for cancer, CNN will wring their hands over all who died because he took so long.

  6. Fox is featuring what should be the permanent afternoon lineup this week: Heather Childers hosting Happening Now and Sandra Smith hosting America’s News Headquarters.

  7. The Disgraced Racist stooge™ ICE is on a tear about Emmy award winning Journalist Harris today. 9 tweets in 30 mins…….not ONE about the white journalists of course.

    Heres how a newshound can lie and tell the truth at the same time.
    From Thursday;

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    Cable news at 8:09 PM
    CNN – North Korea
    MSNBC – North Korea
    FNC- Benghazi

    Looks bad for Fox News you might think…………why start a show with Benghazi when NK was a big story that night …..but with a newshound “writer” you know there’s a catch……….why did he check at 8:09PM? Well of course if he had checked at 8:08 PM on Tucker show he would have had to point out Fox was covering…..wait for it …………North Korea………how dishonest of them as usual.


    • Of course without using her twitter handle so she won’t see his lies and have an opportunity to respond. The stuff you point out is so dishonest and over the top that I have to agree with your premise about the color factor. It’s kind of hard to think otherwise now.

      • All of the Twitter Stooges are racist, some more than others. And may God have mercy on any non-white who doesn’t toe the line.

      • Lets look at what kind of people he attracts when he ‘writes” for the disgraced Racist Newshounds™….if they can make it pass the Moderation on this site:

        On Aug 2nd he attacks a Fox woman of color……shocked I know….Harris again…….hes what his “fans” said:

        scooter commented
        11 days ago Flag
        she has crazy eyes….

        Eyes On Fox commented
        11 days ago Flag
        Poor Harris. Whenever she mentions Trump the studio cameraman can’t do a wide shot because she’s busy ‘rubbing one out’! ?

        Isaiah Jacobs commented
        11 days ago Flag
        Poor Harris hates Black people…….
        just ask her white husband!

        truman commented
        11 days ago Flag
        Have you noticed that Harris’ skin color keeps getting lighter? Skin
        bleach? By the end of the Orange Orangutan’s term, she will be
        indistinguishable from Ainsley Earhart.

        Antoinette commented
        10 days ago Flag
        The women chasers at this demonic network wouldn’t touch Harris with a ten foot pole. They don’t like her kind.

        He must be so proud!

      • I know some people get tired of me pointing out the Disgraced Racist Newshound lies…..but when you don’t you get memes like “Fox News isn’t allowed in Canada” BS.

        • Only people who don’t want the truth would be upset by you pointing out the endless lies and racial slurs.

      • Why do so many of Harris’ critics invariably bring up her marriage to a white guy as though that is an act of self-loathing or some sort of betrayal of race?

        Do they want the return of miscegenation laws?

        • Others comments by Ice fans include calling Harris a ‘coon’ and saying she would sell her family to slavery if she had the chance. I have no doubt Ice properly rebuked and scolded his fans for such ugly comments, right Gatx?

          • Nope….in fact they still haven’t banned the guy who wished that Fox News HQ has been hit on 9-11.

            The disgraced Racist Newshounds™ used to whine that Fox Nation didn’t do a good enough job moderating the thousands of comments they get everyday…..but Newshounds allows PURE Racist commenters and has for years..when they get 10 comments a day…but i guess if you have racist “writers” you have to expect they will attract other racists.

          • I have no doubt Ice properly rebuked and scolded his fans for such ugly comments

            Yeah, and I’m the Pope. Ice and them think alike.

    • Did you use a Twitter account — or did you find a workaround?

      You wrote three weeks ago that on your computer (desktop or laptop) it was necessary to have a Twitter account to view the tweets under the heading “Tweets & replies.” (I had discovered the same limitation for computers — but not necessarily mobile devices or some third-party desktop apps like Janetter.)

      I’m curious Gatxer. If you don’t have a Twitter account, please tell us the workaround you used to view “9 tweets in 30 mins” by ICE …since these were only visible under “Tweets & replies.”

      Since I don’t have a Twitter account, I would very much like to know your workaround or the 3rd party software you used.

      Please advise.

  8. Being kinda off the grid, confirm for me. Is Breitbart really an Alt right, nationalist, america first shut down immigration type site? Since he died i stopped visiting so all i hear and see is 2nd hand.

  9. CNN's @Acosta to Trump: Can we ask you more questions? Trump: "I like real news, not fake news. You're fake news."— CNN (@CNN) August 14, 2017

    Acosta reply to above tweet –

    Yes and I responded: "haven't you spread a lot of fake news yourself, sir?"— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) August 14, 2017

    He just admitted CNN reports Fake News! LOL.

    Source –

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