Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-The Five-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Q2 cable news program ranker: Fox News holds 14 of top 20 slots.
  • Q2 biznet shake-up: CNBC dips to 20-year low as FBN surges 47%.
  • Q2 numbers: FNC dominates cable news for 62nd month in a row.
  • Q2: Fox News tops all cable nets; MSNBCCNN show improvement.
  • MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle snags a $7.5 million Upper East Side crib.
  • Kansas man arrested for stalking Joanne Nosuchinsky at her NYC pad.
  • CNN producer caught on tape: the Russia coverage is ‘mostly bullish!t‘.
  • Turley: Travel ban ruling should force the media to examine themselves.
  • The Late Show video:  talks Mean Dads with Stephen Colbert.
  • Jim Acosta: I’m ‘blackballed‘.   Soldier’s mom rips CNN’s ‘twisted’ reality.
  • Videos: Sharyl Attkisson on the origins of
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz beats Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.

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  1. POLITICO confirms what I had speculated put fear into the hearts of CNN management: “According to a source familiar with the situation, Scaramucci called the CNN reporter and then Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist on Friday after the story posted, and alluded to the possibility of a lawsuit if the piece was not taken down.”

    Can you say, “Hulk Hogan”.

    • There’s a documentary on Netflix that takes Gawker’s side. It’s part of Netflix’s left-leaning catalog which includes stand-up specials by progressive comedians and left-wing propaganda series by Chelsea Handler and Bill Nye.

  2. At least Ruhle seems to have come by it honestly… She married it…. (That’s not an assumption that her hedge fund husband did…)

    Coming by anything honestly doesn’t seem the case for some of these carnival barkers.

    • She worked in finance for 14 years. That’s where they met. She worked for Deutsche Bank, among other places. She was making $$$ then decided she wanted to try journalism (and went to Bloomberg). I highly recommend tracking down her Bloomberg reporting, great stuff if you’re interested in finance and technology.

      • I’m not really, but thanks for this info.

        I can’t say I didn’t mean to sound condescending toward Ruhle. I did.

  3. Poor JoNo. That must have been scary. I’m old enough remember the stalking crimes against actresses Theresa Saldana and Rebecca Schaeffer in the 80’s. So glad they caught the psycho.

  4. Sharyl Attkisson’s followup Sunday on the OBAMA DOJ “Fast and Furious” gun running fiasco showed Congress STILL is awaiting documentation from Justice for justice. How she evere survived at CBS is a miracle.

  5. Interesting that one of the fake news firings at CNN had just arrived from the NYT where he honed his use of single anonymous sourcing.

  6. CNN’s Media Critic Brian Stelter admits they don’t fact check everything, by tweeting “stories are typically reviewed”, so not always. So much for CNN as a reliable source.

    Sensitive stories are typically reviewed by multiple CNN depts — fact-checkers, lawyers, etc — before publication https://t.co/5DYDBl0RHF— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) June 27, 2017

    • Tweeting is a good way for journalists of all stripes to set the stage for their own little production.

      All the stuff they tweet gets firmly established in vox populi before the more scrutinized official report comes out.

  7. Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly ratings

    Date….. Total Viewers , Demo
    04 June 6,197,000 , 1.2
    11 June 3,608,000 , 0.8
    18 June 3,562,000 , 0.8
    25 June 3,414,000 , 0.6

    Four week averages:

    Show………… Total Viewers , Demo
    60 Minutes…. 6,883,750 , 1.00
    Sunday Night 4,195,250 , 0.85

    Source – http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/

      • Megyn will succeed or fail based on how the morning show does. The only reason for her to leave before that starts is if it is never going to start.

        I think the Sunday night show was largely created just to get her on air for the summer. They had to know that it probably was not going to last long term, but they still have to be disappointed with how poorly it is doing.

        That story about her meeting with Murdoch is so clearly fake. If it was so secretive that larger media outlets weren’t aware of it, an intern would not have been there to see it. Kelly would not have actually gone to his office to meet.
        Also, FNC has so many leaks, there would be higher sources that would leak that story.

        I don’t know what a lot of the people who work at the network would think if she returned, but I’m positive the Murdoch’s would want her back. Especially if they were able to get her back for 10 million a year (instead of the 20+ they were supposedly going to pay her).
        Having her back at 9:00 and The Five back at 5:00 would be much better than what they have now.

      • Would have been interesting what would have happened if she had stayed and Bill O was still out , She might have been moved to 8 , Tucker at 9 or something.

  8. Re: “The Late Show video: Tom Shillue talks Mean Dads with Stephen Colbert”: Stephen is fascinating when he isn’t attacking his political opposition. I enjoyed the interview.

    • The Red Eye Facebook page has been changed to The Tom Shillue Show in anticipation of his upcoming solo radio show. That annoyed me for some ridiculous reason. Anyway, someone made a comment about Andy’s future and Tom replied that Andy would be making his own announcement soon.

      • I realize that they want to keep all of those followers, but they should have just started a new page for the radio show. They could have still promoted the show on the Red Eye page.

        Since the Red Eye show page became the Red Eye podcast page, I wonder if this means that there is no Red Eye podcast anymore.
        Tom has mentioned wanting the Red Eye name/brand to continue, but that looks like it won’t be happening.
        [Tom talked some about this on Michael Malice’s show. Also talked about the reasons for the end of the show: http://podbay.fm/show/915622390/e/1498497300?autostart=1 (starts about 41:35 in)]

        Also, Andy having an “announcement” is probably not a great sign for his future at the network. “Announcement” makes it seem very unlikely that he is going to just stay in the same role.
        So, that means he either has a new role or he is leaving and they sure don’t seem to be preparing him for a new role. If it was positive, Tom probably would have alluded to it by now.
        Doubt he is getting that night time radio slot. That would be six straight hours of former Red Eye talent as hosts and they would probably book a lot of the same guests.

