Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Flood: How Specialists emerged as the potent youthful face of FNC.
  • CNN producer caught on camera: voters are ‘stupid’, Trump ‘crazy’.
  • McCall: Self-inflicted problems earned CNN its spot on the griddle.
  • Video: Bernard Goldberg says both sides need to
  • Videos: Tucker Carlson on The Five on
  • New Tantaros conspiracy theory claims Nomiki Konst is in on the plot.
  • Alex Pappas to FNC.  Tapper honored.  Will AT&T ‘neutralize‘ Zucker?
  • Smith: Joe & Mika may delay vacay to sling more ‘bad blood’ at Trump.
  • Stay classy MSNBC: Greta’s tweet that she’s fired is ‘liked’ by Joy Reid.
  • Erik Wemple kicks Greta while she’s down, calls her firing ‘good news’.
  • DePaolo: MSNBC’s silent dismissal of Greta van Susteren was insulting.
  • Spargo: Greta fired while prepping to go live on air.  Q&A: Bret Stephens.
  • Concha: Regardless of what lies ahead, Greta leaves an impressive legacy.
  • Flashback: Ari Melber, the opinionizer-anchor-opinionizer replacing Greta.

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  1. Re: How Specialists emerged as the potent youthful face…

    Article says “…Fox News had an opportunity to come up with something to appeal to a more youthful, emerging audience.”
    Also says “… the show has had a strong launch, averaging 1.9 million viewers during the second quarter of 2017 among adults age 25-54. That’s not far behind “The Five,”… with an average of 2.3 million viewers in 2016.”

    Even when you realize that the article meant to say 1.9 million in TOTAL viewers (not demo), it still ignores that The Five averaged three million viewers in the more recent Q1 ’17.
    The show might only be down 17% from what The Five did in 2016, but it is down 38% from what it did in Q1 ’17.
    [Q1 had inflated ratings thanks to the news, but so did Q2. You can’t really compare a 2017 ratings period to the ratings for all of 2016. The ratings didn’t really pick up last year until after the summer.]

    Article doesn’t mention that The Specialists was 15th in the 25-54 demo in Q2. It was eighth among FNC shows (all had a higher average host age). America’s Newsroom (host ages: 52 and 46) and Fox and Friends (host ages: 60, 53 and 40) both had fewer total viewers than The Specialists but more demo viewers.

    In Q1 2017, The Five was the seventh ranked show in the demo. In Q2 2016, they were also seventh. They were fifth for all of 2016.

    At 5:00 in Q2 ’17, FNC is down 33% in the demo from Q1 ’17. They are down only 26% at 8:00. Cavuto is down only 11%.
    [Cavuto (58 years old) trailed The Five by 33% in the demo in Q1 and only trailed The Specialists by 11% in the demo in Q2.)

    MSNBC learned with The Cycle and Ronan Farrow that having younger hosts isn’t enough to bring in younger viewers.

    On its own, The Specialists is doing okay in the ratings, but they clearly were able to have a smooth ratings start thanks to the current news cycle and the time slot’s built-in audience. They also are way down from what The Five was doing and probably would have been doing.

    They clearly aren’t bringing in a “more youthful, emerging audience” so far and I don’t see anything they are doing right now that would do so.

    • This is the first positive article the Specialists has received that I’ve seen. Will let them have it. The early reviews were deservedly not good. I do think the show has gotten better the last couple times I’ve seen it.

    • Well Mika, I would say that he has a firmer grip on reality than the president your father, Woody Woodpecker, was National Security Advisor for.

  2. “FNC responded to its bruises by removing top executive and revamping prime time talent. CNN may now be in a position to have to implement a similar strategy.”

    • After repeating it what hundreds of times?…….will they pull a stooge and just let the poor viewers never know they were wrong.

    • Pres, Trump acts like a bile-spewing moron, media responds by acting Ike lunatic hyenas

      Public scratches its head.


  3. Wow Wemple’s headline is gross he wouldn’t be saying that if Maddow got fired or if he got fired.

  4. I guess now that CNN reporter can’t be on camera anymore those press briefings have lost importance……..twice this week Ive watched CNN waiting for them to play the audio……twice they haven’t……..guess they weren’t so ground shaking after all.

  5. Roger Ailes is really holding back Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantaros, and Michelle Fields. They are so ultra – talented but they still can’t seem to find any employment!

    • as I said at the time for Carlson……..1st rule of HR…….try to NEVER hire someone who sued their last employer.

        • 2nd NEVER hire somebody you have had sex with.

