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  1. “flunks health inspection” — The only connection to CNN is that this one of the local chain’s restaurants is located in CNN Center.

  2. Glad to hear Andy will be back on Television, just wish HLN would launch the show or give a real date now…

    • I wish my cable provider, Optimum, would carry HLN in HD. It’s one of many HD channels that they choose to carry in SD. Cheapskates.

    • Cupp’s show seemed like a potential landing spot for Levy and it probably was the best one possible.

      I don’t have high expectations for the show.
      They have taken way too long in planning it. This show was originally announced in March. They clearly wouldn’t have had Andy in mind until at least April and probably not until June.
      I also think that they are going to have a hard time finding the right dynamic. I don’t think S.E. Cupp is really suited to be the solo host of a panel show and trying to recreate Red Eye won’t work.
      Plus, there is not really a weekday panel show on cable right now that is all that good. They are really hard to do right.

      If they can make it past a year, which is highly likely given how bad HLN is doing right now (I guess the channels format could be overhauled and everything canceled), they might figure it out.

      If the show has any real success and it is at all reminiscent of Red Eye, it might lead Fox News to bring back Red Eye (not sure how or where) or something similar.

        • I have watched SE since the early days of Red Eye. She was very conservative. She changed a little when she went to MSNBC but she has really changed her views since joining CNN. She seems to think she is the only sensible Republican left in the world and that attitude really annoys me. She tweeted something last week about OJ and Sean Spicer both getting out of prison. I thought it showed what little class this woman has. If you read her twitter account you realize that she, like everyone at CNN, is obsessed with Trump and not in a good way. So sorry Andy ended up on CNN/HLN.

          • S.E. has become pretty smug. Even while she has become less relevant and her work has gotten worse. Viewers on the right just don’t care about her.
            She would have likely become a massive star if Fox had hired her back in 2009-10.

            Hopefully S.E. will be more like she was on FNC and The Blaze. If not, this show could be a disaster.

      • HLN has delayed two shows for some reason. …not sure why. HLN has been reformatted though they are nice alternative to other channels since they don’t hang on the politics slog all day, they just end being live too early.

      • I just knew Andy would end up with SE on HLN. Still so upset that FOX didn’t keep him. HLN is where news people go to die. SE kept tweeting that her show would begin on 7/17. Not a good sign. Andy deserves better.

        • All due respect to Tom Schillue who is a talented guy, but I always thought Andy Levy was better especially on panels talking politics. Glad to hear he found another network.

        • I think Andy is extremely lucky to get this gig. This is probably the only weekday basic cable show that would hire him as an on-air talent. Plus, as a producer, he gets to be part of deciding the direction of the show.

          Fox had nothing to give Andy that was a good as this. Any job that they probably would have given him would likely pay less, have little opportunity to be able to produce, and would not lead to much air time.

          Also, almost every daily show at Fox seems to be 90% politics right now. I don’t think Andy wants to have to do that. The most recent version of the Red Eye Podcast avoided politics (Tom said that was Andy’s idea).

          Andy is not much of a host and he never has seemed to want to. When Red Eye was in transition, he probably hosted fewer than 10 times (possibly as low as five) in that three month period. He also doesn’t seem like he wants to work that hard. He sort of just stuck to doing the same thing show after show (very few taped bits) and rarely did anything to promote Red Eye.
          So, he doesn’t have to be the face of the show (doesn’t have to do much of the promotion), but still gets a say in the production.
          It is his best opportunity at potentially playing to his strengths and giving him a national platform. Also, it might have a lot of the Red Eye guests and he will be able to be on TV with people he likes.
          Plus, it probably pays fairly well.

          The biggest negatives are:
          – In the little I saw of SE on The Blaze, her shows looked pretty good. Of the little I saw of Crossfire and The Cycle, those shows were horrible. She also is seven years removed from when she used to be on Red Eye. She never became the star that a lot of people expected from her. Not sure she is even very good at television anymore or could handle being the sole host of a panel show.
          – Show/network seems to lack vision. It shouldn’t take 5+ months to create a panel show. The Five was created in less than a month (probably a couple weeks). The Specialists was created in probably a week. Not even sure you can plan ahead when it comes to a panel show. Gutfeld’s show was in the works for over three months before premiering and it wasn’t good for its first year.
          – Non-Fox News cable news panel shows have a bad track record and Outnumbered, The Five and The Specialists aren’t that great right now either.
          – Andy was not a good everyday panelist on Red Eye. He also is not someone who has good chemistry with everyone. If they don’t find the right people, he might not do well. Show also might become too politics heavy.
          – If the show isn’t doing very well, Andy will likely be one of the first to go.

