Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Hannity-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Out# video: Panel debates at WH briefing.
  • Eric Bolling makes book…and Trump’s tweet makes it take off.
  • Ellison: Can Megyn Kelly outpace her first-month ‘nightmare’?
  • Sally Kohn in a twitter spat.  Chaffetz to Fox, Stephens to MSNBC.
  • Concha: Will media learn from CNN’s mistakes? (Don’t bet on it.)
  • Goodwin: CNN has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  • Videos: and on CNN’s credibility crisis.
  • Smith: CNN caved on Russia story after threat of $100M libel suit.
  • Baragona: Why did Reliable Sources ignore CNN’s retracted story?
  • FTV Live: CNN has become a laughing stock; Jeff Zucker’s Mini-Me.
  • Farhi: CNN’s Russian story debacle came at the worst possible time.
  • Shepard: CNN needs to slow down after Russia story repercussions.
  • Folkenflik: CNN resignations a sign of ‘high stakes‘ in covering Trump.
  • Impartial CNN anchor calls for civil disobedience in the White House.
  • Alisyn sticks up (sort of) for Kellyanne.  Scarborough sticks up for CNN.
  • Somerby: Kushner vs Bernie…Rachel Maddow’s McCarthyism in action.

43 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I believe I picked up from Mr. Concha the wonderful irony of CNN defending their producer ratting them out as respecting “diversity of opinion” which, of course, is never offered on air. If not Mr. Concha, I’m sure he’s smart enough to have thought it.

  2. On today’s Red Eye podcast Andy Levy announced that this is his last week at FOX. He couldn’t say what he will be doing next. I wonder if he’s going to another cable network?

        • I’m so sorry. I know you really enjoyed his work.

          I don’t know why i didn’t watch Red Eye. I often get up in the night to work on sewing projects.

          • I was a regular viewer until Tom. When he no longer had Patti Ann on, I figured “to hell with him.”

          • Yeah, Patti Ann stopped appearing around the time Tom became host. On today’s radio show with Tom, Andy said he would still be in media – if everything works out. Interesting.

    • Not too surprising. Writing was on the wall the day it was announced that Red Eye was ending. They didn’t even seem to bother trying to find something else for him.
      I guess they just kept having him do radio because he was still on the payroll. I think they might have also been giving him some time to find a new job.
      [Everyone off-screen at Red Eye was either moved to another show or fired. Tom probably also would have been out if he wasn’t given the radio gig.]

      Doesn’t seem very likely that he will go to another cable network. He doesn’t seem to have the desire to really keep being a cable news talking head and I don’t know who would hire him to do so. Unless it is a smaller outlet.
      There is always the possibility that someone he knows might give him a job though. SE Cupp has a new HLN show starting soon. Not sure what the format will be, but he could be a decent hire.
      Maybe he will be working in a behind the scenes role or at a website. Seems most likely that he would be in a role that would still allow him to appear on Fox if he wanted, but if he becomes an employee of another news network (cable or broadcast, on-screen or off) then he likely wouldn’t be able to appear on Fox.
      [They did make it sound like it is not likely for him to appear.]

      The way they talked about it does make it seem like he probably has something else coming. Although he did say that he has nothing “for sure yet”.
      He also said that it is an amicable split.

      At least Andy got a sort of send-off, but too bad he didn’t get an on-screen one. Greg should try to have him on this week. Either way, still much better than what Bill Schulz got.

      This podcast might also be the end of the Red Eye name at Fox News. It is going to become The Tom Shillue radio show podcast.
      Maybe it will come back in some form or maybe Gutfeld will one day do a Red Eye reunion on his show.

      • This news doesn’t seem to really be getting much coverage yet.

        Andy was on Kennedy tonight and I didn’t notice any mention or hint to him leaving. Not sure if Kennedy yet knew (she hinted towards Joanne’s yet to be announced exit on her final Kennedy appearance). I wonder if many people knew. You would assume that they would have.

        That also very likely might have been Andy’s last on-screen Fox appearance.

        • Andy mentioned on today’s radio show that his new gig is not yet official but if it works out he may have to re-activate his Facebook page which is something he said he really doesn’t want to do. I have no idea what that means. I was thinking of SE Cupp and her new show, too.

        • He was great tonight as usual. It’s a shame FNC couldn’t find a place for him. But, hope he will enjoy great success wherever he lands.

        • I hope he gets to appear somewhere on FNC Friday. Making him a guest Specialist or something that would give him a chance to do a goodbye to his fans. The fate of former Red Eye personnel is something media writers are utterly disinterested in. I have tweeted the news and it will be my lead-off link for Thursday and not to be immodest but I expect that will tip off a few other sites to at least mention the story.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 a twitter spat
    4 $100M libel suit
    3 (Alisyn) sticks up
    2 civil disobedience
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Ellison: Can Megyn Kelly outpace her first-month ‘nightmare’?

  4. LOL Greg Gutfeld calls Brian Stelter a human thumb for taking pleasure going off on Fox News.

    • Shelter’s going off on Fox News was a calculated diversion from the huge Scaramucci story he didn’t cover that day on RS.

  5. Hannity went there — just played a clip of Joe Scarborough’s bizarre music video while laughing and mocking it.

    “You two are so weird.”

  6. Boy did Tucker have fun tearing into CNN tonight, “We’ve not yet installed a countdown clock for their next ethics scandal… we’re considering it though”.

  7. Spud has been uncharacteristically quiet about CNN’s trouble. Maybe got some snorkel backflush into his nose?

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