Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers:  At This Hour-Inside Politics-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Concha: White House rips ‘lazy’ MSNBC report on Trump/Qatar.
  • CNN drops Reza Aslan series after host’s vulgar anti-Trump tweets.
  • Outnumbered video: Comey’s leaking shows
  • O’Reilly: ‘Hannity fought back. I should have.’  Jake Tapper in Toronto.
  • Matthews: MSNBCers are well informed; Mika: Is Trump mentally ill?”
  • CNN schedules Champions for Change.   DC’s ‘Badass women’ assemble.
  • Tucker videos: on Comeyrama; serves up a scoop.

49 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Bill O and Laura Ingraham:
    — I may return to TV at some point…….also notes the podcast is very lucrative
    — FoxNews ratings decline since being fired
    — bags on Megyn’s Putin interview
    — why he did not attend Ailes funeral
    — will be suing far left groups that got him fired (same attorney as Trump is using on Russia investigation)

    • I’ll be interested in seeing how such lawsuits are argued.

      O’Reilly was certainly Pink-Slimed.

    • Biggest mistake by BOR

      Settling, that makes it seem, you are guilty & that’s how the LEFT got to your advertisers

      • Advertisers are not naifs.

        For O’Reilly’s predicament you can thank the partisan political media dynamics that you don’t see as being applied to CNN via the dearth of publicity surrounding the class action racial discrimination against that network.

        The arguments in O’Reilly’s case ought to be interesting and pragmatic.

  2. Surprised to see Harris Faulkner co – hosting F&F, but she did bring up the IQ level on the show about 20 points

  3. DC’s FATASS WOMEN has not yet been greenlit. Floundering since Hillary exited the pilot.

  4. Prime Minster May ran into an election buzzsaw yesterday as the British version of Bernie Sanders promised expanded free health services and free college tuition. Their young morons are as gullible as our young morons.

    • She called an unnecessary election , then blew her lead in the polls , chose not to go to debates. Corbyn (the Labour party leader) was going around talking to people and talking the issues. Pretty much she got over confident like HRC did in the United States and blew it. The only difference was again it was an unnecessary election she didn’t have to do, could have sailed on for 3 more years.

  5. Now what does CNN with the pantry stocked with brains? Maybe RELIABLE SOURCES could use?

    • Here is what we KNOW thus far.
      1. Russia hacked into computers of the DNC and Hillary supporters releasing email proving they rigged the Democrat primaries to defeat Bernie Sanders and were in secret collusion with the national media.
      2. Trump was happy about that.
      3. Some Trump people talked to Russian diplomats and other people about something (we know not what) as revealed by NSA surveillance leaked illegaly. They also may have talked to Canadians and zoo animals.
      4. No one has yet to be charged with a crime except an NSA contractor lady with a stupid name.

      • Comey’s friend Mueller is on the case via Comey’s leaking manuever and Trump’s stupidity.

  6. Sean Hannity had the most viewers in all of cable TV yesterday. Quite an achievement considering the big news day. I would have figured the morning hours during live testimony would have rated higher.

    • Was thinking that too. Still hoping he and Andy will get another shot at a show on either FNC or FBN.
      As I am normally at work, only catch “The Specialists” sporadically. Someone has clearly been working with the 3 hosts. A lot less crosstalk/interruptions and all making interesting, substantive points.

      • Maybe they called a specialist to help (sorry) that’s good I’ve not watched until today when I found out Tom was on.

    • I hope they have Andy on soon, too. FOX has been using Tom much more than Andy since Red Eye got canceled.

      • Strange that Andy was part of one of The Specialists practice shows but hasn’t appeared on an actual episode. Maybe the practice one wasn’t very good.

        Tom and Andy seemed to both be rarely appearing on TV until Tom started promoting his book.
        Tom will be appearing on Gutfeld’s panel for the second time post-Red Eye and Andy still hasn’t appeared once. Can’t imagine that they haven’t been asking him.

        Unless their Fox News Radio hosting is going to continue long term or perhaps this new Fox News online comes up with some new shows, I still think that Tom and Andy won’t have their contracts renewed. Unless they take big pay cuts. They just aren’t being used on TV much.
        [Maybe Tom will fill-in for Greg whenever he finally takes some episodes off from The Five.]

        Tom and Andy would be great at doing a new version of the old Strategy Room format. Just give them a single camera, three guests and let them talk for an hour.

        • Tom is a stand-up comedian. I don’t understand why FOX should keep him at all. And Red Eye did not improve after he became host. In fact, it went downhill. Andy, on the other hand, has been loyal to FOX for over ten years and was very popular with RE fans. I hope they find a new place for him at the network.

          • I can’t tell what is going on with them and the radio show. They sure are doing it a lot, but it still seems like they are just guest hosts.

