Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Eric Bolling sues HuffPost reporter for $50 million in damages.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Maddow-Laura Ingraham 1-2-3.
  • Greta: Don’t define FNC by a handful with alleged bad behavior.
  • The Five video: reveals bias of media.  CNN gets Gold.
  • Lowe: Blame CNN for Kayleigh McEnany.  Today’s lawsuit updates.
  • Clark: This would actually be the perfect time for AT&T to sell CNN.
  • Steinberg:  Despite controversies, AT&T can’t just ‘hang up’ on CNN.
  • Video: CNN forgot that before ‘Trump TV’ there was

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  1. You know Ive been thinking about something……….reading how the media didn’t want to report the Clinton lynch tarmac meeting and wont touch the DWS IT guy story…..I’m wondering just how many scandals we missed not just before Fox News but when I was young and we only had 3 networks…………if that was today………how many things do we know now that we wouldn’t have any idea they happened ?

    As a teenage news junkie I’m now wondering what they didn’t tell me about Carter RR or Bush41. My Mom told me once that she was shocked to learn that FDR needed a wheelchair………Of course she was only a kid back then……but until CNN and Fox came on the air how many story’s happened that we will never know happened?

    • FDR’s wheelchair was considered none of the voter’s business. Just like him and his wife’s affairs. The people were never told that after Woodrow Wilson’s stroke, his wife Edith ran the country. We were lied to about JFK’s health. His Addison’s disease was terminal.

    • As to the Lynch story, I can’t even find where any major news organization, other than Fox, interviewed Christipher Sign (the reporter who broke the story of the meeting) about his report that the FBI told everyone they couldn’t take any pictures and that media was unable to confirm the story that Clinton was in Arizona to play golf.

      No one can confirm why he flew there to this day.

  2. Clark: This would actually be the perfect time for AT&T to sell CNN.
    someone else that does not know squat about CNN, the property. It is a cash cow. MOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    “CNN U.S. primetime only accounts for about 10% of revenue”

    • no..
      would be nice to see an article try to quantify those of us who went w/out and self insured or begged because our policy was stolen, vs those who lose coverage with no coverage option worth a damn to replace it with which is what they gave me.
      have not seen an ounce of evidence except in public expenditure more people were helped than harmed. bet we hit a trillion deficit this year.

  3. Got off work early and just watched the first 10 minutes of “The Specialists” on FNC. OMG; it’s night and day better with Mark Steyn. Much of the criticism of this show has been directed at Kat. But, there were issues with Bolling as well with incessant crosstalk, lack of chemistry with Eboni and Kat, etc.

    • I would agree about lack of chemistry. That is something you can’t manufacture. By the same token, the format of the show doesn’t appeal to me so I would never watch it regardless.

    • Monday was pretty rough. Boothe, Timpf and Williams didn’t work at all. There was such a lack of combined experience that it really hurt.

      Monday and Tuesday both had too much crosstalk. Monday also got really dull at times.

      Timpf needs to take this time to really prove her worth and she isn’t doing it. She is still not getting better. The format doesn’t work for her at all.
      Actually Kat and Eboni both are not stepping up without Eric. The male guest hosts have been the stars of the episodes they were on.

      Both Tuesday and Wednesday benefited from good fill-in hosts and guests like Terry Schappert and Mike Baker who are good at balancing the humor and intelligence that work well on panel shows.

      Unfortunately for a potential post-Bolling version of the show, there really doesn’t seem to be an available person who would make for a good host with Kat and Eboni.
      Kilmeade can’t be cloned. Steyn would probably not be a great full-time choice.

      I don’t know of anyone else they could go with. You have to have a more experienced host to balance out the other two and you have to find someone who is sort of funny.

      If Bolling is not coming back and the show is going to continue, they should replace Timpf with Dagen. Gives you an experienced host with financial knowledge and is funny. Then they could take a chance with a less-experienced male host.

      • When the show debuted, it was pretty clear that Fox was making a mistake by not having rotating hosts until they found the right combination. Now it is really hurting them. They have an absence and now have a show headed up by their two least experienced hosts.

        Bolling being gone (even if just for a while) is also a good excuse for Fox to just cancel the show.

        Fox already has no permanent host at 2:00, is down one on Happening Now, haven’t found a good enough second liberal to rotate on The Five and now has this thing going on with Bolling.
        They also have a lot of hosts who aren’t being used well. People who aren’t very good hosts are hosting. People who are talented hosts are being underused.

        Fox might as well just reprogram the entire network. Just find the best spots for the people they have. Not worry about where people are now.
        Fox also needs to make some new hires.

      • Sounds like Boothe exhibited many of Bolling’s weaknesses with none of his strengths.

        I don’t get to watch this show every day. But, it has been a work in progress from day one having had to be thrown together quickly. If they wanted both humor and a more libertarian viewpoint, Kennedy would have been a great choice.(older, more experience) Dagen would be good choice as well. I do like Kat and thought she was fine yesterday.

  4. I think the issue with Eric Bolling’s suspension is that the people who run Fox News suspended him with absolutely no proof of the allegations, just an anonymously sourced article. No woman has come out to confirm the allegations. I think Bolling could hit Fox News with a huge lawsuit for damaging his reputation with no evidence.

      • But that accuser really has nothing to do with the allegations he was suspended over. Heldman is talking about separate incidents, some which occurred live on tv so the whole world saw them, and a few established only by her say so. But they have nothing to do with texts and/or Bolling’s collection of photographs. It’s a pile-on designed to enhance her credibility. As I have said before, she kept going on his show week after week, and now years later is whining about how horrible he was? She didn’t work there. She didn’t even get paid to appear. Yet she kept going on. Sorry lady that was your choice.

        • I guess you are supposed to have a book for sale and you make money that way. Hopefully Joe Concha is working on a book

    • The article started this in motion, but I find it hard to believe that Fox would have suspended Bolling without someone coming forward and confirming the story to some degree (even if it was a secondhand account). I’m not saying Bolling is guilty, but his lawyer’s first response to this – that Eric “did not recall” sending pictures of his privates – did not inspire a lot of confidence.

      • I think immediate suspension is almost the default position for Fox now. Simply for PR reasons.

        Charles Payne is still gone and that was an accusation (the sexual harassment part) that seems to have no one backing it up and very few people seem to find it very credible.
        Fox waited a really long time to bring Ed Henry back on the air for his personal issues. The story wasn’t even that big and it had died out a long time before he was back.

        I still think Fox already knew about the Bolling accusation long ago and they really don’t need to do an investigation.
        Also, if the photo wasn’t Bolling and/or it wasn’t even his phone, he likely would have heard of the accusation long ago.

        They might just be waiting for the story to die down. I assume those photos are probably gone at this point, but Fox probably is worried about them getting out there. Don’t want Bolling on-air if that happens.
        Could also be waiting to see if someone comes forward with something else.

        Interesting that there aren’t leaks coming out about what Fox might do. There were tons of them just a few months ago. If Bolling was in the process of coming to some sort of settlement to leave, it very likely would have leaked.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Greta: Don’t define FNC by a handful with alleged bad behavior.

  6. Firing Bill Shine so that liberals like James and Lachlan Murdoch can run the network was a huge mistake.

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