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  1. I bet Fareed loved the bloody part. Never mind that Caesar marched into Rome with an army and took over by force… and Trump was democratically elected.

  2. I got an ‘NBC MORNING NEWS RUNDOWN’ email today with the heading, ‘Horrific Terrorist Attack’ Targets Muslim Worshippers Leaving London Mosque’. I have never gotten an ‘NBC MORNING NEWS RUNDOWN’ email prior to today.

    • Horrific, indeed.

      Can you imagine there ever being one media member or guest of a media member, ever uttering the horrific sentiment that this is something that we must fight, but also accept will rear its horrific head on occasion?

  3. Re: “When Megyn met Alex: … effective”: Jones is only 43? He looks 53. Chris Hardwick is a few years older than him and looks younger. The same goes for Megyn, who is also a few years older.

    • I didn’t see the piece.

      Did it legitimize Jones in the eyes of some potentially shifty naifs and give Jones more a platform, or was it an expose about a guy that the public has no curiosity about in the first place and thus not worth the controversy?

      In which case if the show’s ratings are now the criterion to judge the choice of subject matter, everyone over reacted.

      • I watched it….it was rather boring as I was familiar with Jones’s conspiracy theories regarding the pizza parlor and the Sandy Hook shootings. Kelly didn’t legitimize him in any way other than to point out that he has millions of listeners and visitors to his website. As for the show overall, it’s pretty much a ripoff of 60 minutes. Kelly is fine but there was too much hype surrounding her rise when she was at Fox and maybe she should have tamped that down a bit.

        If you’re interested in a decent interview with Alex Jones go on youtube and look up his interview with Howard Stern. Stern isn’t an investigative journalist but he got to a point where he was playing clip from Jones’s show where he spouts off his theories and at one point Jones is alughing and Stern notes that he’s sitting there laughing and says “OK Alex, come on. You don’t believe any of this stuff.”

      • It’s better than Mike Francesa. His voice personifies grating, redundancy and thick accent notwithstanding. In spite of my criticisms, I plan on watching the 30 for 30 documentary on Mike and the Mad Dog (Chris Russo) next month on ESPN.

    • Lately, I watch YouTube channels more than I watch traditional TV channels. On the political front, I enjoy Roaming Millennial, The Rubin Report, and Prager University.

      • I watched several video channels today trying to figure out once again what various electrical components do. Every time I hit capacitors, my eyes glaze over. I still do like to look at the chassis of my 1950’s Philco tube AM radio and marvel at how that colorful mess of odd things can make Rush talk to me.

  4. Man, was I wrong. I thought Jones/Kelly w/all the controversy would deliver big ratings for NBC.

    NBC has a problem — libs dislike her for working at Fox and conservatives dislike her over Trump, Ailes, and leaving Fox.

    • She’s a pretty lady. But she’s gotten to the point where she’s the only one who likes her.

      • The show is new and she’s been off the grid for some months.

        I wouldn’t count it out yet.

        I don’t as much like her as respect her immense talent.

        • She has immense talent, but her immense ego is getting in the way. Her show better deliver big ratings or NBC might look at a way to get out of her big contract. They hired her to be the next Mike Wallace, not Garrick Utley.

          • Is it her ego or is it the demand from the public currently that all journalists be definitively pegged as to their politics in a way that is now nebulous with Kelly?

          • No, I see an ego problem. She tried to play the “got ya” game with Putin. and it didn’t go well. I didn’t watch Jones. I wouldn’t watch Alex Jones if you paid me. OK…it would depend on how much you paid me. I see him as a malevolent version of Art Bell.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 unimpressive
    4 makes it to #1
    3 superficial
    2 a ratings flop
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hogue: Does Todd Piro’s appearance herald a cleaning of the slate?

  6. Re: Todd Piro and a “cleaning of the slate” – I don’t see why they would feel the need to get rid of Clayton Morris. As far as I know he was never accused of anything in terms of sexual harassment or anything. If they want to go with the “clean slate” thing they could consider cutting Steve Doocy loose.

    • From what I see of Todd Piro, I doubt he could replace Clayton Morris. Morris does an excellent job on the weekends, and meshes well with the other two hosts.

    • To what degree is Scalise responsible for a political assassination attempt on his life for his traditionally conservative positions?

      This is an elite saying this, folks. This is important.

      This is quite a sea change.

      • Scalise’s crime was being a Republican. That was his sole responsibility, being the wrong party.
        And Scott Pelley has sh!t for brains.

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