          If HLN can get back on track, this show has a chance to have more viewers than Red Eye ever did. It will definitely be promoted more than Red Eye ever was. He also will be on at a time where far more people are watching TV that when Red Eye was on.
          The network has a long way to go though.

          • Even though his Fox show aired at 3am, this is a comedown for Andy. CNN couldn’t care less about HLN except for their early morning program. The rest of the schedule is a motley assemblage with little or no flow, consistency, or appeal. The fact that Andy is a producer and a panelist is a clue to how cheaply this show is going to be produced. That means it’s less likely to get a satellite for a good guest who’s not in town etc. The viewership will be low, and if I had to go out on a limb I’d say it will be lucky if it lasts as long as Greta did on MSNBC. I keep thinking CNN is going to scrap most of HLN one of these days and just run their old documentaries, reality shows, etc on it. It won’t be hard to make a profit with basically zero programming costs. I hope Andy gets out of it with enough dignity to do something worthy of his abilities.

          • So well said, Johnny! From FOX to HLN? Definitely a step down for Andy. I wouldn’t be surprised if SE’s show (and Carol Costello’s) never even get on air.

          • I do watch HLN’s daytime programming when the other channels get too focused on a drown of politics, But I don’t CNN cares about HLN , (which might be partly good because it’s not all CNN-ifed) Unless people really get sick of the politics and controversy stuff HLN doesn’t have that pull to viewers compared to the P&C you get on the other channels.

          • IMO, Red Eye got MORE political in the Tom Shillue years, not less. So I have no idea what Tom is talking about. I just think that FOX should have given Andy the jobs that Tom now has. Andy deserved it. Not only does Tom have the radio show but I see him all over FOX now.

          • Tom said it was Andy’s idea that the podcast wouldn’t be political.

            Andy seemed to enjoy himself more on the podcast than the actual show. His twitter feed also isn’t very political. So, he seems to prefer talking more about things other than politics.
            Although when Andy was a permanent panelist, he seemed more focused on commentary than comedy, but that might be what the show wanted him to do.

            I only listened to some of him hosting, but I wasn’t impressed with Andy as the lead host on radio. It just doesn’t suit him. Fox News Radio was clearly looking for someone to host a normal news talk radio show. Tom is doing just that. I can’t imagine Andy doing that kind of show solo. He probably would hate it.
            Andy didn’t even host the podcast.

            I think Andy as a host, for more than a segment, is a poor use of him. He is more of a one-liner guy than a monologue guy. He is better at letting someone else try to manufacture energy and trying to set up panelists/guests responses. Not everyone is fit to be a host.

            He has to be able to be himself. I think this new show might allow it.

          • Tom also didn’t host the podcast. For some reason, Ben Kissel did. If Andy wanted to host, they probably would have let him.

            There was a point on Red Eye, three or four years in, where Andy seemed like he had become the permanent guest host. Probably hosted five or six of Greg’s absences in a row (when he didn’t miss much). Then they went back to having other people guest host more. Greg was gone a lot in 2014 and Shillue was hosting much more than Andy.
            Maybe it was someone else’s decision to have someone other than Andy host, but I think it would have been easier for them to have Andy host and find an extra panelist.
            Andy also was in a position where he could have done things to potentially tip the scales in his direction if he wanted to have become the host after Greg, but he didn’t. The show was directionless for months and they probably would have been willing to let him be the star. He eventually went back to a role than meant less airtime. He even said that he wasn’t the one who wanted him to move the the panel in the first place.

            Everyone on-air in TV news seems to be at least a little narcissistic (many are much more), but Andy might be one of the least out of any of them. At least when it comes to getting attention.
            So, I really just think Andy doesn’t care much for hosting.

        • Except for Robin Meade it’s the Robin Meade Channel. HLN is being weird they were supposed to premiere Carol Costello and S.E Cupp’s shows by now but nothing .

  3. Shep was really angry at Trump for banning transgendered and transvestites from the military. He actually said that if he wants to change his sex from male to female, the govt should have to pay for it.

  4. FBN tops biznets again.
    it is shocking with today’s demo stratification the financial nets draw so little coverage. The near retired and retired can’t all be reliant on public pensions, annuities and SSI.

    • FBN has made no changes since Roger Ailes left. Fox News has made multiple ill-advised changes in the same timer period.

    • FBN does talk politics more than business news though , compared to CNBC and Bloomberg, might attract politics fans more.

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