Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  the a
  • Reliable Sources: The upside of leaks; the week at Fox; today’s dog whistle.
  • Somerby: Maybe Robert Mueller should watch more ‘cable news’.
  • The Five video: Can the AG’s crackdown stop the
  • Van Jones in Philadelphia.  Q&A: Chuck Todd.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Neymayr: Jim Acosta is now the ‘face of fake news‘.  Kayleigh quits CNN.
  • Today’s scandal: Bolling suspended. ‘Victim’ suddenly recalls harassment.
  • After scaring off O’Reilly sponsors, activists launch anti-Hannity campaign.

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  1. The weasely statement from the lawyer is the most incriminating thing in the apparent ‘scandal’. On the other hand, sending pics without a name but with the phone number sounds odd. Nobody ever confronted him and asked him about it? Everybody kept quiet for a year or more and then suddenly it all comes out? How do they even know he sent the pics? Also: Bolling, a practicing Catholic who goes to Mass regularly (and not just on Sundays), has a son who may have had some problems acting out over the years. That raises other possibilities.

    If Bolling did it he’s done for, and good riddance to him. We’ll see.

    • It definitely sounds odd, but it sure looks like something was sent from his phone and it looks like it probably happened at least four years ago.

      Former Red Eye guest Michael Moynihan was tweeting about it

      and Lauren Sivan responded: “didn’t we both see Bolling’s Bowling pin together? (via smartphone, of course)”.

      This probably would have happened (likely) after the taping of an episode of Red Eye and they look like they were last on Red Eye together in the summer of 2013. So, seems very likely that this has been known for at least four years.
      That also would mean that Bill, Greg and Andy probably knew.
      [Sounds like it could have been similar to when the Anthony Weiner photo on Breitbart’s phone was passed around while at a bar after a Red Eye taping.]

      Sivan doesn’t sound like she is one of the people that were originally sent the photo(s), but if she saw it and someone who didn’t even work at Fox saw it and Bill Schulz likely saw it, then there are probably a lot of people who saw it and a whole lot more people who knew.
      Article says that seven people saw it and another eight heard about it. I doubt they know everyone who saw it or heard about it. So, the number of people who knew must be 20+ and once it reaches 20 people, I’m not sure how the number stays under 50. That makes it even stranger that it never came out.

      So, it seems pretty likely that the execs at Fox already knew. Maybe there was already some punishment that was never announced and they are just going to play a PR game. Maybe suspend him even if already punished. They have to at least pretend they are taking it seriously.

      O’Reilly was fired because of accusations from years ago, but I would be surprised if they fire Bolling for just this if it was as long ago as it seems.

      • The length of time between when it allegedly happened and now is something you would figure would work to Bolling’s advantage, but with all that Fox has gone through with allegations of sexual misconduct I don’t think it will go well for Eric if it’s proven to be true. Charles Payne had a consensual relationship with a contributor who claims that her on-air time was cut after the relationship ended and Payne hasn’t been heard from since. Comparing the two cases I would say that Bolling texting pictures of his junk to women is worse.
        Hopefully the truth will come out and there will be a fair decision but as things stand it doesn’t sound good.

        • Ed Henry was gone for quite a while after his affair got reported, but he is back.

          So, Payne is probably going to be back before long unless there is something more that wasn’t reported.

          Fox can’t let Bolling just be suspended for a long time though. He is too high profile. They are going to have to figure this out quick.

      • Just saw “The Hill” reporting that Bolling suspended while investigation underway. I hope this story isn’t true or there’s an explanation (an affair? ) . Does not look good right now.

        • How come they kept it quiet for four years and who the hell cares?

          I didn’t like Bolling on The Specialists anyway. He was very good on The Five.

          • There is the possibility that there was a new text and/or possibly Bolling has an enemy at the network who now wanted the story out there.

            One thing that really stands out is that the network says they just found out about it from this report. So, that makes it sounds like the Bolling texts were never mentioned to the hotline or the law firm doing the investigations. Also, there sure seems like there were no lawsuits about it.
            [I still think the network likely knew about this long ago. Maybe the current execs didn’t know, but Ailes likely knew back then.]

            Therefore, it is most likely that the story just made its way around until this Huffington Post reporter heard about it. He called some sources who confirmed it and the story got posted.

            There is a chance that few at Fox even have ill-will towards Bolling and wish that this story hadn’t come out. If those involved come to his defense, he is probably safe.

            If Bolling is gone, I think they will just get rid of The Specialists in time for the fall.
            They don’t really have anyone to put in that chair. Bolling is a far bigger star than anyone else available for the spot.
            Fox has messed up when it comes to developing newer male opinion hosts.
            The show itself is not good enough to even bother keeping around if they have to try to put in a new host.

          • They might try all sorts of people, but Stirewalt is unlikely to get any hosting gig that doesn’t have him with Perino.

            It would probably be easier to replace Bolling if they also replaced Timpf and brought in a more popular female host and then they would be able to bring on a lesser known male host who would be a good fit.

          • awww…you’d like him in that role too once you saw him as the erudite nerd to Eboni’s robust legalese jabbering and Kat’s Millennialism.

          • I can’t think of anyone who arouses that sort of profound aversion in me.

            McCain and daughter come close.

          • There are a number on my “Do Not Watch” list. I even have a “Do not listen” list when listening to oldies radio. No Elvis, Cher or John Denver.

          • I agree about Cher. But both Elvis and Denver had some really good songs. I liked Elvis’ “Kentucky Rain” and for Denver, “Starwood in Aspen” and “Follow Me”.

          • Denver’s father, John Deutschendorf, Sr. was a great man. Junior, on the other hand, killed himself by being so drunk while flying, that he accidentally switched the fuel to “off” while changing tanks. Stalled, overcorrected and crashed into Monterrey Bay. What a schmuck!

      • “Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” a spokesperson for Fox News said in a statement.

    • I found Bolling basically incoherent. I don’t think I ever heard him speak in a complete sentence. Too many references to his ” smokin’ hot” wife too for my taste; as well as the bikini pics he put out of her.
      Sad, I always wanted to like him because I think he’s essentially a decent guy but without enough internal controls for the age we live in.

  2. If Bolling goes (and I’m thinking he will), that would be a great opportunity to cancel the awful Specialists and move The Five back to where it belongs, 5pm. Dana Perino should get the 9pm slot, as she’s more than ready to host her own show. Eboni could replace her at 5.

  3. Maybe now Cheryl Casone will get back the hosting job on Cashin In Bolling stole from her in the first place.

    • She says Bolling was inappropriate by being flirty and otherwise suggestive, but nothing about his sending Mr. Happy pics.

      • I am utterly unimpressed by complaints from someone who didn’t work there, only appeared because she wanted to, didn’t report ‘objectionable’ comments to anyone, and kept coming back for more. It’s a little too conveeeenient that all of a sudden she decides their on-air banter constituted ‘harassment’.

        • A number of the accusations made against O’Reilly have been pretty lame – the ones that come to mind are Heldman’s and the ones from Tantaros. That’s not to say the ones that were settled were not without merit but some of these feel like piling on for the sake of doing so.

    • If true, offering to pay her flight across country and “have fun” may be inappropriate behavior for a married man. Talk about sex on desk is not professional workplace conversation again if true. But, Hellman’s story does not sound like harassment to me either. Bolling’s job hinges on whether he sent unsolicited text messages of his “package” IMHO.

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