            Fox should keep Tom around if he is willing to take a pay cut. With the changes to The Five, they don’t really have anyone else to fill-in for Greg. The show is now too late for Kilmeade and Watters is now on the show. Tom also is a pretty good guest and would likely be a solid fill-in host for some other shows.

            I’m not sure how loyal Andy has been to Fox. Not sure where else he would have gone. I think Fox has been more loyal to him. Especially with keeping Red Eye on a couple of years after Greg left.
            They’ve kept him around this long when he hasn’t had much value to the network as a whole. Other people were more responsible for Red Eye’s success/longevity and Andy hasn’t been used that much on other Fox shows.
            I don’t know how they would keep him around, after his contract is up,
            when he is only appearing on Kennedy every other week.

            I do think that Greg should make Tom and Andy part of his show while they are still on contract. They could replace Timpf and rotate on the panel. They both have better chemistry with Greg than Timpf does and they are both better at that format than she is.
            It remains confusing that Greg and Andy have worked so little together in the past two years.

    • Wouldn’t say they were trounced. Let’s see what happens over the summer. But, if Maddow still winning demo or coming in close second by August, wonder if they should switch Tucker back to 9PM and move “The Five” to 8.

      • Tucker did an extended, enthusiastic plug for The Five at the end of tonight’s show. An indication that they know there’s a problem…or that he had extra time to fill. One or the other.

        • The left clearly motivated and Rachel Maddow has become their Rush or Bill O’Reilly. Her demo audience almost doubled Chris Hayes her lead in. The Five has been in a tough fight with her show but their demo ratings basically tied with Tuckers (634 for Tucker and 620 for The Five). Not completely sure that if Megyn had stayed if she would be beating Maddow every night. I think Tucker’s show and Hannity seem like a more natural flow and The Five might work better after Martha.

        • Present Fox News management is too incompetent to move the Five back to to 5 pm and ditch the Specialists all together. Does anyone dispute that the channel has gone way downhill in quality in the last few months? Even their selection of on-air talent is poor, Marie Harf is a typical example.

          Kat Timpf is another problem, anyone who watches that show can figure that out in five minutes.

          • Ratings are doing well enough that the execs don’t have to acknowledge that they made some clear mistakes with the lineup. If they started making changes now, it would be a form of admitting that they messed up.

            The Five never should have moved, but if it had to, they should have kept the lineup that was so successful when moving to a higher profile slot. The dynamic between Juan and Eric was far better than it is between Juan and Jesse.
            Also, the show should have clearly been moved to 8:00. They would have had weaker competition.
            It is incredibly rare for a cable network’s 9:00 show to be its lowest rated prime time program, but that is what The Five is.

            The Specialists is still not very good. Badly flawed format and the chemistry is just not there. They really needed to have rotating hosts until they found the right ones.
            Timpf continues to be the worst host on the network. She really struggles when she is speaking into the camera. The show just isn’t well suited for her abilities at all.

            Bolling should go back to The Five and it needs to either go back to 5:00 or at least flip with Tucker.
            Eboni, Timpf and Watters should be part of a weekend edition of The Five that has a rotating collection of hosts under 40. Give them time to develop more slowly. Let it become the training ground for the weekday shows.

            Also, it is time for a change to Outnumbered. Need to move Sandra to 2:00 and replace her with Melissa Francis and replace Meghan with Kennedy. Francis and Kennedy are much better fits for that show than Smith and McCain.

          • Stacey Dash was much more intelligent than Meghan McCain, why did they get rid of her? The Murdoch Boys think they are geniuses because they inherited Fox News from their dad, and are making bad programming.

          • Dash sure looks like she was there because Ailes wanted her there. So, with him gone, she was going to be gone.

            She wasn’t good enough to be an employee (definitely wasn’t good enough to do any hosting), but she was interesting enough to still appear as a guest.

          • Stacy Dash was an embarrassment and Meghan isn’t much better. If I had a dollar for every time she said “My father” I’d be a rich man. Fox has enough talent they can rotate two positions instead of one. And no, more Lisa Montgomery is not an answer. She was obnoxious when she was an MTV VJ and she’s obnoxious now. As it is, it kind of seems like Sandra and Melissa have a time share with the 2 p.m. show.

          • I can’t stand Meghan! Ever since joining FOX News she acts like she speaks for all Conservatives when she is actually hated for being a RINO

          • If there is anyone who comes across as the arbiter of who and what are true conservatives it’s Eric Bolling sometimes. There are divisions within GOP/conservatives & Meghan is representative of the economically conservative/social libertarian faction. I think she does a good job.

          • Andy is mostly better at expressing the libertarian viewpoint than Timpf is, but The Specialists looks like it would be a bad fit for him as well.

            I can’t imagine him and Bolling working that well together.

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