Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Videos: Tucker with The Five on
  • Audio Q&A: Harris Faulkner on journalism, relevance, and more.
  • Out# video: The panel debates — what else? — 
  • F&F videos: Anna Kooiman on the USS N Carolina
  • Kelly Wright has a new album…and it’s nothing like Joe Scarborough’s.
  • Hanson-Firestone: Greta’s top five MSNBC moments.  Greta makes book.
  • 16 Morning Joe Trump insults that got personal, from ‘schmuck’ to ‘jackass’.
  • Concha: CNN’s reaction to ‘wrestling’ tweet plays right into Trump’s hands.
  • Stelter: Trump’s tweet ‘scary…dangerous’.   Betsy watched Reliable Sources.
  • CNN tattled on Trump to twitter, invoked ‘hateful’ rule. Berman: CNN caved.

17 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Think the puddy-tats at CNN are butt hurt now, wait until Trump tweets the doctored video featuring the blow-up sex doll.

  2. Re: CNN tattled on Trump…

    Johnny, you damn well should have issued a warning with this link.

    I’ve pulled a muscle or something.

    CNN has out done itself with this one!

  3. Harris Faulkner is smart, pragmatic rather than partisan, and as the photo shows — very easy on the eyes.

  4. Paul Schiff Berman is the Walter S. Cox Professor of Law at The George Washington University Law School in the Alfred E. Newman Anex.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 a new album
    4 top five MSNBC moments
    3 CNN tattled
    2 Betsy watched
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Berman: CNN caved.

  6. I could maybe care about the “dangerous” Trump CNN video if the company who owns CNN hadn’t just sponsored a play where Trump was killed…..and continued after other major company’s dropped out.

    CNN is clearly Trumps opposition party………they are much better at it the the DNC is no matter what.

  7. Thank God for Mollie Hemingway on tonight’s SPECIAL REPORT panel. SUPRISE, the “washington-stalwart” people that didn’t like Trump before the election STILL don’t like him. Well here’s a clue Steve, his voters don’t much like you either. Maybe that’s why all your favorite candidates last year got Trumped. Talk to “lying Ted”.

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