Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: The WH The
  • Reliable Sources: Tweets; a new lowtransparency; press freedoms at risk.
  • F&F videos: Anna Kooiman with and
  • Veterans? Schmeterans! CNN skips vets ceremony to revisit Nixon.
  • The Five video: for the media.  The long walk home.
  • Flashback: Mika sneers at ‘long legs’ of Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith.
  • Zurawik: Mika and Joe ‘compelling;’ they speak with ‘moral authority‘.
  • Greta: I’m not interested in going back to CNN, but Fox News…maybe.
  • HuffPo: Greta’s past at FNC killed her chances for success at MSNBC.
  • Steinberg: MSNBC to pre-empt Maddow on Fridays for Richard Engel.
  • Jenna Lee admits to ‘mixed emotions’, and hope for the ‘next adventure’.
  • Kellyanne reacts to CNNer who described her face as ‘hit with a shovel’.
  • Coleman: ‘Panic’ hit CNN as Jake Tapper displayed fake magazine cover.
  • Makers of CNN sting videos: MSM is ‘on notice’.  Sunday talkers: preview.

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  1. Tom’s video of Andy leaving the building was adorable. And sad. Andy was a good sport to do it.

      • What I loved about that little video was a touch that some viewers might not even notice – the use of the ‘Lonely Man’ theme, written by Joe Harnell for Bill Bixby’s Incredible Hulk series. Just about every ep ended with the melancholy tune played on a solo piano with David Bruce Banner walking down a highway, carrying his few personal belongings, heading to his next temporary destination. A great send-off that perfectly complemented Andy’s on-air persona.

        • At least Tom gave Andy a nice send-off. Watched Gutfeld’s show tonight – no mention of Andy at all.

          • I think Andy is leaving because FOX could not find a place for him since Red Eye was canceled. Or maybe he refused what FOX offered him and wanted to move on. I’m not sure.

          • If Red Eye was still on, Andy would likely stay until he was fired or until it was canceled.
            I think Andy always knew he would probably be gone when Red Eye was done. Fox News never seemed to care that much about him beyond the fact that they didn’t remove him from Red Eye.

            I think he likely wasn’t offered anything. They would have found more ways to keep him on-air in the meantime.
            Even if he was offered the ability to stay on, it probably would have been in a role that wouldn’t pay enough. There was no way that they were going to keep him around for his Red Eye salary to just do a podcast and a little bit of on-air work.

            Tom tweeted this, “Andy has plans and wanted a change. I’m sure a lot of people want to work with him. We’ll see. I hope it’s in media because I’m a fan.”
            That makes it sound like Andy chose to leave, but it also makes it sound like he doesn’t actually have anywhere to go.
            Again, if Red Eye was still around, Andy wouldn’t be choosing to leave.

            When it comes to Greg and Andy, they don’t seem to be that close anymore, but also doesn’t seem to be any bad blood.
            I think Andy showed himself to be pretty loyal to Greg (Andy kept his mouth shut about Bill. He didn’t publicly criticize how Greg let Red Eye decline and bailed when it was at its low point.) and Andy likely is well aware of how much he owes to Greg.

          • On the last radio show Andy did with Tom, on Wednesday I think, Andy said he had a job lined up but it isn’t official yet so he couldn’t say much more. He told Tom it was in media. He said it may force him to re-activate his Facebook page, which I found interesting. Andy kind of made it sound like this is all his choice, but I think he left FOX because he wasn’t offered anything and that’s a shame. He was a unique voice.

          • I understand not being able to publicly announce something, but I assumed that he would be able to tell people he knows and Tom really seems like he doesn’t know much at all. Maybe Andy wants to be completely sure he has the new job before saying anything to anyone at all.
            [Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom wanted Andy with him on the radio going forward, but the network and/or Andy didn’t want that.]

            Maybe he is saying nothing because he isn’t going to start for a while or he is getting a severance package from Fox to sit home for a while, but he had to be gone from Fox now. Maybe his contract was up at the end of June or maybe they kept him around awhile longer to do radio with Tom until Tom’s show was ready to start.

