Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Sean Hannity-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Behind the scenes at the most influential morning show in America.
  • Erik Wemple calls Fox & Friends a ‘planetary threat’, wants it ‘killed’.
  • Hogue: Did Chris Cuomo admit CNN has decided to go anti-Trump?
  • Still waiting for Acosta’s correction.  Is Jim having some bad hair days?
  • Alisyn Camerota quits twitter.  Q&A: Eric Bolling talks swamp-draining.
  • Late Show videos: Joe & Mika with Colbert
  • Tucker video: Robust Putin debate with Lt Col Ralph Peters

57 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

    • Ever since the blackmail thing last week CNN hosts have been getting it from both sides on twitter……it has to be hell.

      IMHO when it was just Trump people they didn’t care because they hate those people anyway…..but now its people from all sides……..especially what I call computer people concerned about issues like that. I read a few CNN host feeds and its turned into a nightmare for them… I don’t blame her……..that said due to CNN actions……I find it impossible to feel sorry for them.

    • I read her article. Get where she’s coming from. Social media for cable news personalities and shows is often very ugly. This is both on side of hosts as well as viewer replies. (CNN’s Ana Navarro Twitter is the worst IMHO for news personalities; The worst news viewer tweet responses seem directed at FNC’s Kat Timpf). People don’t know how to agree to disagree anymore.

      • I think the worst sort of tweets are the groupies who do a guilt trip thing on the cable personality.

        Some of the whining Greta got about “changing”, etc. from her former fans was ridiculous.

        You’d think these morons were infants whose mother suddenly tried to ween them.

      • Keith Olbermann once tweeted that I was an idiot. News personalities shouldn’t trash humble civilians.

        • Totally agree. But, the whole “mean tweets” thing from viewers gets ridiculous too. Don’t have time to look right now (I would post them to back me up) but have seen ugly tweets towards Meghan McCain about her weight, Julie Roginsky being a bad mother because she was a liberal, etc. Social media is a wonderful thing but it is also a sewer.

    • She claimed that ” paid shills” were all the responses she gets. Pfft
      This is exactly like pulling a shirt over your face and saying ” you can’t see me”
      Alisyn has reaped a lot of cash but I see this “reaction” of hers as actual paying the price with her humanity and pride and honor. And i think that is sad, but she is laughing to the bank and on the TV, so there is that. And yes, in my humble opinion.

      • When I saw the first line of your response I thought for a second you were talking about Andrea Tantaros and the purported army of ‘sock puppets’ out to make her look bad. As for Alisyn’s farewell to twitter, it seemed to have a tone of bitterness she never exhibited on Fox & Friends. Oh well, at least now she’s on a failed morning show with a nincompoop for a co-host–everyone should try something new now and then.

  1. Whereas Tucker and Lt. Col. Peters turned personal, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck were spirited, but civil in their No Spin News debate over the Don Jr. saga. If you’re a premium member, you saw or heard it.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Acosta’s correction
    4 wants it ‘killed’
    3 most influential
    2 go anti-Trump
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Alisyn Camerota quits twitter.

  3. Besides Hannity, the Trump Jr. story did not do much for Fox News in the ratings.

    The Specialists’ two episodes look like they were their two least viewed besides July 3 (two guest hosts) and July 4th (taped). So, it likely wasn’t even very effective at helping them get new viewers.

    Probably not too likely that they will be given a later airing again, but I don’t think Fox realized that the viewers were not interested in hearing more about that story.

  4. If you thought the Tucker vs Ralph Peters thing was over the top, Tuck’s mano-a-mano with Max Boot tonight went completely off the rails in the first minute and never did get back on track. If you want to see how bad this train wreck was, look here.

    • Tucker seems to be an awfully big defender of Iran. He really belongs back at CNN where that horsesh*t is considered acceptable.

      • Tucker didn’t defend Iran. Boot used Iran as a boogeyman in order to suggest that Tucker’s non-aggression outlook on foreign policy plays for Iran, and Tucker argued that it was past aggressive U.S. policy that empowered Iran (and Syria) in the region in the the first place.

        That exchange and your take on it speaks to Tucker’s broader point.

        You can disagree with him on policy, call it 20-20 hindsight, etc, but the desire to paint Tucker as an abettor of dictators over his take is pure hyperbole and also flies in the face of what has occurred in the world due to past U.S. actions.

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