Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • After less than six months, Greta is out at MSNBC.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Maddow-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Somerby: Remember Olbermann/Musto’s unvarnished misogyny?
  • Out# video: Panel reacts to about Joe and Mika.
  • Concha: Joe, Mika, and Trump seem incapable of acting like adults.
  • Kim Guilfoyle says it’s not her last week at Fox: signs new contract.
  • Audio: Andy Levy announces that this is his last week at Fox News.
  • Video: Julie Roginsky announces this is at Fox News.
  • Barr: MSNBC giving Hugh Hewitt minimal promotion for new show.
  • CNN is making Cillizza a ‘brand’.  Conservative activists target CNN.
  • F&F video: on how he dealt with CNN’s hit piece.
  • Q&A: Scarborough expounds on his musical genius, Trump, and more.
  • The Five video: Does new undercover video deepen the
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Trump is putting journalists in physical danger.
  • Impartial CNN journo mad that WH takes questions from conservatives.
  • Budowsky: CNN Russian Connection like journalism of Edward R Murrow.

118 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Trump is putting journalists in physical danger? Actually liberal Sander’s supporters seem to have spilled the real blood. A CNN employee hoisted a bloody Trump head or was that Trump with an Anderson Cooper head? Real victims and fake victims. Don’t mix it up.

  2. I guess it’s not a surprise that Andy Levy will be leaving…they didn’t really do anything with him after Red Eye ended spare an rare appearance here and there. It’s a shame because he was a far better ombudsman than Brian Stelter could ever hope to be.

      • Andy is a veteran of the U.S. Army (he served as a 31K Combat Signaler); his first permanent duty station was on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea in the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, part of the 2nd Infantry Division. He also served in the 4th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment at Fort Bliss, Texas.

        Shillue is not. And the country is probably better off for not having that unctuous creep in uniforn.

          • What bothers me about Tom is that it seemed like he was “pushing” his way into FOX. That’s probably unfair of me, but that’s the way it looked. He also tried to “erase” all the great Red Eye years that came before he was the host. As if RE began with him. Never invited the tried-and-true guests, invited one un-funny comedian after another and was never able to coax any humor out of them. Red Eye was starting to slide after Bill left and it really sank after Tom came on board. Like I said, I’m probably being unfair.

          • Carol, you are far from being unfair. That was a concise analysis. With him, it was, “Me first, Me second and to hell with everyone else.”

          • On the very last episode of Red Eye Tom actually did that day’s news stories just as if it was just another night! In the second part of the show Greg Gutfeld joined the panel and commented on how stupid it was to do news stories on the final show! Tom should have devoted the entire hour to “the best of” clips from each year of RE and maybe had video of guests who were audience favorites saying goodbye to the show. But it was as if Tom just wouldn’t acknowledge that RE existed before he came on board. OK, I’ll stop complaining about Tom Shillue now!

          • When it comes to the final episode, I don’t think Tom deserves much of the blame. He was gone the first two days that week and they taped the final three episodes over the two days he was back. So, someone else would have likely been working on the final episode.
            Very unlikely that he was finding/choosing the clips. Even the pre-Tom Red Eye clips they did show were not very good.

            I don’t think it was his choice to not acknowledge Bill at all. He mentioned multiple times over the past couple years that he would have liked him to appear.

            Red Eye was poorly produced for more than a year before Tom took over and it continued all the way until the show ended.

          • Tom was indeed pretty much pushing his way into Fox and if he didn’t do so, Red Eye probably would have been canceled two years ago.
            On the final episode they talked about it:

            Tom definitely could have done better with Red Eye, but he at least made more of an effort than anyone else there. He was the one who brought back the podcast. He was the one who was doing Facebook Live videos.

            Tom took over the show when it was having its worst ratings, was at its creative low point and had lost a lot of great guests over the previous year. The show was really in a rut and mostly did the same thing every night for a year. They all seemed to be phoning it in.
            Tom had to take on the staff that was there while the show was declining.
            He also was never given a good panel sidekick. The post-Bill era showed the importance of that.

            Guest booking was a huge problem during Tom’s time at the show and he could have helped fix it, but he wasn’t the one actually booking guests. The show had a booker to do that job.
            Tom seemed to get some older guests on when people brought it to his attention.

