Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Video: Judy Miller and Joe Concha ruminate about
  • Somerby: Mika, the ‘weirdest of all our pundits’, isn’t especially sharp.
  • HLN launches Costello, Cupp shows Aug 21.  Kayleigh’s got a new gig.
  • Swamp Watch video: Is white-collar crime
  • Lisa Boothe first of the rolling Bolling subs.  Fields denies fake reports.
  • Wheeler tries to scotch Sky deal.  Fake Guilfoyle news finally squashed?

60 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Heard IMUS got in touch with Tracy Byrnes to be apart of his Team since Connell is leaving the show. Heard FOX needed him in the mornings & was wondering why he wasn’t available since they’re paying him lol

    • SE’s show was supposed to start on 7/17, so we’ll just wait and see about 8/21. I hope it starts then and is successful because I like Andy Levy. But I just HATE that he’s moved to HLN. I fear his liberal side will really come through. And I’ve lost all respect for SE. There’s nothing conservative at all about her since she’s been with CNN.

      • Looks like S.E. mentioned the July 17th for about two weeks and last mentioned it five weeks before that date. So, she was announcing the start a month and a half ahead of time.
        Now, they are announcing a premiere date two weeks ahead of time. Even if they aren’t going to be ready, I think the show will definitely debut this time.

        They might as well just get on-air and try to work out the flaws as they go. It is a panel show. Not much prep you can do to make it good. It will likely be good or bad based on chemistry between the panelists.

        I think Andy’s libertarian side might come through more when likely surrounded by liberals.
        Andy and S.E. might do well if they try to just have fun instead of trying to be taken seriously. I can’t imagine anyone is going to tune into that show for sober news commentary.

        • There’s definitely chemistry between Andy and SE who have been friends since the early days of Red Eye. I like Andy’s libertarianism but during the last year of RE he became much more liberal (at least to me) and he has admitted that he is half-SJW and sometimes not a good libertarian. I think being on a CNN show and being with SE (whose views are all over the place lately) he will have to come across as more liberal than libertarian. Hopefully he won’t sacrifice his principles for a paycheck but he’s no spring chicken and he needs a job.

          • Andy doesn’t seem like a guy who will be phony with his opinions, but he also has been fortunate enough not to really be in that position where he has to say what someone wants him to.

            The thing he might have to worry about is the viewership being really liberal and not liking his views. If the show doesn’t do very well and he is getting the most criticism, then he might be first to go.
            S.E. should likely give him some cover. She will get most of the attention and they are going to sell her as a conservative. Viewers will likely realize that it is not supposed to be a left-leaning show.

            I think his value to the show will probably be more as a producer. If he comes up with good ideas, does good writing (if they have him do that) and gets some good guests, then he should be safe.

            Hopefully, the show will realize that they need to try to appeal to some of those Red Eye viewers. Find guests who are independent thinkers and funny.
            If they consider S.E and Andy to represent “the right” and book guests to balance them, the show might be a disaster.

            HLN’s viewership is so awful that they really don’t have a built-in liberal viewership to need to appeal to. They just need to try to bring people to the channel. So, maybe they will try to appeal to conservatives first.

          • I like to read both SE’s and Andy’s twitter posts and they both have followers whose comments sound much more liberal than conservative. So if their followers are the ones tuning in to their new show, they will have more of a liberal audience.

          • Yeah. Hopefully SE won’t try to appeal to liberals as one of the “good conservatives”

            It might come down mostly to how Trump heavy the show is. The show will likely be hard on him. So, if they talk about him a lot, the show will appeal to the left.

            If they talk more about government as a whole and constitutional issues, then SE and Andy’s right-wing views will be more prominent.

            If the show is just loose and tries to be lighthearted, then it will probably appeal to a wide audience.

          • The biggest hurdle is that it will be on HLN. They get swamped in the demo during prime time. I’d call it a slaughter except that’s too mild a term. I doubt in any given week he’ll have the viewers he had on RedEye at three in the morning. The biggest threat is Forensic Files, which costs virtually nothing, airs at lower-audience hours, but still outperforms the prime time shows. If Cupp’s Company (my made-up title) doesn’t get some eyeballs there will be a real temptation to pull the plug.

          • I wonder what kind of ratings expectations the network has for the show. If the show improves ratings for the time slot by 50%, the viewership would still be really low.

            I think they will likely be okay through then end of the year as long as ratings go up at least 20%.
            They clearly don’t seem to have that much invested in it. So, losing money likely won’t be an issue.

          • HLN’s primetime hasn’t been a big threat to anyone in awhile , there was was time where Nancy Grace was beating up Olbermann and CNN’s Campbell Brown and that show with Spitzer that followed.

            Personally I hope they stick with this and add more live programming between 5-7et , and after 8 they are a nice alternative to the other channels in daytime. But I hope they don’t think they are going to have super ratings because that would set up everything for failure.

          • Ive stated to think the news networks don’t really care about ratings as much as the used to….if they did Maddow and the prime time line up would have been canceled when more people turned into lockup than the entire prime time line up on MSNBC……….as for HLN their ratings are already so low it would be hard to get even lower ratings.

          • Too late – SE already tries to appeal to liberals as the only “sane” Republican left in the US. That’s why she (and Andy as well) have so many Hollywood actors and comedians as Twitter followers – because neither one has right-wing views. I don’t think Andy ever did, but SE used to.

