Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Concha: NBC needs to pull Megyn’s interview with Alex Jones.
  • Steinberg: The unprecedented cable news wars in the Trump era.
  • Former FNC employee:  Workplace harassment suit is ‘meritless’.
  • Sunday showdown: Reliable beats MediaBuzz.  Weekend numbers.
  • Tucker Carlson video: Joe Concha sees a at CNN.
  • Back to the 90s.  CNN’s new ‘travel vertical‘.   Tapper at Dartmouth.
  • HuffPo: The problem with Greta is that she’s too fair and balanced.
  • The Five video: Debate over terrorism and its enablers
  • Hall: Stop the madness… before advertising boycotts destroy us all.
  • You can leave Fox News, but the boycotts will follow you everywhere.

84 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re Greta: Can’t please anybody how dare she try to give two sides a fair shake is the oddest complaint ever.

  2. Bill O continues to build out his podcast…….reunites w/Dennis Miller:

    Bill O’Reilly‏

    I’ll be live tweeting the AG’s testimony today. Also, expanded No Spin Newscast on http://BillOReilly.com featuring Dennis Miller tonight.

  3. The play’s the thing.
    If I dressed the doog in an orange toupe and shot it, liberals would applaud that as art.
    “Don’t growl at me, go back to your bone.”

  4. 512 anti-Trump reports and pundit discussions this week alone. I’m beginning to see a pattern.

  5. Oliver Stone last night with Colbert, “What is wrong with détente with Russia? Why would you be against it? I don’t understand this mentality. Maybe it’s because you hate Trump.” The late-night host clarified he doesn’t “trust” President Trump as Stone said, “Russia is convenient as an excuse for hacking the election.”

    When two jerks clash.

  6. Richard Fowler is the new face of Fox News? Every time I turn on FNC he is there, putting out the liberal spin. Must be a James Murdoch hire.

    • I didn’t even know there was an episode 2 this week because NBC had the hockey and I didn’t think they were airing it, found out Monday there was an episode.

  7. I had the tv on this morning and was feeding my dogs in another room and half heard a bit on F&F about a CNN chyron describing some sort of meeting at the WH as being “Soviet” like.

    Anyone know if I caught this correctly?

  8. Re: Concha on Megyn/Alex Jones

    Not gonna lie, I want to see the interview, but understand why it will most likely not air.

    I think Megyn and her producers saw the ratings that 60 Minutes got w/Cernovich interview
    and wanted to one up them with an even more controversial character.

    If for some reason it does air, I predict Megyn will receive the best ratings of her new show.

    • With this sort of thinking you wouldn’t do an interview with Charles Manson or George Wallace.

      Please stop filtering things under the onus of protecting us, journos.

      That’s not your goddamn job.

  9. I don’t know how these journos, including Concha, can be sure that the Jones interview isn’t worth a public airing without having seen it.

    That Jones is a pariah and loon and hurtful to the Sandy Hook families, is not reason enough for jettisoning a suspension of judgment until the piece is aired.

    I doubt this is a puff piece. Give most people credit for being able to spot a false prophet when they see one.

    • Once you let a small group of people decide what should air on a news program and only what they agree with…………you get MSNBC.

      • It’s worse than that and it’s across the board.

        I hope NBC stands up to advertisers dropping out and the hue and cry of the gatekeepers.

        I think Kelly’s defense that Jones has been a friend of the president does make exposure of him salient.

        • Its going to get to the point where the networks are going to have to say something like…….Your are pulling your ads from BO show?….fine…we are pulling your ads from every show on every network we own for 6 months…..so no FX no big Fox no anything……….NO NASCAR ads no Football on Fox…..no baseball no anything…………then the company’s will have to decided if they want to stand with the 100 people outside Fox HQ protesting or their bottom line.

          Just using BO as a example of course.

    • I think Shapiro is missing the larger point that should be the criterion for ANY sort of story: It’s dirty work, but someone has to do it.

  10. Concha is way off base. Surprising because he usually has some common sense.

    Obviously Megyn is going to completely trash Alex Jones so don’t worry, Joe.

    • I think it would set a bad precedent that news shows can’t interview controversial people with out fear of retribution. I do understand the families’ feelings but he’s a figure that some people listen to and she might have pressed him on that as a good interviewer should.

    • You think that was the point of my column? Not even close, sir.

      By the way, why is Jones suddenly a newsworthy ticket now? He made the comments about Sandy Hook years ago. Trump appeared on his show in 2015.

      Megyn — whom I like and have defended in the past — could have interviewed him anytime she liked on Fox and didn’t.

      And if one finds someone’s comments “revolting” as Megyn did Jones, then don’t take the kind of chummy promo photos that were taken.

      This will hurt the Kelly NBC brand in the short and long term and simply was not worth giving a certified nut who mocks and insults families of the victims of this unthinkable tragedy this kind of platform.

        • That’s downright insulting. Howard is a genius because he actual talent and is still the best interviewer in the business and has never remotely made comments like Jones did about parents being hired to grieve for kids who weren’t killed at Sandy’s Hook. That’s demented and deserves no platform on a national “news” program. Yup, sometimes interesting. Go catch his show. And when done, be like his followers and harass the parents of Sandy Hook demanding evidence their kids were executed. Gimme a goddamn break.

          • Censorship is one thing. Editorial judgment is another. And there’s a very good reason no other network has touched Jones for years for the latter reason. And they certainly would never claim to be doing a serious, hard-hitting interview only to promote through photos of the interviewer and subject looking like they pulled up to a Drive-in movie to provoke people further. This isn’t journalism.