          3rd….NEVER hire family

          I didn’t pay much attention to any of those 3…..but I doubt since we know that Tantaros has been found to have lied in her court fillings that a new job will not be forthcoming anything equal to Fox News.

          Media jobs are different of course……..if your great…….you get a way with murder so to speak……..none of those could be called “great” in the ratings.

          • FNC should have just let these people go to trial instead of settling out of court. It would have taken years for Carlson to see a courtroom.

            James Murdoch wanted to get rid of Ailes so he threw him to the lions ( the company legal team that investigated him)

          • The problem that Tantaros will have as I see it is that she’s a pundit, not a journalist. MSNBC doesn’t seem to put a lot of stock in hiring Conservative pundits and CNN has more pundits than they know what to do with. Fox kept their roster smaller so you’d see Kirsten Powers and SE Cupp and Amanda Carpenter on a lot more often.
            Tantaros has talent but her options are pretty limited. In the end she’ll take what she can get from Fox and probably get hired by an online website to write columns.

      • Interestingly, as I remember it Tantaros had a short-lived radio gig and she ended up suing them for breach of contract or something. This was when she was employed by Fox.

      • Yeah, her court filing was pretty weak overall. She wanted 5 million because O’Reilly invited her to his home (or wherever) where they could have some “privacy.” She rebuffed his advances and he never brought it up again.
        Rodney King was almost beaten to death by a bunch of cops and he got less than 4 million.

        • She quickly cleaned up her Instagram from allthose bikini pics and her willowy blonde friend. Never made sense her saying Ailes asked her about her in a bikini. Was all right there.

          • Andrea was never believable

            She got taken off FOX because she released a book without asking permission from FOX first

            Then all of a sudden all this sexual harassment claims come up? LOL

  6. Joy Reid is the type of partisan who has animus toward people who differ with her politically.

    Still, my guess is that Joy Reid liking Greta’s tweet about being fired from MSNBC was an acknowledgment of the tweet rather than a celebration of it.

    I’ve seen likes on tweets about all sorts of problems and rough patches.

    Greta may be too even-handed in Reid’s book, but she’s not a conservative. and Reid is experienced enough in the industry that she’s not going to automatically dislike any other tv type who isn’t as staunchly political herself.

    • One of the MENSA members who commented on Greta’s firing at Spud’s Potato Mash said her show was terrible because she was always giving both sides.

      Yeah, that sort of thing is frowned upon at the Lean Forward network.

      • Look at the cost to MSNBC over their having to cave to these cretins.

        By that I mean their audience, not Reid.

      • I know the lean forward MSNBC viewers were like nope, give the hour to Joy Reid apparently they didn’t like having other views in their bubble. As a fan of the old MSNBC I was happy they added her, and sad they cut her loose.

      • Of course it is. That’s why progressives have always hated FOX. In the “good old days” there was but one side… carefully manicured.

    • I think it’s more a like in the term social media has made it, not like Joy Reid having a Greta out of MSNBC party, but then again only Joy knows.

        • Torn with grief to disagree but Mediaite is reading her action much as I do. There’s nothing stopping Joy from clarifying, especially after Greta’s response quoted in this article. But apparently she hasn’t done so. She is not exactly a welcoming person to anyone right of Hugo Chavez.

          • She’s worse than Paul Ryan. She’s from Fox News. And when you come from MSNBC, where even the so-called impartial news reporters lecture their audience not to vote Republican (e.g. Thomas Roberts), the concept that a program host would present both sides is almost like a foreign language to a rabid partisan like Reid. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

          • Both sides how dare she have both sides, if a viewer can’t understand that concept , then MSNBC shouldn’t except them as viewers maybe…

          • Love Greta’s graciousness that tweet in the article . Yes Nothing stopping Reid from clarifying if she “liked it” or it can be read as she was popping the champagne bottles and printed Wemple’s article and framed it.

          • Pretty much when’s she’s been asked on twitter , she says they let her go, and she hopes that they do right to her staff who worked on the show. And Mentions a go fund me for to help children in Liberia , I love how she tweets it to people who say jerk things to her.

  7. How can you weaponize a newspaper you don’t own by denying a request to intervene in stopping the publication of a story?

      • Seriously, what you’re doing is what people do everyday:

        You want my help? Then do this. If not forget it.

        Even if you said that you would encourage your friend to expose the affair, the publisher had already decided to do that.

        • Oops…I just read that the JoMi version is that Trump approached them first with the threat.

