Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  Acosta the tiff
  • Reliable Sources: Phil Donahue; Fox Trump ‘infomercial‘; the GOP liars.
  • Anna Kooiman heading back to the USA for FNC July 4th weekend.
  • Boyle: CNN retracts ‘very fake’ report on Scaramucci, Kushner et al.
  • Megyn: ‘I have zero doubt I can do this job.’  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • As Fox News builds new cutting edge newsroom, Studio N goes dark.
  • Duin: CNN spotlights gay 12-year-old Mormon…but is it really news?
  • Tucker video: after attempt to assassinate GOP reps.

48 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • It’s difficult to watch that video and think that Scarborough is some sort of subversive, counter-culture guy who is lashing out at the system while he hosts a politics-oriented show on a corporate cable news channel.

    • There is something really wrong with this guy!

      You see him praising & gushing over TRUMP & then all of a sudden start to demean him with the most vile words

      Anyone see the clip Hannity showed? This guy is sick in the head!

      • I don’t know what tape of Scarborough you mean, but I think Joe became set on Trump being completely perfidious when the rating skyrocketed for other MSNBC hosts who push that line.

      • It like Ive been saying here for a while……..Joe S is like the obsessed stooge puppet banned here …………..some what normal till Trump elected now a complete nut job when it comes to anything Trump.

  1. Saying what I said about Megan Kelly last week we have this….does anybody really think she can beat 1st run 60min when she cant be the repeats?


    three episodes, originals of NBC’s “Sunday Night” aren’t beating reruns
    of CBS’ “60 Minutes” in any major Nielsen category. On an average
    basis, Kelly is losing in broadcast’s key 18-49 demographic and getting
    crushed among total viewers. In the 25-54 demo, which news programming
    regularly rely on for eyeballs, the similar series are tied. But again,
    these are new episodes versus repeats we’re talking about.”

  2. Watching Ray Suarez on MEDIABUZZ reminded i’m glad he is “former” most everything with a mug I now rarely see.

  3. Jake “THE SNAKE” Tapper’s claim that Trump’s tweet about Comey “better hope there aren’t tapes of their conversations” if Comey lies in his testimony, “didn’t work”. How does Tapper know that? How could he fraking possibly know that?

    • Anonymous sources which must NOT be questioned even after the retraction.

      Ive seen like 3 anti trump stories retraced this week………has there ever been a pro trump story at CNN or MSNBC….Wash Post or NYT that had to be retraced?

    • Possibly because Comey disputed Trump’s denial about having demanded loyalty?

      Of course Tapper understands that this dispute is less straight forward than Comey expressly telling Trump that he wasn’t being investigated, and could be a rational response and matter of interpretation from Trump after having been told that he wasn’t a target.

  4. It was great to see Britt Hume hosting Fox News Sunday for a change. I didn’t miss Chris Wallace and his liberal spin at all.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 very fake report
    4 cutting edge
    3 goes dark
    2 back to the USA
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Megyn: ‘I have zero doubt I can do this job.’

    • Brian Shelter launched a distraction from this story by going after Fox and Friends as being pro-Trump media that the president hides behind.

      As though his own, far more consequential show, doesn’t operate the same way from an anti-Trump position.

    • It’s to the point where CNN is forbidding their employees to tweet about Trump -Russia allegations without it being vetted at the top first.

      Transpose that sort of dictate to prevent its own journalists from committing fake news with Stelter’s complaints about F&F.

      • Cable gamer resurfaced today to go after Brian on his F&F infomercial slam, pointing out that people like Olbermann and Maddow have been running one-sided infomercials for years. Brian was never moved to do a Special Commentan ‘essay’ about how terrible they were. It’s a fair point. For all F&F’s well-known flaws, they do bring on opposing views, not a lot, but more in one week than Olbermann had on over two years’ time.

        • I saw the Cable Gamer tweets. Dead-on points about how such partisanship doesn’t raise a hair on other shows.

          And who do you think granted Maddow an interview?

        • Shelter also linked to a transcript of his show. In the entire transcript I read only one push back from Brian. That on behalf of Sean Spicer.

          The rest of the show there were none, particularly with the Phil Donahue interview he touted all day. Brian asked no utterly obvious questions about Clinton or Sanders to Donahue’s remarks that stay-home voters and elite media won the election for Trump.

        • In the past Maddow has claimed she wants to talk to Republicans but they won’t come on her show. From what I’ve seen Chris Hayes can get Republican lawmakers on his show to debate this and that so go figure.

          As far as Stelter goes, the guy is a total hack and it’s a shame because “Reliable Sources” could be a really good show. When Howard Kurtz was hosting it he would occasionally go after CNN.

          • I’ve seen Kurtz address the issues at Fox in occasion.

            Never saw him do that about CNN when he worked there.

          • Just a couple weeks ago Kurtz went thru the whole Hannity Seth Rich conspiracy business and laid it out pretty straightforward. The number of CNN embarrassments that Reliable Sources just hasn’t had time to report on is mounting by the week.

            (And I remember the one they did address: Fareed’s plagiarism. It was pooh-poohed because it ‘wasn’t Capital-P plagiarism’.!!?!!!)

          • Kurtz addressed the Ailes scandal while at Fox too.
            I don’t think he could have avoided it
            Never saw him do the Fareed thing at CNN.

          • Stelter in tonight’s newsletter:

            On Saturday and Sunday I asked CNN PR for details and comment. A network spokeswoman declined to comment as of Sunday evening.

            That little tidbit didn’t make it onto the air either. This is like how he was going to ‘try’ to get an interview with Fareed about the plagiarism. Somehow he couldn’t get one, i.e. he couldn’t walk down the hall to Fareed’s office and talk to him. So he just went on the air with his whitewash without talking to Fareed.

            He’s the media critic at CNN but CNN won’t talk to him and he just blows it off and says nothing. Color me flabbergasted.

          • Anyone ask Brian what he thinks about CNN transparency and what they’re trying to hide from the country?

          • I was on with Howie when he was with CNN… And we specifically did an entire segment on John King getting the Boston bombers identity wrong.

          • Well, I missed that one, but I still don’t think I’m being unfair to him in any overweening way.

            Kurtz didn’t do a lot of media malfeasance justice back in the day and he has a penchant for saying what’s rudimentarily obvious, but missing the broader obvious conclusions and questions that are generated by wider analysis of the whole.

            It is not an attempt to be obsequious to say that you manage to do that and to do it with clarity and energy. Others do too.

            I’d suggest that Kurtz needs to retire, but he was no different five years ago.

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