Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson-The Five 1-2-3.
  • CNN reporter refuses to correct false report: ‘Not playing your game’.
  • Play ball: FNC has special coverage of Congressional Baseball Game.
  • Somerby: All these pundits said there’s no way it’s true…only, it was.
  • Better than man bites dog: Anderson Cooper bites Anderson Cooper.
  • Fired CNN host angling for an Emmy nom.  Kaitlan Collins joins CNN.
  • CNN’s Zucker complains POTUS hasn’t done an interview with them.
  • Fox News exclusive investigative report triggers action from US Senate.
  • A Connecticut anchor in Fox & Friends’ studio.  Hardball gets a makeover.
  • Home & Family video: Harris Faulkner on with your kids.

40 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Based on tweets, I have to believe J$ is a Apple guy. 😉

    Me Samsung, Galaxy Edge S7 phone and Galaxy tablet.

    • Me, iPad with everything Google has to offer installed making it a good mate to my HP notebook PC. Phone is a Consumer Cellular flip-phone with a $20 plan. I live 90% of the time in an area without cell service. I have satellite TV, internet, and phone service. Whether I travel to the doctor, dentist, restaurant, library, or grocery, I find free WiFi available.

      • Curious DirecTV or Dish? Me DirecTV, which I have had since 1997. I can’t change, mainly because I am so used to the channel numbers, line-up, set-up, DVR, etc.. I call every year and complain when rate increases and they reduce the rate by $10 to $25. This past year the reduced my fee by $50 just for agreeing to a one year commitment.

        • DirecTV for me too since year 2000. Back when you could buy the equipment at Best Buy and install it yourself. I got the same $50 deal as you. I call every October and negotiate for the following year. I call every quarter to see what programming deals they are offering. Pays to do that. I have been pleased with the company. Customer service people always helpful.

          • I purchased and installed DirecTV myself as well, including when I upgraded to HD. In fact I own my DVR as I bought it at Costco when allowed back in the day. Glad you know about calling for rate reductions, I love to spread the word. They are very nice and I am very happy with them as well. Forgot to mention I too do everything with Google as I love the synchronization of bookmarks, etc. they do between devices (PC, Phone and Tablet).

          • We got it back in April and I like it. I haven’t watched either of their evening talk programs, but I like the news hour (called One America News), which is played throughout the day goes through a lot of new items in one hour.

    • Me, Samsung Phone, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, I’m all over the place. My computer is an Hp laptop.

  2. Trump doing an interview with CNN makes as much sense as him inviting Rose O’donnell to his birthday party.

    • That’s why Trump was so stupid to call up Lester Holt of NBC News for an exclusive interview that ended up in him getting special prosecutor. Why not have Keith Olbermann interview him next time?

      I like Trump myself, but he is sometimes his own worst enemy.

      • Does Olbermann ever do face to face confrontations? Never had anyone on Countdown he thought would disagree with him. Likes to snipe long distance.

    • I was just listening to Anderson Cooper in the car and he had on two of most hideous female guests I’ve ever heard.

      Bob Somerby will occasionally write that our media isn’t human and I’ll always think that I can’t endorse that.

      Tonight while talking about “tone” in Washington, one of the guests said that Republican pols were doing some soul searching and understanding they must change if this what they’re spiring in the public (the desire to assassinate them)!

      The other lady chimed in that Dems had to do some of that too since this shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter. She intoned Sanders’ name like he is her senile nuance uncle.

      Not a clue from Cooper as to how they sounded.

      Where do they get these chirpy vapid little cablebots! They are heartless! I don’t care how progressive they think they are, the sole emotions they feel are self- satisfaction and spite.

      I getting worked up again but these sons-of-bitches kill me!

      Somerby is correct.

      • Pride and vanity are two of Satan’s favorite sins. And that bunch has it in spades.

  3. So according to Jeff Zucker logic, Obama and many Democrats avoid(ed) Fox News because they will be held accountable.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 correct false report
    4 Emmy nom
    3 bites Anderson Cooper
    2 Connecticut anchor
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Somerby: All these pundits said there’s no way it’s true…only, it was.

  5. I was channel-surfing this morning and happened to see Republican Rep. Mark Sanford on Morning Joe. Sanford seemed to blame President Trump for today’s coarse political discourse and, in part, for yesterday’s shooting. He said his town hall meetings have become really loud and rude and when he asks his constituents why, they reply that if the president can be obnoxious why can’t they? Yeah, right. I don’t believe any of Sanford’s constituents ever said that to him. MSNBC seems to be the place where Republicans go to bash other Republicans.

  6. UPVOTING COMMENTS . . . A Minnesota Nice view . . .

    We all have a Disqus profiles, sadly many are private for various reasons. Mine is private due to a stalker following me around websites with every comment I made. Anyway, if private or not you can all see how many comments and how many upvotes a person has received. Since I am a Marketing Specialist, I look at it as a marketing tool and/or gauge. If a nasty or vile commententor has very few upvotes or a few number of total comments (new), the odds are they are a troll. It also applies to people who make numerous comments on a site and you never or rarely see a upvote on that site for that person. I haven’t seen any recently. 🙂 Anyway when I upvote, I feel I am shaking my head, yeah I agree with you or that’s funny or I understand, but I also feel it helps them market themselves that what they are saying many people agree.

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