            I’ve said before that if Tom had gotten to take over the 2012 Red Eye and not the 2015 Red Eye, it would have gone much smoother and would have likely been a very good and very successful show. If he had simply had Bill, it probably would have been much better.

            So, he could have done better, but Tom likely saved the show when it probably didn’t deserve to be and actually cared about the show when it seemed like no one else did. Andy seemed to be rejuvenated a little when Tom joined. They seemed to always get along.

            I am certain that Andy has absolutely no ill will towards Tom and is appreciative of him.

  3. Scarborough should have released his EP 16 years ago… would have been used at the terrorist black sites and they would have been begging the interrogators to turn it off.

  4. CNN has to fire three journos, one a Pulitizer winner, and Brian Stelter’s out-of-the-gate move toward hacked-off CNN critics is to paint them as being extremists hell-bent on eradicating the entire institution of journalism.

    Where are this man’s peers?

    Why are they countenancing such a bald-face and absurd attempt to silence the public?

    • I think Andy’s only real chance was if Gutfeld had him join his show. Maybe he also had a chance to stay if he took a really big pay cut. Get paid the Fox News Contributor minimum.

      Greg was the one who brought Andy to Fox News. He was the one who probably had the say whether Andy stayed employed for those eight years Greg was at Red Eye.

      All these years at Fox and Andy appeared on Fox News prime time maybe once. Never filled in on The Five. Never guest hosted a show other than Red Eye (unless you count his two or three Outnumbered appearances). Kennedy’s show probably had him on regularly because they chose to, not because they were told to.
      Pretty clear that Fox never saw bigger things for him.

      If they were even considering keeping him around, he probably would have appeared on FNC at least once in these past 2.5 months since Red Eye was canceled. Not even Greg’s show.
      Those currently running Fox probably didn’t really even know who he was.

      Andy’s value largely came from his ability to do a specific job, Red Eye Ombudsman. That job no longer exists.
      The other type of roles he would probably do really well at, panelist on a libertarian opinion show or panelist on a pop culture show, don’t seem likely to exist at Fox anytime soon. He also would probably be a good addition to Greg’s show, but Greg doesn’t seem like he wants to switch things up over there.

      As a paid contributor, he didn’t have enough value to the network. He appeared far less than many people who appear for free.
      He has likely known for his entire time at the network, that his employment was contingent on if Red Eye was still on the air and if Greg wanted him there.

      Also a good chance that he wouldn’t be happy doing traditional cable news. So, he is likely glad to be able to go somewhere else.

    • College kid invents an application that destroys world’s news reporting as a byproduct. American success story.

  5. Budowsky:
    “CNN and the other bastions of the free press are not the enemies of the people, they are the friends of facts and truth that protect our democracy. They should keep up their good work, which they surely will. America is under attack from a hostile foreign power and needs our great free press more than ever.”
    I pasted this in my medicine cabinet under, “forcing vomiting if you have taken poison”.

  6. Vintage Trump outage inciting:
    I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29, 2017
    …to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29, 2017

    • The only clues are that it is media and that it would probably prevent him from appearing on Fox (unless he was just saying he wouldn’t be able to do the Red Eye podcast anymore.)

      A place like Reason would make a lot of sense, but going there would not prevent him from appearing on Fox.

      CNN or MSNBC aren’t likely at all for him. CNN doesn’t seem to be throwing money around for commentators like they did a year ago. I also don’t think he would want to be a cable news political commentator.

      I brought up S.E. Cupp’s new HLN show yesterday as a possibility and I guess HLN as a whole could be possible considering it is still sort of unknown what that station will look like when they finally start their new programming.

      • Strange that on yesterday’s radio show neither Tom nor Andy mentioned Andy coming back to the show or to any FOX program as a guest. This makes me think Andy is going to another cable network. He and SE Cupp are friends, or at least they used to be, and she tweeted a couple of months ago that she would like to have Andy as the first guest on her upcoming show. Her twitter fans said his contract would not allow that. Of course that was before Red Eye was canceled.

      • She hosted something called The Clapback on, something I had never heard of before until she quit today.

    • I’m glad you didn’t mean Julie Banderas. The thought would give Johnny (and me) chest pains.