          • This shows you what you risk by going against the Shadow Gov and Washington Establishment.

            No one will ever face opprobrium and the long term loss of a career for leaking against Trump. No one will find themselves shut out of the society they need to cultivate their career by leaking.

            Judith Miller was jailed for not revealing her sources for stories that were favorable toward the war in Iraq, without much sympathy from her peers. Even on the matter of principle.

            She was even let go from her job.

            Unless you’re a former politician who can trade on access to power, you run a tremendous risk for being a conservative or for working for Trump.

            Is it surprising that Trump folks try to play both sides by leaking?

            Do media people care about or question the motives of people under this sort of cultural pressure the way they questioned Obama critics and leakers though they gleaned no advancement by showing him in an unfavorable light?

            No, they do not. They count on these dynamics to work for them in the way they deem politically advantageous just as other politically-aligned partisan advocates do.

      • The difference is there was no promos for both shows, but today I did see one for Costello’s show , haven’t seen one for S.E Cupp’s show might see one when I watch the channel tomorrow.

  2. I would love to see a list of all the sexual hanky panky that Rupert Murdoch has pulled , inasmuch as he is harshly judging Eric Bolling.

    • Murdoch and sons should be harshly judging Bolling. Based on the past year, Fox needs to stick with zero tolerance policy for items like this. Regardless of motives and timing by accusers (which I believe there are many), if Bolling is proven guilty he should be fired.

      • Guilty of what? He hasn’t been charged with anything. I believe Shep Smith committed a criminal act before. The Murdoch sons can go to hell.

        • There were accusations made with one women already coming forward. It is standard practice with most any company or organization to suspend them or put them on paid leave and then do an investigation, which Fox lawyers are now doing.

          • True. I chalk that up to lesson learned, since they were chastised for that by the anti-Fox crowd. I wish they would just ignore, but sadly their “stories” get traction every now and then.

      • Fox is going to cause a lot of trouble for themselves if they have a zero tolerance policy that includes incidents from years ago.

        The accusations sound like they are from years ago and it sounds like no one actually reported it to Fox or filed a new lawsuit. It was simply talked about to a reporter.
        The one person who has come forward publicly has weak accusations and look like they were also from 5+ years ago.

        I think they might just be looking if there is anything more recent. I still think Fox probably knew about this long ago. Too many other people seemed to know for the execs not to also know.

        It will be hard to have The Specialists not have their most prominent host for a long period of time, but Fox also might just keep Bolling off-air until the story dies down.
        This gives Fox another reason to just cancel The Specialists and figure out something different for the start of Fall. Then bring Bolling back to The Five in a couple of months.

        • I agree each incident or accusation needs to be looked at for it’s own merit. If Fox just said hey this is old news and moved on, it would be a PR nightmare. Fox did the right thing suspend, investigate and then report out. Some people don’t realize private companies have their own policies / procedures and don’t act like our criminal justice system.

  3. it is monday working the markets, cleaned the pool, gonna make shrimp stuffed squid tubes with egg lemon sauce over them …. remain afraid to open drudge or RCP and even see the news dominated by clown shows.

  4. swamp watch was good but: 1. last line a little too drama queenie 2. he neglected the long tale of the legislation, proposals, and denial of proposals that occurred in the SFC, SBC and W&Ms. Within the political regulators there was full knowledge, indeed support for the causes of the sub-prime first domino. Legislation for increasing reserves was rejected by the related committees in both the house and senate. they were fully warned and you can watch them testify before these committees on youtube telling your senators and congressmen that there would be a financial failure and they did not ignore it, they laughed at it. Barney Frank belittled people for suggesting the failure was certain.

    • Who cares? It happened several years ago and no one filed a complaint. No woman has stepped forward to say she received the text. Bad judgement on the part of Fox News management, as is frequently the case.

      • uhhhhhhh the segment was about the financial failure and failure to punish bankers. i simply added that senator and congress people were at greater fault. i could care less about bolling.

  5. This initial statement from Eric Bollings lawyer isn’t good, why he didn’t catagorically deny the accusations right from the start?

    “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made…”

    Doesn’t recall? Doesn’t believe? Sounds like Bill Clinton..

    • Could be he’s sent pics to someone at some point who might have welcomed it (if anyone can imagine that).

      Maybe a recent or not so recent girl friend who may come out if she smells money, etc.

      • There is a small chance that he was really bad at using his phone and didn’t even realize who he was sending the photo to.
        He probably does know that he sent something, but might not know to exactly who.

        Multiple other reporters seemed to know about this for a while, but just didn’t have enough information for a story.

        If a lawsuit was in play, I think it would have come out long before.

      • That’s what I am thinking, which may be good for his job, but not good for him personally. He has been married for nearly 20 years and occasionally touts his Catholic religion (he says he goes to mass daily).

          • We are all sinners who are undeserving of the Grace of the Lord. But he gives it to us anyway, we only have to ask.

            If Bolling, or anybody, has a compulsion that they can’t control, help is available. He need only ask his priest in confession. He will point him in the right direction to get help. Now, if the priest is a jerk and refuses to help, go to a different priest in another parish.

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  7. If the Mooch was dating Kim Guilfoyle then he would slither up in my estimations for good taste.

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