          • Again, I agree with you on the photos.

            What I can’t fathom is the argument that a man who is both a pariah and a friend of the president is somehow too egregious to be newsworthy.

            It’s a puzzling contradiction.

          • If he was such a friend of the president he would have a press pass but he does not. Piece of trash is not worth it. This is blatant opportunism and nothing more.

          • I don’t think Trump and Alex Jones have much of a relationship if at all.

            The one interview that Jones did with Trump was set up by his friend Roger Stone, who is gets a kick out the conspiracy theories, deep state, etc. and finds Jones intriguing.

            The whole goal of this episode is to try to link Jones and Trump together with the intent of damaging Trump, which is Job 1 for both Megyn and NBC News.

            Whether it airs or not, I don’t really care. I do think it will get massive ratings. I will not watch her show but I will watch the video clip when it goes up on Mediaite.

          • Shooting at Congressional baseball game practice today. “Hey! Alex Jones said it didn’t happen. Let’s hear more from him to gain a full perspective.”

          • No it isn’t. A shooting like Newtown occurs. Jones said it never happened. His followers harass the parents online demanding evidence again after the Kelly interview is annouced.

            But who cares about that, right? Screw ’em.

            So why not get Jones’s perspective on the Congressional shooting. Without video, how do we really know it happened? And is this an attack on the 2nd Amendment? We need answers.

          • Yes, it is a mischaracterization, and frankly, a disservice to Kelly.

            Allowing Jones to air his views on tv isn’t just giving him a platform, it’s giving him a platform to expose himself. It’s putting him at the hands of a skilled prosecutor in a sense. To the antiseptic light of day.

            Without at all getting personal, and certainly not condescending (since your level of knowledge in matters of journalism is inversely proportional to my inexperience in it), I understand how this is more fraught and more intimate to you.

            That said, there has to be some sort of distance from that in your profession, just as there is in other proceedings where concern for the potential for grief must be put away for other considerations.

            I understand that you don’t think those considerations justify it in this case. Let me say, that just as you’ve adjured me, we all have the opportunity to watch or not to watch an interview that will involve Jones’ devastating take on a horrific act. An act and a denial of it that is particularly painful for those family members, fraught too for parents today with young children, but one that is well beyond the personal too.

          • Rumor on the street shooter’s an exiled poster to this blog or his Russian sock puppet. Well, not the street really, an abandoned logging trail.

          • Me saying don’t air the interview doesn’t make the decision for you. You can run to InfoWars and listen all you like. And there’s plenty of Jones’ comments on conspiracy threories that you read up on. But we need Megyn Kelly to “expose” him. Check.

          • Let me give your profession some credit.

            Yes, skilled and talented interviewers have abilities that are not endowed to all and do a service for the public.

          • I hear you. I’m just saying if I ran NBC News I’d do what every other major news organization has done and pass. There’s absolutely no upside here, particularly when promoting becomes provoking those who this freak said their kids weren’t murdered.

          • I didn’t know who Alex Jones was until recently. To me, interviewing him is the equivalent of interviewing a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. There is no real news value and a big National platform given to a true nut job. Having said that, we as news viewers/consumers bear some responsibility also when we choose to watch these kinds of programs. When these interviews quit getting ratings they will stop being aired.

          • No no… let’s do a Town Hall with dozens from Westboro next to get their perspective. Will get great ratings, after all.

          • Haven’t there been at least 2 movies about them and countless interviews with the Westboro nuts over the years?

      • I do agree with you about the chummy photo thing. That’s inexplicable, other than it was meant to titilate Jones supporters and critics alike. Why she’d want to hand gatekeepers a cudgel beyond their usual weaponry ,is beyond me.

        As to her timing, I don’t know why that’s suspicious or tellingly relevant in some way. Of course she wants eyes. Of course she wants to stir the pot a bit. And yes, Jones is relevant.

        Consider that Brian Stelter criticizes the interview because he fears that the country is already in danger from the rise of rightwing extremists. To my thinking, if that’s the case, it ought to spur more examination from journalists, not less.

        The argument that it may damage Megyn and her show is rather circular. It may well do that precisely because of the vapors from journalists trying to protect we Weak-Minded-Willies (ever drawn to RWNJs) from ourselves.

      • They need new subscribers is a guess. Alex Jones fans. But using Megyn to scrape this barrel is indeed harmful to her own reputation and her own career. As the Emperor would state it ” the destruction of the Fox Republic is almost complete”

  11. Sessions’ money quote: “I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations.”

  12. I was looking forward to watching Alex Jones get embarrassed by Megyn, but after reading Joe Concha’s column, I agree with him. Don’t run the interview.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Former FNC employee: Workplace harassment suit is ‘meritless’.

  14. Interesting to note that when Katie Couric (and other American journalists/TV hosts) interviewed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a holocaust denier, it wasn’t a big controversy outside Jewish groups.

    I personally don’t like the idea of giving radicals nut-jobs a platform, but it’s been so many times in the past with minimal fanfare. I think the Jones/Kelly interview controversy is just the latest in protesting everything and anything.

  15. “Attorney General Sessions, have you stopped receiving payments and bribes from the Russian government? Yes or No?”

      • Thanks. Tomorrow’s show should be really interesting – Otto Warmbier’s parents will be interviewed, as will director Oliver Stone.

        • I had the water-works going on all day yesterday over the Warmbiers.

          It’s unbearable that though their son will physically return, he may still be gone from them forever.

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