Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Maddow-O’Donnell-Tucker/Hayes 1-2-3.
  • Tani: Specialists hints at a new FNC formula for the post-Ailes era.
  • Concha: NYT cowed into rewriting headline of glowing Tur profile.
  • Ariens: Fox News promotes six execs to new roles in programming.
  • Impartial CNN host raves: Trump assassination play ‘a masterpiece‘.
  • Coop on Kathy Griffin: ‘I wish her well and I hope she bounces back’.
  • Goldberg: Donald Trump is good for business…Trump bashing business.
  • Q&A: Tom Shillue on meaner Dads. GQ: Shillue’s Trumpian book is ‘awful’.
  • Fox & Friends video:  by ‘viciousness’ of her father’s critics.

35 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Coop, “I’m just going to reach under the bus, and give her a little pat on the head.”

  2. GQ: Shillue’s Trumpian book is Luisa Rollenhagen
    I wouldn’t look to a woman for an evaluation of a book on the topic of fathers. Neither would I look to a web site that features auto-playing segments from Keith Olbermann. The anti-endorsement should drive good men and good fathers to buy his book.

  3. Wait…….CNN is a sponsor of a play where Trump is assassinated???? Nope no opposition party there. LOL!

  4. I’m writing a play where Trump declares martial law, and the military sides with him rounding up the vicious media. With help of buddy Putin, the bunch is transferred to a labor camp in Siberia. Is that any worse than CNN’s play? Mine will be a musical recycling the songs from Annie.

  5. HEADLINE: “Don Lemon is tougher than he looks.”
    compare and contrast — in case of a tie, duplicate prizes will be awarded

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  7. Did Trump get slammed at the Tony’s? Of course, silly goose. Steven Colbert was there.

  8. Not sure I would agree that “The Specialists” represent the”new formula” for FNC. Given how it seemed to created in a rush, I think the next 2 or 3 new shows to be added will give better picture of the post-Ailes future.

    • I guess Fox is going to declare The Specialists a great success and then just move on to the next disaster.

      • Well rating wise it is a great success at least as far as MSNBC and CNN are concerned…….Ive tried watching it 3 times now….just not my thing.

    • When you have a show where two of the three hosts are young millennials and you get beat in the demo by Wolf Blitzer you know you’ve got a problem.

      • Umm… May The Specialist was #17 in the Demo……..wolf was #32
        The MSNBC show MTPD was #37…….seems they are doing find overall in the demo…….cant expect much more than winning there own time slot….which they are destroying both shows on MSNBC and CNN.

        • Blitzer at 6:00 was 32nd in the demo. Blitzer’s hour that airs head-to-head with The Specialists was 15th. So, the 69 year old Wolf Blitzer did did indeed beat The Specialists (average host age: 37) in the demo.

          The Specialists has done fine overall when compared to other networks. They were also some other FNC shows that did not win their time slot in the demo.
          The big issue is when you compared it to what The Five did, the month before, in the same time slot.

          The Five aired 15 episodes in April. Those episodes averaged 2,662,000 viewers a night and 451,200 in the demo.
          [The reported ratings included the week of Special Report shows as well as some March episodes to the average.]
          Those numbers would have made it tied for second in cable news in total viewers (third if you separate Tucker and Five’s 9:00 ratings instead of how they added them together) and fifth in the demo for the month.
          In May, The Specialists averaged 1,873,000 (down 30%) and 341,000 (down 24%). They ranked 8th (down 5/6 spots) in total viewers and 17th (down 12 spots) in the demo.
          [Compared to April, 8:00 on FNC was down 16% total and 9% demo in May and 9:00 on FNC was down 11% total and 8% demo. So, 5:00 has taken the biggest hit following the changes.]

          Fox has clearly wanted to avoid the recent comparisons (when cable news was benefiting more from Trump) and put focus on how ratings are up in the demo from a year ago in that time slot. Even though that is no real accomplishment. I believe every single time slot on cable news was up from then. Even Tucker was up from O’Reilly’s previous May in the demo.
          Both of The Specialists competitors were up over 74% in the demo from their time slot the previous May. The Specialists was up 18% from The Five in May 2016.

          The worst news for Fox is that it looks like the only three time shows in cable news (top 3 networks) to be down in total viewers from their time slot the year before were The Specialists, The Five (which actually averaged fewer total viewers a night than they did in April at 5:00) and Tucker.
          [The fourth new Fox show, The Story, is up from the year before.]

          • I was off some, but Blitzer’s show that is head-to-head with The Specialists did beat them in the demo.
            “Wolf” is the show Blitzer hosts earlier in the day. That show was 32nd in the demo. Situation Room is the Blitzer hosted show that airs from 5:00 to 7:00. It was 15th in the demo.

            When it comes to total viewers, The Specialists beat Situation Room by a lot in the rankings (8th to 22nd).

            Incredibly, The Specialists beat the Situation Room head-to-head in the demo 12 times in May and Situation Room beat The Specialists 11 times, but The Specialists seemed to win by larger margins on average.
            So, without actually adding up all the numbers, The Specialists probably beat the Situation Room in May if you only counted the 5:00 hour ratings.
            So, a little better than it looks, but still not good that they are going back and forth with him. Though Blitzer clearly has been benefiting from the news cycle more than The Specialists.

            [In Q1 of 2017, The Five was 7th in the demo and Situation Room was 22nd.]

          • Well a brand new show beating a show that’s been on for years even one day a week seems good to me…..but that’s just me.

            Personally I cant stand the thing….Ill try again in a few months but opinion shows just are NOT my thing….so I cant judge one way or another.

            As I said at the time Id like a pure newscast…..but I also know I’m not getting another one of those.

        • I went by the numbers J$ just posted. Maybe it really was a “Freaky Friday” and “The Specialists” is doing OK. It seems too soon to draw any long term conclusions.

  9. 5 Trumpian book
    4 wish her well
    3 a masterpiece
    2 rewriting headline
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tani: ‘Specialists’ hints at a new FNC formula for the post-Ailes era.

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