Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: O’Donnell-Erin Burnett-Situation Room 1-2-3.
  • Big news for Kate.  Sean Spicer unlikely to be hired by MSNBC.
  • Video: Judy Miller, Joe Concha on of Gen Kelly.
  • Swamp Watch videos: The Export-Import bank
  • Barr: MSNBC hosts get rock-star treatment at lefty Politicon fest.
  • Goldberg: Journalism today more closely resembles an ugly lynch mob.

29 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Swamp Watch videos: The Export-Import bank part one, part two.
    fascinating stuff. mika’s dad condemned people that make money by just moving paper around., once again i ask people to do their own research and compare volatility of goods where futures and derivatives determine price and those items that are not subject to “speculation” profits. certainly you have read how markets in the west have lost trillions in private investment, while the reverse is true in eastern markets. no right or wrong, but understand that the more markets are moved by government the less secure private investors feel. i hold 40% cash, how does that help the USA? most people i know hold more,.not like we are waiting for armageddon, we know that math trading ranges are no longer controlled by supply and demand but by governments central banks. it is tough enough trying to invest in the future without all the exip imp bank, and imf bs. you need our confidence or we sell and hold the currency that deteriorates the least. trust me gold ain’t it. since 2007 investors of my age have tried to use divs to replace insecurity of earnings. ok, kick that out, now where does our money go? btw, whatever a broker says is based on their self interest. ok, cool, everything sux, now what? do not believe the 700 billion 17 deficit, it will go back above 1 trillion which leave us at less than 2% growth, which is neg-growth when including population growth. what i see is the news is not the news.

  2. I premiered a new YouTube series today: Mike Chimeri’s Music Collection. The first episode focuses on six jazz albums from 1981. New videos will be posted every Monday at 9AM ET through September 18, with one exception: September 10. After the 18th, videos will go up every other Monday.

    This concludes my shameless, desperate plug.

    • Never mind. Very few people have viewed the video. I will post the remaining seven through September 18, and then go back to obscurity. YouTube viewers only watch gaming, tech, gaming tech, politics, music, and eccentric vlogs. They don’t care about what they deride as elevator music.

      • Don’t be too impatient. I stumbled across some youtube clips from old albums and they got very few views at first but eventually as people search for the artist they find them and view them. You have to give it time. It could take months or years but the audience will eventually find you.

        • In the sense that I haven’t thrown in the towel on Twitter or LinkedIn, I’m not entirely impatient. That’s all I’ll say. I’ve admitted enough public self-doubt already.

          • Make sure you have plenty of “tags” so searchers will find their way. The most views I have on any one video is over 34,000 and it’s just me shooting an old revolver taken with my iPhone. It doesn’t impress even me.

      • The beauty of Youtube is, that there is so much out there about real history and real artists and real people and real events. People Will find it. Look at SHORPY sometime if you like history and photos, its a treasure, and that is what Youtube is to people that like to hear things.

        • There’s also The Old Motor blog, if you are into old cars and such. I call it the Shorpy of automobiles.

    • Well, i subscribed so you got one at least. No plug is desperate. As far as Jazz goes, i love all kinds of music, but jazz is last on everyone list. You can not dance to most of it. Its all over th map, even on the same album its a chaotic jam. But some is good but people do not want to wade through. Oh, 1955 hear, semi-northeast Ohio

  3. Well, “ugly” is such an ugly word. Actually, “lynch mob” would suffice and still allow for all the pretty boys and girls who went to journalism school and got their teeth whitened.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 rock-star treatment
    4 media coverage
    3 unlikely to be hired
    2 ugly lynch mob
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Big news for Kate.

    • I’m happy for Kate and her family, but I can’t say that I appreciate her or her work.

      Goldberg said what everyone has been feeling the past months.

  5. Kate Bolduan better be careful. If my memory serves me correctly, the last time she went on maternity leave she was removed from New Day….I don’t think she’ll get pulled from the dull 11AM hour but you never know.

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