Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Ed Henry (for Tuck)-Hannity 1-2-3
  • Out# video: Tom Shillue about the baseball game.
  • Somerby: Maddow’s tale was false…but it felt so good going down!
  • Drudge: Competitive stress is causing cable hosts’ spate of illnesses.
  • Tucker Carlson hospitalized for appendicitis; Perino will sub tonight.
  • Hall: O’Reilly is assembling a production team to launch new project.
  • Video: Bill O’Reilly resurfaces, on One America News.  More to come?
  • In new audio Megyn tells ‘fascinating’ Jones he has ‘a very good point’.
  • Megyn ‘completely overhauls‘ Alex Jones segment; Jones leaks audio.
  • Turley:  CNN’s lawsuit could vindicate Comey…or trigger his downfall.
  • Ainsley Earthardt’s pants.  Katy Tur’s father.  Rachel Maddow’s A-block.

52 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • Bruce Wayne could have agreed to disagree with the murderers of his parents, but hatred channeled his energies on a more productive path.

  1. I am not a Katy Tur fan at all, but I actually feel sorry for her. Why should she have to accept and embrace what her father did to himself. It was a selfish act with no consideration for his family.

    Bruce Jenner did the same thing to his kids, then gets mad that his youngest 2 daughters have difficulty accepting it.

    • Katy Tur’s parent should not have aired their personal family issues publicly like this. Don’t like it at all. Sounds like it was a combination of hurt feelings and a political agenda.

  2. Alex Jones is milking this situation like a cow. Free publicity galore. Megyn is also getting publicity but is damaging to her reputation, as Jones has taped everything. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

  3. I think the ladies of FNC are smart and gorgeous not matter what they wear. But, I can only imagine the reaction of some viewers on the show’s Facebook and Twitter pages the day the “Outnumbered” hosts all wear pants.

    • No Jasper, but Mr. Concha on deck with a few things to say about the New York Times editorial board.

  4. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

  5. On CBS THIS MORNING’s report on that poor father of the brain damaged North Korean released son, did they report the dad’s anger at President Obama expressed yesterday? Did the doog make me eggs benedict for breakfast?

  6. Why did FOX lose Dr. Siegel and Dr. Samadi? I would have linked their input on Steve Scalise’s condition.

  7. Re: Rachel Maddow’s A-block

    Fox News hosts must envy Rachel Maddow with all their hearts.

    They must find it unimaginable that she is treated rationally, rather than linked heart and soul (along with her every work colleague) to a hateful viewer and would-be assassin.

    What a life it must be to live in such a world where Brian Stelter and company dont link your politics to unconfirmed reports of hate crimes toward gays and Muslims and hideous graffiti 24 hours after Donald Trump is elected. A world where the blame is bipartisan (though still thoroughly Trump’s fault) when a politically aligned monster tries to assassinate congressmen.

    The media is moving on now, folks…and no, they must account for none of it. They’re just doing their jobs, informing us. Don’t try and stifle freedom of the press with notions that they’re lying partisan bastards who have poisoned the well.

    In fact, Rachel says the media will save America!

    By that she means they’re going to save us from ourselves. They’re going to show us who’s boss!

    Oh, to be the golden children!

    • The “reporter” was butthurt simply because he thanked the President who got his son released from that hellhole, and not the one who sat on his a$$ and did nothing? Does this overpaid tool really think that Obama deserves any credit for it? How in the hell was King Putt involved in the outcome?

      • Obama deserved credit where he got results as with the death of cops by excusing black rioters and young thugs.

    • In which Mr. and Mrs. Warmbier go from Whole Foods to Cracker Barrel denizens in one day.

      (A designation used recently in a media poll)

    • Part of the obligation of a concealed carry permit is to maintain proficiency with your weapons by frequent practice and to protect others. It is such a hugh responsibility, I have not chosen to get mine as yet. My partner has his permit and I let him use one of my firearms to ensure he carrys a top quality pistol to meet his obligation.

      • In many states , you don’t have to have a concealed carry permit on your property or in your car.

        • Property is okay in Ohio, but a gun in a car must be unloaded and in a locked compartment unless you have a cc. I have a 12 gauge shotgun by the door. Pretty typical for us rual folk.

  8. Drudge has a picture of Tucker above link to Concha piece on stress. I thought Tucker looks different, then looked closer and see it is a picture of Tucker when he was at MSNBC.

    • Tucker and Maddow do look like siblings.

      I think the heavily drugged host that Drudge alluded to is Anderson Cooper.

      Stoned and made of stone.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 completely overhauls
    4 CNN’s lawsuit
    3 tale was false
    2 Bill O’Reilly resurfaces
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Ainsley Earhardt’s pants.

    • Thanks for the Bill O link, it was a nice interview. I think that guy was in love with Bill tho.

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