    • I liked Julie. When Beckel got fired I thought she might be considered to rotate with Juan on “The Five”. She was still on air even after filling lawsuit. Appears though that Fox execs are now higher on Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov, and Richard Fowler as their younger liberal contributors.

    • It is an irrefutable truth that Trump bashes no one as thoroughly and as predictably as he does the people who support him.

      That said, I’d vote on him any day of the week over Hillary Clinton, and twice in Democrat-held cities.

    • Greta got cancelled? She should’ve never left FOX
      If you’re NOT BOR or Hannity, don’t think you are BIGGER than FOX News

    • Wow dang, and then again I think I was the only one who was watching that show in the first place.

  7. Concha. “acting like adults” — So I clicked to read what Joe had to say. Up comes an auto-play ad. I clicked stop. But further down the page another ad starts with a cat playing the piano. And in the background of it all, Joe is reading out loud what I was starting to read.

    The Hill web designers are not acting like adults. Goodbye Joe.

  8. Too bad , Andy Levy is leaving , I hope he finds something new to do , I guess it makes sense , there was nothing else really do to at FOX except appear on Kennedy’s show a few times.

    • Well, they could have given him Kat Timpf’s role on The Specialists, or even Jesse Watters job on The Five. They could have given the radio show to him instead of to Tom Shillue. FOX just didn’t seem invested in keeping Andy, which is a shame.

      • I still think that Fox made a mistake by not having rotating hosts as a tryout for Bolling’s seat on The Five or Bolling’s co-hosts on The Specialists.
        There are a lot of people at Fox who would be better than Timpf on The Specialists and/or Watters on The Five.

        I still don’t think Andy would have gotten either job (he’s just not much of a host and his worst work at Red Eye came when he was on the panel), but he would have at least been given a chance.

        I think he sort of did get a chance at the radio show. If they thought he did a good job, he might have gotten the new show. From the little I heard, he wasn’t that great when he was the lead host.

        • I like Jesse on The Five. He doesn´t pull any punches with Wrong Williams. Last week, Jesse chided Wrong for wearing “white linen pants”.

      • Hmm honestly I am not sure how he would have worked with Bolling or the five except maybe working with Dana and Greg (That would have been a show Andy,Greg, and Dana )

  9. Greta went from living off the Brett Baier lead in at FoxNews to competing directly against Baier at MSNBC. She never had a chance.

      • She made one of the dumbest choices in cable news history. Someone gave her some bad advice, probably her husband.

        “Well that was insanely fast…like itchy trigger finger insanely fast. I’m not sure that wasn’t a premature move on some level. Short of cratering outright, which Van Susteren’s show didn’t do, it’s hard to kill off a show after only six months.”

    • Went from the No. 6 most-watched show on cable to No. 30. Don’t know what you got til it’s gone.

      • On the Fox contract thing she tried to see if she could do a home run but got struck out instead .

      • It is not random, it is the review journal of Las vegas and the reaction to their senator favoring more medicaid benefits. If you simply clicked it you would know. when i have a link that does not relate to politics in the media i preview it. Here it was not needed. get over it.

        • I did click on it and it was a waste of my time. I thought it had something to do with Cable News, that is what this blog is about.

      • It’s a criticism by Chris Stirewalt of President Trump regarding the personal attack tweets to Joe and Mika, but especially Mika. It’s a gotcha link directed at his supporters in this thread. Since the comment is blocked for me, I wouldn’t have known if not for the “recent comments” tab.

        Stirewalt’s column, with a few other topics embedded, is in the same vein as Joe Concha’s, which J$ linked to. They both have a point: these impulsive attack tweets undercut any successes off social media. The fact that Joe and Mika started it doesn’t mean he should counter punch, a moniker the president has used in the past (“I’m a counter puncher”).

        • “these impulsive attack tweets undercut any successes off social media. The fact that Joe and Mika started it doesn’t mean he should counter punch”

          • MmmmJoe sorta starts it for three hours, five days a week.

            Same with all the endless MSNBC and CNN pejorative conjecturing on Trump collusion and/or obstruction.

            I agree with you overall, Mike, but is there ever going to be any time in the world that the media thinks it’s accountable for any thing other than putting out something that can’t get them sued?

            Yeah, Trump is the president and should respect the office, but it’s very frustrating that the media cries censorship or quid pro quo on any standard that holds them to civil and professional conduct.

