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  1. Concha is right. There was no reason for the Jones interview. Especially on Father’s Day.

    • Megyn Kelly received a lot of news, often called free publicity. Imagine if she didn’t get all the publicity what her ratings would have been? I suspect much lower, given that, I believe her show is in trouble just like the numerous other news shows NBC has tried to put up against 60 minutes over past few decades. I also think Megyn’s overall reputation is on the line by resorting to NBC’s shameful news tactics like distortion of facts, dishonesty to the viewers and interviewees, creative editing, etc.

      • Yeah- that was more my point going in: Was doing this interview so timely (it wasn’t) and so important (featuring a person who lies for a living) that the reputation of both host and network worth taking the horrific PR hit it did? No. And if you think the numbers are bad now, just watch what happens next week.

        • The news media should have been able to explain why it was timely, and that light is an antiseptic, and react in a way that was less emotional

          At the very least while saying it was an argument in theory.

          As it is the show had to react to their critics, the families, their advertisers, all with the fear and trembling that does not bode well for the future of the industry.

          No surprise. This is a media that can’t handle a Trump tweet.

          • Why should the news media have to explain something that doesn’t exist? It wasn’t timely. It would have been in 2015 when Trump appeared on the program and Megyn had every opportunity to do it then.

            And there should have been fear from the families on this one. They were be re-harassed about their dead kids as a result. Doing this interview with that backdrop simply has horrific editorial judgment.

            Of course, this PR and ratings fiasco could have all been avoided by not doing the interview in the first place.

          • Its the family having some sort of say in if a interview can/should be done is unacceptable to me.

          • Yup. Because Newtown is just like every other murder. And this wasn’t with the murderer, but with the freak that says it didn’t happen.

            America rejected this trash. Good.

          • I still say her shows just a place holder show…..nobody thinks she can beat a first run 60 min………….she’s not that good………she barley beat a 60min repeat her 1st week out…….Ive DVR all 3 shows but I still haven’t watched her Fox special so I may never see them.

            Shes in over her head going up against 60 minutes.

      • Just saying – after Labor Day Megyn is moving to weekday mornings so this show will apparently be going away and she’ll be doing a different format. Not saying she’ll have better luck with the move but as I understood it this was a temporary thing.

        • From NBC: It will initially run over the summer before returning in early-2018 following the conclusion of the NFL season and the 2018 Winter Olympics.

          • Thanks for the clarification.

            I’ve seen one full show and it just seems like a knock-off of 60 minutes. I guess it will be worth now and then but the Alex Jones piece wasn’t worth the time.

        • So a good question is: Why put on a new show in a timeslot against 60 Minutes only to pull said show at the end of the summer and not return it until six months later … and be forced rebuild an audience for it all over again?

          • OK….I haven’t watched a TV live in years….so maybe I don’t pay attention but seems to me that it hardly the first show that taken a long break.

            Her show….or any Show wasn’t going to beat 60 min…….not going to happen…….any TV ex who thought it could should be fired already.

    • Luckily, more people were watching Brooks Koepka pull away at the U.S. Open, on FNC’s big brother (Fox), than watching the Jones interview.

  2. “One problem was the promotional photos for the interview that included Kelly and Jones looking like they were on a Tinder date pulling up to a drive-thru.”
    — Joe C.

    Joe officially wins the caption contest for that photo.

    • I never understood the need for CNN to have HLN anyway. It’s not like Fox or NBC having a business channel. They should sell it or just end it already.

      • Honestly, it’s a good alternative to CNN since CNN is one whatever Zucker is doing and it focuses one length story all day, HLN is a refresh from all the other channels. It has a small purpose.

  3. Was Tucker hustled off sick leave because without him Chris Hayes is now a strong network lead-in?

    • One idea…
      1. Move The Five back to 5pm with the original cast.
      B. Expand Special Report to two hours.
      III. Move Hannity opposite Maddow
      d. Give Martha Mac a 10pm Nightline-type news wrap program.

        • One of the things about Fox over the years for me has been that there were few shows that I found to be unwatchable. Roger Ailes was a bad actor behind the scenes but the guy knew good cable news TV when he saw it. Whoever took over at Fox and came up with “The Specialists” is no Roger Ailes when it comes to producing good cable news.

          • I still feel the Specialists was the most rushed to air show ever… they should have taken a little time to think , the whole line up change.. or had a plan in the first place…

          • Timpf is basically the remaining half of the old Nosuchinsky-Timpf millenial babe slot on Red Eye. Out of place now I think.

      • Would the second hour of Special report replace Carlson?

        I like a lot of this – especially the concept of Martha MacCallum hosting that type of show. One of the shows I would try not to miss on CNN years ago was Aaron Brown’s Newsnight – it was a great 1 hour wrap-up of the news domestically and abroad. Now it’s Don Lemon and his panel bickering over political talking points.

          • Probably.

            I remember he became a professor after he left (or was let go) and he was critical of the tabloid-esque turn that the network was taking in an interview he did.

        • No, in that scenario the second hour would replace Martha at 7pm. Tucker would stay put.

          Another, less disruptive move would be just to switch The Five and Tucker so the two big shows would go head-to-head. The Five would have an easier opponent with Hayes, and Maddow would face a tougher battle with Tucker at 9pm.

      • give Eric bolling his solo show at 9 pm and maybe bring in Eboni as co-host.

        Two hours of Special Report? no, just no.

        • If Hannity were leaving I’d give his show to Bolling….however having Bolling and Hannity back-to-back would be too much of the same thing.

        • I love Special Report and God forbid they spread it over two hours on a regular basis. One pat of butter. Two pieces of toast.

      • A. yes the Five should do that
        The rest : I’d keep Hannity at 10 and Martha at 7 , but what to fill in at 9 eludes me.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 joins Fox hunt
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    3 #1 tv surrogate?
    2 three big problems
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Report: NBC wants out, asking FNC to buy back Megyn’s contract.

    • Besides candidates, the . . .

      Winners – USA, Trump, locals in GA 6th district, etc.
      Losers –  Big $$$, Hollywood, outside interests, etc.

      • According to Steve Schmidt on MSNBC’s The Last Word, the Republicans are the real losers! They should have won this district by a big margin, so this was an “ominous” win for them.

  5. Didja know it’s outrageous and wrong for Sean Hannity to cover election results (though Maddow and O’Donnell doing it is OK…go figure) because he’s an opinion guy and not a news anchor?

    But you know what’s even worse? When Hannity doesn’t cover election results and they bring in a news anchor (Bret Baier) to do it? Man that’s even worse!!

    If it weren’t for double standards some people wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    • Hannity was taped so he’s not covering any election , and am glad FNC had a news anchor doing the coverage when the need was there, wish MSNBC did that.

    • He seems very upset that Hannity (a show he doesn’t get is an opinion show) is taped………he hates that show…..why would he care if its taped or not?


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