Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: nuclear Pence vs
  • Reliable Sources videos: Fact-checking; leaks; lawsuits; Bolling’s bluff?
  • ‘Journalist’ responds to Bolling’s lawsuit.  Jeffrey Lord: CNN caved.
  • Farhi: CNN hasn’t reported Lord’s firing on air.  Who will fill his role?
  • Q&A: Don Lemon.  ICN: Blonde journalism.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • O’Reilly/CNN gig opposed by Media Matters but, surprise, no boycott!
  • Videos: for Vietnam vets; on Trump’s tough talk.

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  1. Update: Ok, she’s a redhead. That’s what I thought but some of these images didn’t look very red…and I got fooled.

    I guess the Ol’ Common Tater saw J$P.

    • That reminds me of a joke I got from a book called “Jokes, Puns, And Riddles” I’ve had since elementary school. An Irish potato married an Idaho potato, and they had a little baby spud. When the sweet girl potato was ready to be married, she announced to her father, “Dad, I want to marry Chet Huntley.” Her father was indignant. “Absolutely not, my dear. He’s just a commentator.”

      • I have that same book by David Allen Clark. Him and Bennett Cerf prepared me for what was to come – Mad Magazine, and later, The National Lampoon. I found every issue of each on DVD not long ago. They brought back a lot of memories.

  2. Let the damn white nationalists do their thing in peace so I would not have to hear about them. The intolerant jerks that confront them with violence aren’t any better, and cable news coverage yields publicly. That probably increases their membership.

    • The media likes it because it makes a small marginalized group seem like a big movement.

      And guess who they link with that.

      Our posteriors…

      • Had a Klan rally on our courthouse steps a few years ago. I was in the crowd booing them, but nobody threw things, and we all cheered the black vietnam vet in our mix. Gave them their space and there was no violence. I think that’s what is suppsed to happen in the country I love.

        • this is a problem when the Barber shop segment adopts people and views shared by repulsive people. my friends on the left try to sing the KKK white privilege, white militia, remember wherever that fed building was that the nut cases blew up thing hourly. they need to sticky that to me like you need to sticky allah akbar on people. i carry the libertarian burden of weirdos. people will judge you by who is with you. right or wrong. they always will. inside the circle, you can find amens, outside, you are a target. this goes for all humans not just the trump pact. just the way it is, humans never leave the 3rd grade.

  3. The Hill article on Lord and his firing makes it sound like Lord was arguing for unfettered political speech and then gave the Nazi salute not as an epithet against Media Matters censors, but as a politically incorrect gesture he performed on behalf of free speech.

    That was not Lord’s motivation at all.

      • The headlines there are as removed from the story as Mediaite’s.

        I supposed that’s industry wide now.

        • While I’m griping about industries…I was out late the other day, missed lunch and was starving, and got a LARGE frozen Coke (essentially a Coke slurpee) at Burger King.

          A large is now the size of yesterday’s medium and the thing was almost four dollars.

          • welcome to the most important issue we have. the cpi lie dies a little at a time, just like the BLS lies. bet we add a trillion more this year, then the rates rise and you can do the Nixon limbo one more time. you know how it goes, you remember when every week the price of ground round went up .20 and unemployment was over 10%. lets see the total public debt was, well, about 8 to 10 times smaller then and look what it did. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          • excuse me? i have no hope, just fear. you think i like economic suicide? get real. i watch countries do it faster, but not different.

          • Maybe our sensibilies have changed nowadays.

            I remember as a teenager not being able to finish a 16oz soft drink for the life of me.

            Maybe big just seemed bigger at one time.

          • Fast-food drink sizes vary. At Arby’s a large is 44oz. Most other places like McDonald’s or KFC it’s 32oz. You could get a large at McD’s for $1 if you don’t order the combo.

          • Thanks. I rarely eat fast food, preferring to make my own calorie, salt, and fat-laden fair, or to imbibe it.

          • I said “headlines” in a reply to a bon mot toward The Hill in general.

            I don’t think that doubtlessly implied that I meant that story’s particular headline, or all headlines at The Hill, or all Mediaite headlines.

            I do understand why you would question whether I did mean that one.

          • Speaking of headlines, NYT kind of buries the meat of police not following planned protocol, ‘The police and other law enforcement officials have been criticized for their handling of the event, including by Jason Kessler, the organizer of the so-called Unite the Right rally. In a statement, he complained that the authorities had “exacerbated the violence” by failing to separate his followers from counterprotesters, leading to the melee.’
            in their choice of a headline: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/13/us/charlottesville-protests-white-nationalists.html
            To me, the Govenor’s defense is the smallest, weakest part of the article.

    • It wasn’t an article, it was interview with Lord directly. And yes, Lord said if he had to use the gesture again, he would. His motivation was to call out Media Matters for shutting down free speech the way fascists would.

      • The article quoted Lord, but in my opinion it never made clear that by doing a Nazi salute Lord was labeling his critics as being totalitarians, rather than making a politically incorrect gesture as a gesture for “free speech”.

        • Presented all quotes in full with context.

          Lord was defending fellow conservative Sean Hannity against Media Matters, which launched a campaign in July to create public pressure to fire Hannity over his coverage of the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory, by listing his Fox New advertisers.

