Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Comey big
  • Reliable Sources: WH in crisis; Trump under oath; Trump’s secrets.
  • ‘Staging’ charge debunked? New footage reopens controversy.
  • Somerby: Why should we focus on the ‘critical’ 25-54 demo?
  • Somerby: Just how dumb can cable news’ Rhodes Scholar be?
  • Q&A: Ed Henry.  Profile: W Kamau Bell.  CNN stuck in Siberia.
  • Hannity Comey special scores big.  Sean sticks up for Reza Aslan.
  • Torregrosa: The swift and surprising rise of ‘tough, edgy’ Katy Tur.
  • FoxNews.com to get extreme makeover.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Tucker video: Equality advocate promotes for Muslims.

51 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. You do wonder why CNN found it necessary, after a week had gone by, to fire some goofy theologically and historically inaccurate stuntman.

    I think it had more to do with their being on the defense after the Comey testimony.

  2. Just watched the video of John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, talking about his climate change skepticism to Brian Stelter.

    I commend Stelter for actually allowing a dissenting voice on the air. Ironically, climate skeptics are treated the way the Church used to treat homosexuals back in the day…banned from the public and even private spheres.

    It was entertaining watching Coleman brook none of Stelter’s condescension and smarm.

    None. Nada.

  3. Perhaps an explosion proof section adjacent to the bomb squad would be a good SAFE SPACES starting point. ?

    • The Batman of my childhood was of the black and white movie serials that, with a kid appropriate movie, got me out of mom’s hair on Saturday mornings. Admissions free by saving milk bottle caps. 10¢ for popcorn.

      • I happened to catch one of those Batman serial episodes on TCM about a year ago. That was the first I knew of them. (I also just recently discovered, again on TCM, that there were Perry Mason movies made in the 1930s. I loved watching the Raymond Burr Perry Mason series repeats that would air in the afternoon when I was a child.)

        • Our father didn’t hook up our tv. He thought it would distract us from reading.

          The only reason kids would stay overnight at my house was that my brothers were cute.

          I’ve watched all the oldies on Nick and love them.

          • The TV didn’t stop us from reading. When we were in Virginia, my sister was checking books out of the adult section when she was 10.
            And, my dad got a rotor antenna, simply so we could pick up the Baltimore stations and watch gems like the Baltimore Clippers games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAs6yxtG7AU

          • In our house we didn’t have TV for quite a while. My parents had 3 kids, each 2 years apart. Then they decided they wanted a TV. So…4 years between me and my younger sister. We always gave her grief saying mom & dad wanted a TV more than you! (Sometimes siblings can be very nasty!)

          • I remember listening to radio dramas when I was little and watching TV at my Grandparents. Mostly variety shows. I was seven when we got our family’s black &white TV, sixteen our color set.

          • I was thirteen when we got a color set. Just in time for the World Series. Dodgers over the Twins in seven. But, to be honest, I still prefer the games on radio.

          • I was a kid when on Saturday mornings my big brother and I got to stay in bed late and would turn on the radio to listen to some of the last radio dramas before the genre died out, including one called Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Followed by ‘Indictment’.

  4. Puerto Rico to Vote Sunday on Statehood in a Nonbinding election as the U.S. territory fights creditors after declaring what amounts to the country’s largest-ever municipal bankruptcy. I personally would like to see them become a territory of Greece.

  5. In the footage of CNN and other media folks waiting to film the so-called Turn to Love rally, you see media waiting while a smattering of men, women wearing the hijab, and some children are handed posters and flowers by people who do not appear to be of Middle Eastern origin.

    These rally folks with their posters and flowers are then allowed outside of the cordons separating the media and the rest of the public from proximity to the attack site and filmed holding their signs and flowers.

    I don’t know if this was staged, but it sure looks like it. I do know that it’s not something the media would waste their time on if they weren’t trying to make a political point.

  6. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Katy Tur
    4 debunked?
    3 reopens controversy
    2 extreme makeover
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Somerby: Just how dumb can cable news’ Rhodes Scholar be?

  7. Did any watch Reliable Souses so I didn’t have to? Curious if Kojak even mentioned his network had a whopper of a retraction?

  8. Three US soldiers were killed yesterday by an Afghan “comrades”. I’ve never heard reporting digging into this all to common danger to our troops. What’s going on? Are these assasins sleeper embedded terrorists? Are they victims themselves with family members held at gunpoint?

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