            The best thing Trump could do would be to hire someone who could write biting tweets with some wit. That would go over better and even out the playing field a bit.

            However, since he’s Trump, the president would soon feel upstaged by this hired-hand and start tweeting smack about HIM.

    • That depends on how her morning show goes , this Sunday Night was just a play project… Mornings are where Network makes it’s $$$$

  10. Racist Newshound stooge ™ who EVERYDAY complains about FBN covering things he feels aren’t business news…(they are)….now complaining they aren’t covering Trumps Morning Joe tweets… is that business related again? Because hes complained about them covering Trump tweets before as Non Business news.

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    2h2 hours ago
    @AndrewKirell This FBN show ever do segments on threats made against Democrats? They have done no coverage yet on Trump’s offensive tweet.

    What nuts the Fox Haters are.

    • I don’t know about the other shows but when I was watching at 2pm Trish was talking about the TRUMP Tweets with a panel of commentators

      • I see FOX Business doing much less business related stories than it’s competiors , Cavuto still does , and the great Liz Claman still does business news , rest of the shows seem to be doing a lot of politics. Don’t see FBN AM so with holding any comment on that show.

        • Well depends on what you definition of business news is……..The stooge once complained FBN was doing a story on the Mexico wall being built ………now if building a 16B dollar wall isn’t Business news what is???……and while FBN is doing a business show talking about today’s news CNBC is showing shark tank from 2011 right now.

          Theres a reason FBN ratings are so high right now…..they are giving people what they want…….and its not TV shows from 2011.

          • CNBC only shows that stuff after 7pmet , I agree Wall funding is a government finance story so it fits , but there are times they do drift way away from business news during the day.

          • while I agree they drift away…most story’s you can make a case affect business in some way or another especially politics………..I was simply pointing out the BS of complaining day after day FBN does non-business story and then complain when they don’t do a non-business story you want they too.

            The haters are always doing it………tonight he complained that Fox called Mika a anchor…….never mentions that CNN did the exact same thing over and over today.

          • Anchor seems to be a generic term for anybody on a news channel , CNN’s done , MSNBC’s done it so yeah that’s pedantic there.

    • Twitter is a bit like being in one of those sensory deprivation tanks only with one…sole…stimulus.

      Of course all your being becomes focused on that.

      I’m not good at such a venue. That medium tends to make me ticked off and obsessive.

      Perhaps this may be what you see with your “friends” there.

      i think the people who approach it as a professional outlet or who come to it as a salon or some esoteric group, avoid that baggage.

      Otherwise, I don’t think it’s good for your overall well being. I think eventually it would take not only a mental toll, but a physical one.

      • Well I think you have to be selective at what you read on twitter. I stay mostly at Media sites……places like Fox News and CNN and sites that cover the media…….I don’t read many “peoples” feeds……….The only stooges feed I read regularly is ICE only because he writes for the Disgraced Racist Newshounds™ site. I always find something funny to read on those pages. I haven’t seen anything from MT since he got banned here and I stopped looking at Moes a while ago. I just looked at my twitter bookmarks and there are only 3 that are not sites to blogs or people who run sites and one is Ice and the other two are people here.

        I do read your feed and a few others here very much so when J$ links to you.

        When I think it becomes a problem for me I just delete the bookmark so I have to look hard to see something…………when I started to just feel sorry for MT…….I just deleted the bookmark and poof I don’t see him anymore.

        I hope if it ever effects me badly I will just stop reading them.

  11. I have to disagree with Somerby about Keith Olbermann.

    I think that Keith is an equal-opportunity hater.

    He’s not a misogynist, he’s a misanthropist.

  12. Today’s most popular links:
    5 signs new contract
    4 target CNN
    3 Greta is out
    2 her last week
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Audio: Andy Levy announces that this is his last week at Fox News.

  13. “The multiplatform brand, called ‘The Point with Chris Cillizza'” brings to mind the adage “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”
    Reading any of Cillizzi’s op-eds over the past 12 months (In the Washington Post and since April at CNN), he ends up at the same place making the same point every time, i.e., Republicans bad, conservatives worse, Tump worst. The only thing that changes is the path he takes to arrive at the Point, which is why I suggest CNN change the brand name to “Getting to the Point with Chris Cillizzi.”

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