          “Nazi salutes are indefensible,” a CNN spokesperson said, according to the network. “Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”

          Lord said in an interview with The Hill that he would use the Nazi salute again, even if he knew ahead of time that it would lead to his ouster.

          “I have no hesitation about this [using a Nazi salute]. If I had known this was going to end up like this, I would have done it again,” he said from his Pennsylvania home on Friday. “You have to go after these people [Media Matters]. This is not allowable under any circumstances.”

          “I love the people at CNN,” he continued. “They were terrific with me. I like [CNN President] Jeff Zucker a lot. I have enormous respect for him.

          “But this is not about personality. This is about a serious issue here about the First Amendment, free speech and people going after people to get them off the air. I disagree with CNN on this completely. I think they’re wrong, and I think they proved my point. By doing what they did, they caved.”

          How couldn’t that be any more clear about his motivation?

          • I’d wager there are comments that Lord made that didn’t make the article, just as there would be any piece.

            I absolutely think that the piece does not make it clear that the Sieg Heil thing was aimed at likening MM to totalitarians.

            I’m not sure CNN realizes that either.

          • The 4th paragraph above that literally includes a direct quote from Lord to me says that. I wrote why he did it. CNN likely understood it but used it as an excuse to get rid of him, as many have charged.

          • Readers can understand that by objecting to MM’s strategy of pressuring advertisers, Lord was defending Hannity on the grounds of unfettered pollitical speech. I’m not at all sure that the intent of the Nazi Salute as MM epithet was clear to them. Especially in light of reaction to that gesture.

          • This isn’t a column, it’s an interview and a story that presents all aspects of it. If you’re saying I should omit the CNN reaction, that’s not how it works.

    • maybe……but its a great day for laughing at the Disgraced Racist stooge™ frozen head make a complete fool of himself.

      He really complained that fox was talking about the politics of the riot while CNN and mSNBC were covering the Car hit n run….forgetting that Fox was showing it first while CNN was talking politics an then to prove his whine….he showed a screen shot of all 3 networks…..missing the fact that on CNN they were at the time talking to Brian stelter……the MEDIA critic……Ive literally been laughing all afternoon about that idiot thoughts.

    • Hear, hear. Unfortunately, it’s also a great day to stay off social media, or at least ignore the home page. The political users are pointing fingers and assigning blame. Outside of saying I envy those that are apolitical, I complimented the premiere of the DuckTales reboot, and shared a couple of ending skits from episodes of Game Sack on YouTube. Plus, I was in and out of the up and down third round of the PGA Championship.

    • Oh, you mean Trump being responsible for a racist nut job mowing down people, just as he is when a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter tries to kill off Republican congressmen?

    • I also found out that the world will still survive if I don’t watch the Sunday morning talk shows.

      • I gave up those after Tim Rusert died. Meaningless evasive spin by the guests and tiresome panels. Only thing I watch on Sunday is Media Buzz and Sharyl Atkisson’s program.

  4. What happens when hate takes over for logic example #43663

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR2h
    Must be a slow news day at FOX News they are bringing on military experts to yell at comedians

    The tweet he replying to:

    Fox News
    .Lt. Col Tony Shaffer to @chelseahandler: “[@realDonaldTrump] won. Get over it. Move on.” http://fxn.ws/2fyYoic

    Could his mind be so frozen up that he doesn’t think Fox should have a military guy on to talk about a “comedian” encouraging a MILITARY Coup? Maybe he thinks they should have musician to talk the military issues?????

    I remember when say “slow news day” was when a TV station ran a story about somebody turning 102……now it means people reporting thing I don’t want to hear or don’t make my side look good……..to the haters at least.

  5. To say that this thing in Charlottesville is representative of race relations in this country is the usual hyperbole we get from our chattering class overlords.

    You could call out fans of vying sports teams and get far larger protest factions and probably more head busting.

    Add the breathless rabble rousing done on tv all day and you’d likely see someone killed too.

    It’s absurdity every day, all day long.

    • it is fairly easy to blame every side, so i guess we should put names to them. White nationalist supremacist, a sideshow of every historical instance of populism, nationalism, my country firstism movement, only the color may change. then there is always violence that occurs in any left wing movement, there were more anti protestors than nationalists according to news reports, can’t name a left wing movement without the nut cases joining in. they did not show up to mock the other side, they showed up to fight. then there is the natural occurrence of on the one hand militarizing the police and then telling them what they cannot do ….kinda like soldiers in Afghanistan, darn ROEs, guaranteed more innocents hurt than guilty. on and on. boy o boy, and people say libertarian freedom from government people are whacks, well i guess we are too. yeah, life is absurd ain’t it. way i see it is you all got exactly what you voted for. not like we had much of a choice, but then again somebody picked those 2 for some crazy reasons. beats me. absurd, all day every day.

  6. What is “hate speech”? Any speech you hate? Any speech I hate? Any speech resulting in punches thrown… as a starter?

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 fill his role
    4 CNN caved
    3 no boycott
    2 journalism
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Journalist’ responds to Bolling’s lawsuit.

    • Why were they protesting out in front of the LAPD HQ on Saturday night yelling, “No justice, no peace?” This is utter madness.

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