Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Out# video: Panel debates Brian Stelter, CNN, and
  • Friday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Kim Guilfoyle-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • MSM spotlights CNN sting denials, doesn’t report on the original videos.
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz edges Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Newsweek says Fox stories didn’t ID reporters…when they did exactly that!
  • Easley: Media flubs give Trump fresh ammo.  Larry King sticks up for CNN.
  • CNN tweets urge free speech…after suggesting twitter should ban Trump!
  • Videos: Anna Kooiman at a and the
  • Ziegler: CNN didn’t ‘blackmail’ or ‘threaten’ the creator of that wrestling video.
  • Concha: CNN says don’t mock us or we’ll expose you—what a CNN PR disaster!
  • Twitter erupts: CNN threatens to expose video maker. Concha: CNN scorched.

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  1. I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. Unlike the haters, I am PROUD to live in the best country on Earth!

  2. Twitchy posts on CNN & Wrestling video:

    AND POOF IT’S GONE! CNN’s Chris Cuomo deletes tweet on Reddit user’s identity

    WTF?! Media or MAFIA: CNN ‘tracked down’ Reddit user behind Trump WWE gif, ‘forced’ apology

  3. #CNNBlackmail is representative of an attitude which makes people hate CNN. “Do it again, and we will expose you”.

  4. In the 1990’s I was a NEWSWEEK subscriber until they gave me no reason to continue mailing in my yearly payment.

  5. Zucker needs to be piling up the empty computer paper boxes in his office right now; I think CNN has finally jumped the shark by threatening a 15-year old kid because he sent out a gif they didn’t like. The tweets on are really something to see!

  6. TVNewser says Morning Joe beat Fox & Friends this past Friday. MJ is only metered for the entire three hours, whereas F&F is for each hour. TVN just averaged F&F ratings, but if you look at individual hours F&F at 8 am beat MJ.

    Fox & Friends 1,963,000 Total Viewers at 8 am (1,663,000 at 7 am & 1,092,000 at 6 am)
    Morning Joe 1,662,000 Total Viewers

    Don’t get me wrong MJ doubled their normal ratings, but it wasn’t at F&F expense as their ratings are nearly identical to day before.

    CNN’s New Day highest rated hour was at 8 am with 694,000 Total Viewers. This too is about their normal paltry ratings.

    • This is kind of an irrelevant point to your post, but here goes anyhow. I’ve seen others use the formula that Joe S is using, and I don’t think he’s doing what he’s doing just for ratings. I think the long-term goal is a run for office, and forging a pathway that will ensure by the time he’s ready to run, he’ll have completed his transition to the Democrat party.

  7. I know that Kat Timpf is an acquired taste, but for whatever reason, I still haven’t acquired it. Ditto Marie Harf.

    • I think a taste for Marie Barf can only be acquired in the winter when she wears a sweater. Kat Timpf was a lot better when she had Joanne Nouchinsky (sp?) to work with on Gutfeld’s show; since then she’s been as dry as a Sahara summer, sadly.

      • I don’t understand why Gutfeld keeps her on if the show isn’t going to bother trying to figure out a better way to use her. Plus, she doesn’t really interact that much with Tyrus and she and Greg aren’t that good of a team.

        The show would probably be better off by having three guests a week.

    • Just curious: is your problem you don’t like them as far as how they present themselves or come across on TV (that’s my problem with Jesse Waters for example) or you dislike them over their political views?

      • They can’t seem to express themselves clearly and succinctly . Harf is very low IQ and is ultra partisan.

        Are there any people on FNC , as soon as you hear them start to talk, you change the channel?

        • Maybe I am too biased having been a FNC and FBN fan for so long. But, can’t think of anyone on Fox who grates on me so much I change the channel. Maybe Todd Starnes as he reminds me of some of the more hard core church goers I knew down here in my youth. But he is rarely on TV anymore. As I’ve posted before, Jesse Watters annoyingly comes across as the stereotypical frat guy but I still watch “The Five”. Do like Kat. Find her funny and smart. Marie Harf does ok as a panelist on “Outnumbered” and Martha’s show but she’s not quite ready for”The Five” or to host anything yet.

    • Timpf seems to have no one advising her on how to improve and play to her strengths. This is while the show is a format that doesn’t suit her. She really doesn’t seem like she will ever make for a good host. She wasn’t even a good host when she did her own podcast.

      I don’t know why they put her on The Specialists if her role wasn’t to add some humor. Unfortunately for the show, she is rarely funny on it. She seems too focused on trying to sound smart and instead she just comes across as smug.

      She also is nowhere near as good as a spokesperson for libertarianism as most of the others who fill that role on TV.

      Also doesn’t help her that she has very little chemistry with Eboni or Eric. She rarely even has any chemistry with any of the guests.

      • I don’t have too much of a problem with her. She’s like pepper – a dash here and there can be spicy, but you don’t want a dish of nothing but. I find it odd that they’ve moved her Cat on the Street segments from Gutfeld over to Specialists. They couldn’t let Greg have that and come up with something different for her to do weekdays? I don’t follow why they made that move.

        • I liked Kat when she started appearing on Red Eye. She was unique. I also thought that she did a pretty good job when she would fill-in on Outnumbered and The Five and she is still pretty good when she is on Kennedy. It’s mostly the shows where she is on every episode where she is not that good. Shows where she has more responsibility.

          She is one of many people who are probably better simply as contributors.

          It seems like moving her Street segments on The Specialists is similar to how they moved Greg doing monologues from Red Eye to The Five. They are letting the bigger shows have the segments.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 CNN threatens
    4 did exactly that!
    3 didn’t ID reporters
    2 scorched
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSMS spotlights CNN sting denials, doesn’t report on the original videos.

  9. It is becoming harder and harder to listen to Juan Williams. Out# video –
    “So people distrust or (get) angry at any media that doesn’t confirm their preexisting opinion.”
    There is so much so very wrong with that statement.

    • “And I don’t like the idea that we’re called an enemy of the American people” – Juan Williams Out# video.

      As far as I know, Trump has never called Fox News or the media in general an enemy of the American people.
      He has certainly written and said many times, “The FAKE NEWS media is an enemy of the American people.” And he’s named names. Personally, I don’t care much for the President using the term “enemy” but to an objective observer, it’s clear some media organizations have declared war against the administration.

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