Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Sean Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • FTV Live: The hateful tweets that CNN doesn’t want to talk about.
  • Outnumbered video: Is there a in coverage of emails?
  • Katz: Where in the world is Carol Costello? Prepping for late August?!
  • Today’s Hannity/Joe twitter spat.  CNNer won’t say Trump is her Prez.
  • Somerby: Joe, too lazy to get facts, is behaving like part of a lynch mob.
  • Scarborough op-ed: GOP a ‘dying party‘.  Flashback: Joe’s greatest hits.
  • Video: Jesse Watters spars with But was it ‘fake news‘?
  • Murdochs overhaul FNC ‘culture’.  Shep fired, slugs co-worker: fake news.

40 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN “Journalist” Rashard Elijah again demonstrates TWEETS are the window to the soul (brother).

      • I love my hero’s tweets. Though dissapointed — six months was plenty to cut the deficit and patch up the crack in the Liberty Bell. Happy enough with his poll numbers given the 7×24 media vilification. People that count still back him. The WaPo/ABC numbers show his base firmly behind him too. If they edge up a bit, I’m sure we will hear from you. Republicans, well, they are not a party: they are three parties. Plus the Paul father and son.

          • or maybe “These guys are like a mix between Ron Jeremy and a yoga master in their ability to step on their own johnsons.”

          • I’m not so sure because you got every call wrong during the campaign, from his being able to continue with the level of fund raising he had, to the way the delegates would act during the primary, to the impossibility of him being able to make inroads into blue states.

            If there’s one thing you’ve been dumb about it’s not letting your dislike of him cloud your perspective of the possible.

            Dumb, indeed.

          • well overstated. u must be proud.
            i recall no posts on his fundraising, or the way delegates would act. a trumper’s or dem’s argument would have to lie to make excuses for the 2 fruitcakes that ran and their respective supporters. no prob, the numbers can’t lie long term, so while he has made some excellent appointments who try to do good things, and cut out a few regs, everything new he touches turns to shite, speaking of lying liars, what a crew he has. so far he has just been burning cash like a bernster and each beautiful proposal he makes other than beating up on immigrants spits back in his face exposing his lack of competence, emotional incontinence, and dishonest nature, but good try.
            let’s see, july, and on the path for a 700 billion deficit, let me be wrong again and suggest his deficits will only be higher than today.
            pretty funny really, calling a never trumper dumb. really? lololol dumb indeed.

      • It’s hard for me to understand why people watch a TV network with a slogan “fair and balanced” and then are shocked when the hear someone from the left and right.

        I get why people on the right don’t like Shep…and I admit sometimes he goes over even my line…….but you cant be balanced and just hear one side……that’s what MSNBC does.

          • Which is why I said “I get why people on the right don’t like Shep…and I admit sometimes he goes over even my line.”

            but I cant think of a hard news show that is LESS opinionated than Sheps.

            If it was up to me all Fox News would play 24 hours a day would be hard news………but Id like 20 new Star Trek shows on this fall on TV…….and thats never going to happen either.

  2. Disgraced Racist stooge attacked a Fox News host (person of color of course….surprise.)for daring to tell what Obama said.

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    Again this ‘impartial’ news anchor uses the same Trumper talking point that Obama said don’t help Republicans on healthcare.

    Emmy award journalist attacked and has impartially called into question for adding a fact to the conversation………..or just because she not white?…..I report you decide.

    • It’s like the Secret Service agent who said she wouldn’t take a bullet for Pres. Trump and they moved her rather than fire her…

      Get another job!

      You can’t call an elected president your president? Move to a place that isn’t a republic.

  3. Scarborough is the BIGGEST DBAG around!

    They were toying with TRUMP, propping him up during the Primaries, hoping he would be the nominee & get slaughtered by Hillary in The General but when TRUMP became POTUS, Mika & Joe just couldn’t handle it anymore, I mean Mika is a DAMN LIBERAL, why the hell would she want TRUMP as POTUS? LOL

    • Trump was a ratings bonanza during the election and now that he’s president opposition to him has escalated MSNBC ratings.

      That’s why they turned on a dime.

      • That could be true but I don’t think either of the 2 ever wanted TRUMP as POTUS

        They were just toying with TRUMP for the slaughter by Hillary like all the other MSM during the PRIMARIES

        • I don’t think anyone in the media thought for a second that Clinton wouldn’t win over ANY comer.

          • Everyone wanted TRUMP as the nominee to go up against Hillary lol

            They thought TRUMP would be defeated easily

            TRUMP is the only Republican candidate that could’ve won PA, MI & WI

            Just imagine Cruz being the nominee

            Who thinks he wins PA, MI & WI? LOL

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 won’t say
    4 greatest hits
    3 Murdochs overhaul
    2 hateful tweets
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Shep fired, slugs co-worker: fake news!

  5. The Young Turks has its first head of programming in Rotten Tomatoes editor in chief Matt Atchity, who joins TYT effective today.

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