            He’s probably been looking at options away from Fox for the entire time Red Eye has been off the air.

            When it comes to Red Eye and the people on it, there has almost always been a vagueness about many of the things people are curious about. This is one more occasion.

          • This is true. For example, I have a feeling we’ll never see the ‘lost’ Red Eye with Sherrod Small and Julie Banderas. Rumors are it’s too hot to handle.

          • On the final Red Eye (five years later), Greg did finally talk about that episode (at least I am quite sure that it was that episode) and it turned out that it was more about misunderstandings and ineptitude than actually being unairable.

            [On the final episode they also finally sort of explained (3.5 years later) why Halftime originally ended.]

            Of course the day after that Red Eye was unaired, instead of telling the truth, Greg gave this ridiculous statement about it not airing because it didn’t live up to the show’s standard. That helped lead to everyone thinking it was some episode that went really far off the rails.

            [There were some other episodes that never aired but I think those were all because of pre-emptions.]

        • Yeah, I noticed that as well.

          I remember watching that show as a kid and feeling so bad for Banner walking down the road with his backpack and that music playing after every episode I watched.

          • Now I’m starting to get nostalgic to watch the show again. It was quite a departure for a ‘comic book’ series, with some serious storylines and even Emmy nominations here and there.

  2. @realDonaldTrump ➡️ Word is that @Greta Van Susteren was let go by her out of control bosses at @NBC & @Comcast because she refused to go along w/ ‘Trump hate!’

    • Hmm maybe with some precedent : remember when Cenk Uygur had 6pmet hour (when Olby left and they shifted Ed to 8 or 10 it switched ) then he was replaced with Sharpton he said he left because they told him not to be so critical of Obama.

  3. I thought Greta said that Fox News “hasn’t felt like home for years”. Now she is open to returning to the network? Pathetic.

    During her stint at MSNBC, not once did she make headlines with a newsmaker or have a video that went viral or was shown on Mediaite, and they put everything on. She was completely invisible.

      • Remember Kiran Chetry (or something like that)? She used to be on Fox and then she went to CNN to co-host their morning show and then she left there and was never heard from again. As I remember it she was a co-host of a show on Fox and when a slot opened on on another show she thought she should have gotten it and when she didn’t she left. I bet these days she wishes she would have done things differently.

    • When I posted on other blogboards it used to endlessly tick me off that there wasn’t a quid pro quo appellation for “dumb slu*”

  4. Damn good MEDIABUZZ today. No phony outrage from any panel member. Two of my favorite, smart ladies kicking things off.

    • First response to Pres. Trump’s tweet was to say that the facelift thing was a lie.

      Then Mika admitted that, yeah, she had recently been through some cosmetic surgery on her chin.

      Why? Because her mama said to. There was nothing wrong with Mika’s chin. Now what mother wants their child’s appearance to change unless there’s some quality of life reducing deformity.

      So Post-surgery Mika and Joe did go down to Trump’s for a bit of smoozing with the surprise president of the century and the ratings-grabber of it too.

      When it turns out that MSNBC becomes the Place for Lefty Trump Haters, BoroughMi then turn and start railing against Trump like he’s the maid who failed to hang up their pajamas.

      Meanwhile the media do their usual disappearing act on these dynamics.

      “Moral authority”. Can the media be any more corrupt and absurd?

      • Trump speaking last night, “The media tried to keep us from getting to the White House”, but I’m President and they’re not.”

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 the ‘next adventure’
    4 fake magazine cover
    3 walk home
    2 Fox News…maybe
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Flashback: Mika sneers at ‘long legs’ of Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith.

  6. I can see why Greta wouldn’t go back to CNN, that place has changed from when she left…. though it would have been nice if she could have to gone to HLN maybe ( more free will there, though anyone who’s not Robin Meade might have a hard time with ratings there) If she goes back to FNC , they could move the five back to 5 et.

    • I don’t know about Greta going to HLN. Aren’t SE Cupp and Carol Costello both supposed to start their own shows there?

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