        I think the best chances of Andy staying is if new online programming is coming. Andy might be a great choice for an online show.

        • I think it’s a little unfair for FOX to keep Tom and get rid of Andy, if that is what is going to happen. Why does FOX need a stand-up comedian? Andy is much more interesting and has been with the cable network for over 10 years.

          • Longevity doesn’t really matter. Fox has been getting rid of people who have been around longer than Andy.

            With Tom and Andy, it comes down to skill. Tom is a better all-around talent than Andy. Andy was well-suited in his role on Red Eye because it was created for his strengths. He also does fine as a commentator, but Andy doesn’t bring a lot when it comes to larger roles. He is just a so-so host and has never been used much by Fox outside of Red Eye.
            Tom is a better host. Especially when it comes to doing radio. He is better at interacting with others. He is a harder worker when it comes to promoting himself/his projects. He also is a solid commentator. He usually has unique takes. He also is a good fill-in for other hosts.
            He has abilities that are better suited to broadcasting than Andy does. A laid-back personality like Andy’s is not going to get hosting jobs at Fox.

            I think Fox also doesn’t want a run-of-the-mill news radio show. They wouldn’t be able to compete with the top ones. So, Tom will probably bring something different that the others.

          • I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. I actually find Andy funnier than Tom in his own way. And his opinions vary so that he’s not a pure liberal or conservative. You always know what Tom is going to say about almost every political subject. He’s a staunch conservative, which is fine, but I guess I think Andy is more interesting. And as far as being a good host, well Tom didn’t turn out to be that good at hosting Red Eye. Just my opinion.

          • Tom and Andy are both smart, funny, and bring interesting perspectives to whatever shows they are on. The problem is Andy hasn’t found a place since end of “Red Eye”. Kennedy and Kat Timpf are now FNC’s most visible Libertarians. Don’t think he’s been on Greg’s weekend show. I still see Andy as an asset on Fox and hope he finds a place there.

          • I think Andy would have been a better fit for The Specialists than Kat. No, he’s never been on Greg’s weekend show. Only Kennedy still has him on her show every couple of weeks.

          • Andy is definitely a better spokesperson for libertarian ideas than Kat.

            He would be a great fit if they brought back a show like The Independents.

          • With Kat taking two days off that would’ve been a perfect time to give Andy her chair for two days…but I guess they really want women in those two side chairs even when one takes time off.

          • Yes, I was thinking the same thing – that Andy would have been great filling in for Kat. He even did the “practice” show as a panelist but they never had him as a guest after the show made its debut. Andy certainly would have been better than many of the “specialists” that the show features.

          • Respectfully disagree about Andy on Specialists. Don’t think he would mesh well with Eric. Andy would have said something the first 20 times Eric interrupted him.

          • Andy has shown that he doesn’t do well when he is not playing to his strengths. Fox doesn’t seem to have many positions where he could do that (Greg could give him one, but he doesn’t seem to be willing to do so).
            Hosting a 3-hour radio show definitely doesn’t seem to be the right role for him.
            He also is just not a solo host. Would need to be part of a panel show. He is better when playing off of others.

            A show where he doesn’t have to focus so much on news would be better for him. Let him talk about pop culture more. Unfortunately for him, Fox News isn’t going to put a show like that on-air. Again, maybe they would consider something online. Might also work as a podcast.
            [Fox News is missing out by not having a panel show that rewards comedy ahead of commentary. They also have nothing that appeals to younger conservatives and libertarians. I’ve said before that the Red Eye format/concept would work great online.]

            I think Andy’s contract is also going to help do him in. He probably would need a permanent role on a show to justify keeping him around with his Red Eye salary.
            Plus, he now appears far less than many commentators who appear for free.
            He hasn’t done enough (or wasn’t offered enough) when it came to making himself valuable to the network.
            Also, if it wasn’t for Tom so badly wanting to become the Red Eye host, the show probably would have been canceled in 2015 and Andy would have already been out of a job.

            There is a decent chance that even if Andy was out of a job, he might still appear on Fox TV as much as he has recently been (if he wants to). Kennedy would probably still want him on and Tom would probably have him as a guest frequently.

          • Tom reminds me of a salesman for a Ford dealership in Sacramento who I bought a new car (lemon) from. After corporate became involved, the gonif was fired and the dealer gave me a new car.

          • I’ve always liked Andy ever sense I first saw him on Red Eye, he is funny to me as well.I hope he ends up somewhere where I could see or hear him if he does leave FNC. Again I like Tom as well.

  9. another day……..another day without a certain CNN “reporter” getting any questions……….how long before he loses control and rushes the podium.

    He said that NO CNN reporter has gotten a question in weeks yesterday.

    No real reason to wonder why.


  10. IN couldn’t program a AM radio station file we have this from last night

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    @existentialfish Has anyone asked FOX why Hannity doesn’t even show up in studio to do his show? Every other FOX host shows up in studio.

    Now since Hannity show was the most watched show in total and the Demo last night…….maybe Fox News should be asking other shows why they don’t tape their shows from home? LOL.

    Ever time he complains about a Fox show not doing the news he wants them to…….they win the night.
    Had this gem last week.



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