Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • It’s no joke: The History of Comedy returns to CNN with season two.
  • Somerby: What MSNBC refused to say about Comey and the ‘tapes’.
  • Erik Wemple scolds Fox for saying what MSNBC refused to mention.
  • MSNBC scores a hat trick: three errors of fact in one single sentence.
  • Tucker video: why didn’t MSNBCNN air Trump speech?

31 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • If it doesn’t fit with narrative the story stays in the media for a day.

      The attempted assassination of twelve GOP congressmen lasted just a tad longer.

      • And here comes Elizabeth Warren, unperturbed by ramifications, referring to the Senate health care bill as characterized by “blood money”. Bloody hell.

        • About a day after the Alexandria shootings, Dems got the green light from the media that this stuff will still fly and they won’t be held accountable as CNN had to hold Kathy Griffin accountable for her stunt.

          Things went differently for Sarah Palin and Republicans after the Giffords shooting, and then the media went berserk over her aptly describing that as a blood libel.

          Go figure.

  1. As Tucker pointed out, MSNBCNN all Trump chatter except his own words. As long as they can sell crappy dog food to enough crappy dogs they will let the mutts make them money.

  2. Have to tip my hat to, of all people, Ted Koppel. Finally got around this morning to view his report of divided America from CBS SUNDAY MORNING. Amazingly he was at no time insufferable in showing, as Pat Buchanan stated, “the divide is greater than any point in my lifetime”. You could not watch the segment and not agree regardless of your side of the chasm.

    • Koppel just spiked his interview with Sean Hannity when he felt that Sean was scoring too many debating points. I have no respect for Pompous Liberal Ted.

      • Yeah, Koppel always makes me want to throw one of those big cans of apple juice at him.

        My daughter, as a toddler, once picked one up off the pantry floor and dropped it on my barefoot, so I know those suckers hurt.

        How’s that for violent rhetoric?

  3. Somerby’s on a roll today.

    Just bite the bullet, fans of pithiness, and read everything there today.

    • I tried, Cecelia. I really, really tried. But I couldn’t get more that half way through it.

        • Just to show you what you’re missing, Grandpa D, Somerby makes this very apt point:

          “In the imagined scenario, Trump’s bluff [that he had taped Trump] forces Comey to tell the truth in his Senate testimony. He can no longer lie under oath because a tape might exist.

          According to Raymond, Trump was thereby committing the crime of intimidating a witness! He was robbing Comey of the freedom to lie under oath.”

          • If we can be intimated not to lie, next thing we’ll have to tell the truth. The republic can’t handle the truth. Sic semper tyrannis.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 with season two
    4 Joe Concha asks
    3 MSNBC refused to say
    2 scolds Fox
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC scores a hat trick: three errors of fact in one single sentence.

  5. Great episode of MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW featured when The History of Comedy returns to CNN with season two. It’s the one in which buffoon Ted Baxter theorizes a long missing plane has flown into a black hole. Pretty funny stuff.

  6. Boom. Better than how I said it. One point I didn’t make: CNN in particular made a point to show every Trump rally during the campaign. It once even preempted a 10th anniversary special on Katrina to show a Trump rally.

    And I got a few emails from those in the business lecturing me that CNN and MSNBC showed good judgement by not showing the rally because it wasn’t newsworthy. It was the best of unintentional comedy.

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