Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  the Megyn
  • Reliable Sources videos: Oliver Stone; Amy Klobuchar; Megyn backlash.
  • Joe Scarborough is puzzled: Who would attack Steve Scalise?
  • O’Reilly begins tour in Westbury, drops hints of a ‘new network‘.
  • Fox & Friends video: Abby Huntsman and Jeff drop
  • CNN bias raised at stockholders’ meeting.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Reza Aslan not sorry for the sentiment.  ‘Fake News‘ protest at CNN.
  • MSNBC leaves Scalise medical update early to go back to Trump talk.
  • Tucker video: cites media malpractice by HuffPo, NY Times.

43 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. MSNBC figured their viewers really didn’t much care about how a wounded Republican was doing but random Trump bashing, well, can’t have too much of that for the faithful.

  2. Congratulations to Abby Huntsman, who announced on F&FW she and her husband will welcome a baby girl around Thanksgiving.

      • We had a grusome murder over at Delphi where two girls, ages 13 and 14, were murdered and dumped. One of the anchorettes on WLFI-18 was grinning like a coprophagic skunk while reporting a followup on this still unsolved crime.

  3. My bias detector went off for a non-political report: it was pretty obvious the NBC gang wanted Bill Cosby to hang.

  4. There’s never been a starker example of the difference between how the media treats Democrats as compared to Republicans, than the attempted assassination of twelve GOP congressmen by a Maddow-loving former DNC presidential campaign worker.

    • The closest the media comes to blaming the left is to say “both sides do it”. Which of course they wouldn’t have said if Democrats were targeted. Bad enough that the Gifford shooting is likened which was done by a paranoid schizophrenic and was infatuation, not political.

  5. Another pronouncement:

    Fox & Friends Weekend is the most politically biased and brainless show on television.

    They make the weekday version look like Meet the Press as moderated by Aequitas.

    • It was kinda bad this morning, but to be fair, only one of the two regular hosts was there. Pete Hegseth is a frequent presence in the yet-unfilled seat but I find him a poor fit for the couch and too overbearing. It’s always better when Clayton is there but he takes more time off than Johnny Carson in his heyday.

        • Pete is a parrot. He repeats every Trump talking point there is. Every time he says the failing New York Times, it becomes more evidence he can’t think on his feet. I think it’s ore likely Todd Piro replaces Pete than Clayton.

      • I don’t necessarily dislike Pete. But if the official position is unfilled, why haven’t others had a chance to fill in and show what they can do? Pete has been on pretty much every weekend since Tucker moved to prime time.

      • But Clayton doesn’t go to Wimbledon like Carson did. Tennis buff Carson went there every summer. This was parodied on The Simpsons with Krusty. Hey Lendl, choke, choke.

      • I think the trio of Pete, Clayton, and Abby works well. Clayton is left of center,, Abby is a little bit to the right, and Pete is a full throated conservative so it is a good team.

  6. The sad part is I had just pitched CNN my version of a theme for Aslan season two of Believer: ?And I ate her brains. Because I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her, on the plate?.

  7. The sad part is I had just pitched CNN my version of a theme for Aslan’s season two of Believer: ?And I ate her brains. Because I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her, on the plate?.

  8. The lady on the first MEDIABUZZ panel of three today had to have been one of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen on TV. (Erin McPike, White House Correspondent for the Independent Journal Review)

  9. Well, I watched the interview. Then, when I put the U.S. Open back on, Brooks Koepka was pulling away. Congratulations to him as he’s about to clinch at the 18th.

      • Now, I’m not sure Roger Ailes did anything wrong

        I was like if Megyn said something was not right then I have to believe her

        After reading this article, I’m not sure now

        Megyn knew she was leaving FOX News, Megyn also knew taking down Roger Ailes would give her tremendous Liberal Street cred

        I feel sorry for Roger Ailes, Gretchen was never credible! She got saved by Megyn which I thought was incorruptible LOL

        • I’ve no doubt that if Ailes and FNC had renewed GC’s contract everything would be sunshine n’ roses to this day.

        • How do we know that the reason Megyn told FNC investigators that Ailes had been inappropriate toward her was because she knew she was leaving the network?

          • Megyn was negotiating to stay with Fox. They were certainly interested in her staying.

            Other networks were overtly interested in her.

            She didn’t need to strike out at Ailes to enhance her appeal with his enemies.

            There’s no evidence of what you’re saying. It’s all poorly thought-out conjecture.

          • That American Thinker article sounds pretty convincing

            Did you not hear the Alex Jones hidden audio tape?

            Megyn was buttering up Alex for the KILL

            I believe that article on Megyn, she’s a devious player

          • I don’t have a problem with your believing Megyn is not above running a congame in order to get the interview she wants.

            I’d advise everyone being interviewed to tape too, especially if you’re conservative.

            That media does this is the oldest ploy in the book.

            I have a problem with your unfounded claim that Megyn setup Ailes and don’t see where this piece about her makes that claim either.

          • I’m not 100% sure she set up Ailes

            It is just my opinion, I knew Gretchen had no credibility but when Megyn came out & accused Ailes that was SHOCKING cause I always thought Megyn was an honest straight shooter but after reading that article & Alex Jones’ hidden recording

            I turned negative on Megyn

          • Just letting you know my reply is in moderation for the word bullshite without the e.

            You can guess the context.

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