          Never mind…

          • As reported by John Roberts tonight, the White House story is Joe S, called Jared Kushner to ask Trump to use his friendly influence with the National Enquirer boss to spike an embarrassing story. Reportedly, Jared told Morning Joe to call Trump himself. Joe said, “he is mad at me.” Jared, “then apologize.”

          • I had read that Scarborough had proof of his version, but MSNBC doesn’t want to release it right now.

            Guess they’re waiting till 2020…

          • I got the impression that his ‘proof’ is just what he wrote down and gave to NBC to document the calls. IOW his version of what was said. That’s evidence but hardly proof (an unedited recording would be proof) and it’s his version. Even so it may have a two-edged sword quality to it if NBC doesn’t want to make it public. My guess is that it corroborates that Joe called the WH to ask for help (Trump’s version) rather than Trump calling Joe to ‘threaten’ him with the publication (Joe’s version). If so chances are it will never see light of day, and the whole thing will end up as a he-said/he-said game where everyone believes what they want to believe.

          • Yeah. My take-away too is that no matter what possibly went down later, that Joe had initiated the call.

          • Which completely obliterates the claim that Trump was ‘blackmailing’ him. Victims don’t initiate contact with their blackmailers and ask to be blackmailed. It’s the other way around.

          • Truth be told, 10pm is when I usually catch up on some streaming episodes or the like, but I’m right up at the edge of my ISP data limit for June, and I’m afraid if I stream anything tonight I’ll bust through it and will be penalized. So I’m futzing around online (uses much less bandwidth) and waiting for the midnight hour when my data usage count restarts for a new month. 😉

          • Well, whatever that means, I hope it goes well.

            I recommend the show Thriller we talked about, episode: “One Deadly Owner”.

            Donna Mills in all her belly-button showing 70s glory with actor Jeremy Brett (PBS Sherlock) as her groovy photographer boyfriend.

          • Donna Mills ? (sigh!) I remember her and another beauty, Jessica Walter, in “Play Misty for Me.”

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 silent dismissal
    4 while prepping
    3 potent youthful face
    2 Erik Wemple kicks Greta
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 New Tantaros conspiracy theory claims Nomiki Konst is in on the plot.

  9. Sorry to keep harping on the Andy Levy story, but…Thanks, Johnny, for reporting on Andy leaving FOX after 10 years. I can’t find any other site that even mentions it! And I watched quite a few FOX shows today and was really surprised that no one said goodbye to Andy or good luck, etc. I thought for sure Greg Gutfeld would say something along those lines on The Five, but nothing at all. Poor Andy.

    • I was hoping for something more too, but it occurred to me today that Andy, being the low-key guy that he is, maybe didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Anyhow I’m sorry to see him go. He is an original, a rare cable news personality who is a unique, one-of-a-kind talent. I hope he resurfaces soon.

      • I assume that Greg will say something on his weekend show which tapes today I think…….if not that’s just wrong.

    • It is pretty odd that not a single media outlet seems to be reporting it. They usually look for all kinds of smaller stories just to have something to post.
      Maybe it comes down mostly to there probably not being any sort of press release.

      Greg seems to not be too concerned with co-workers once he is done with them.

      He left Red Eye in a bad spot and didn’t do anything to help fix it (only appeared to promote a book and for the last episode), his only comment about Bill being fired after 6+ years was a dishonest 10 second statement on-air (made it sound like it was Bill’s choice.) and made it mostly about him during Joanne’s farewell segment. I also don’t think Greg even made a mention of Red Eye ending on The Five.

      Also can’t be forgotten that Andy never really appeared on Greg’s show (one small appearance in a taped piece that Greg wasn’t part of) and Greg had Timpf pretty much do a variation of Andy’s ombudsman role in the early days of The Greg Gutfeld Show.

      So, still a chance that there is a mention, but I would be more surprised if there was than if there wasn’t.

      • Good point about Greg – he really doesn’t care about his co-workers once he is done with them. He was Joanne’s biggest cheerleader and then when she left (or her contract wasn’t renewed), he acted like it was no big deal. I don’t think he’ll mention Andy on his Saturday show.

  10. Watched the Tucker segment with video of Donny Deutsch demanding that Pres Trump meet him after school on the playground.

    Even Joe and Mika were disgusted by all the spittle-flecked obsequeousness directed their way.

  11. Friday night Irony:

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    3h3 hours ago
    @brianstelter Hannity’s show continues their obsession with complaining about the media.

    Disgraced racist stooge™ has been on twitter complaining about Fox News for 9 hours today……..but Hannity’s show has the obsession……….right? I knew he was good for another laugh tonight.

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