Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Maddow-Melber-Reid 1-2-3; a historic week.
  • Somerby: ‘Lousy work‘ by CNN’s Coop, and beyond that…’Good God!’
  • Somerby: Embarrassing Joe/Mika bio and its preoccupation with hair.
  • Today’s adulatory profile of Joe & Mika, and their storybook love affair.
  • Next Revolution video: Health insurance companies are
  • Count the errors in MSNBC attack on Trump’s wives.  Betsy likes to watch.
  • CNN’s Jim Acosta wouldn’t do a correction, now Chris Cillizza won’t either.
  • Flood: Fox News rips NY Times ‘hyperventilating to the media’ over apology.
  • NY Times asks Fox to apologize for reporting what Special Ops General said.

20 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. since when is 2 married co-workers ruining their existing marriages to hook up = “storybook love affair”

  2. RE: Next Revolution video: Health insurance companies are part of the swamp.
    i recall an interview beck did before he went nuts w/ Thomas Sowell. Beck asserts obama is a Marxist. Sowell interrupts “no no no no, obama is not a Marxist, he believes in private ownership in coordination with the state”, i.e. political class. Sowell went further. “that is the exact definition of Fascism.”. like fdr’s nira, popularly known as the nra, it set prices, and sent people to jail if fines did not work in keeping the set rates of every good and service in the nation.
    it is is easy to distinguish the conservatives and the fascists, the latter have the Hayekian “fatal conceit” of belief that forcing people to follow the system they imagine as it should be is a good thing to do. very few conservatives left, but don’t insult them by calling big gov repubs, america firsters, and nationalists conservatives when they are not even close.
    as to the question above in the clip. health care is easily solved. outsource it. POF: Medicare will not pay any hospital out of the United States, they gotcha.
    oh… and good link choice J$

    • Any comment that references Hayek has to be good.

      On the video,I agree with Hilton. (I’d watch him more often, if only he’d get a half dozen or so new shirts and ties.) The US medical industry, in collusion with the entrenched Washington establishment, is ripping off US taxpayers.

      • ty. health tourism is a booming biz you choose a hospital in another country begin under 62 and almost all have monthly plans that cover 90%, 60%, 70% etc. Your plan is with a particular hospital so you choose the level of quality from basic to boutique. blow you away the prices. i know many people that have gone out of the country for dental or surgery and the diff more than paid for the vacation.

        yeah Hayek warned in 1939 that “democracies” would all become totalitarian eventually. they just take the scenic route, at a slower speed than nationalist, communist and socialist states.

  3. I couldn’t get through the whole Joe and Mika piece, but suffice to say that she gives him elite media and political connections and he gives her his gratitude and big…eh…hair.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 apologize for reporting
    4 Count the errors
    3 preoccupation with hair
    2 likes to watch
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Today’s adulatory profile of Joe & Mika, and their storybook love affair.

  5. Congrats to MSNBC for their big win over Fox News. How about a new show in Prime Time called The Seven? You can all guess how the format works.

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