Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Impartial MSNBC anchor: Is Trump trying to provoke a terror attack?
  • MediaBuzz videos: coverage; heat;
  • Reliable Sources videos: Terror coverage; Londoners react; Kathy Griffin.
  • CNN host who ate human brain on camera calls POTUS a ‘piece of sh!t‘.
  • Q&A: Steve Hilton on ‘positive populism’ and The Next Revolution. More.
  • Maloney: Hannity’s post-holiday ratings bump.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Cablenews revenues surge.  Q&A: Lawrence O’Donnell.  Calling Kimberly.
  • The Five video: Panelists give their take on
  • Griffin feels ‘betrayed’ by Coop (who wants Andy Cohen to be new co-host).

47 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Fox does have a great bullpen of reporters/anchors to replace Jenna: Heather Childers, Arthel Neville, Elizabeth Prann, Patricia Stark, Julie Banderas, Jackie Ibanez, etc. As I’ve rambled here before, be patient in picking someone. They have all summer.

  2. The shot Media Matters took at Hannity was so off the mark, he never opened the box with the purple heart.

  3. Here’s hoping HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher has the same crisis management consultant as Kathy Griffin.

  4. Murdoch didn’t attend Roger Ailes’ funeral. Rush and Sean Hannity were there as well as Ethel Kennedy, RFK’s widow. Dennis Kucinich was there, but Murdoch snubbed the funeral.

      • Murdoch’s firing of Roger Ailes, Bill Shine, and Bill O’Reilly was nothing less than brutal and unprincipled. Or has Rupert simply gone senile and is now taking orders from his liberal sons?

  5. Hi. Sorry dude. Your blog is in a level 10 of being totally crapola. Miss Prissy. You mean Arthel Neville? I saw Arthel Neville’s picture on your website and I was on the internet for about an hour trying to find out the person’s name. Your dumb blog just goes on a tirade about Miss Prissy. And it didn’t say anything. So luckily I found out her name by going to Fox’s own website. I hope to God you are not what we have to look forward to as the alternative and good media.
    Johnny Dollar I like how your logo is basically the Fox news logo. What do you think about UN trucks driving around throughout the United States of America. You . Get back on your surf board. Get brain dead on laguna beach on LSD. Post modernism, materialism, agnosticism, atheism. Your blog fits the bill for all of them. And you can add crapism.You need to be toweled.Maybe you can get a good job on BET or on the next bad under siege movie. Do us a favor and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

    • They’ll prattle out unconfirmed bullshite all night tonight on this action, but with Trump it’s “Are you sure those were Japanese planes over Pearl Harbor?”

      • Can’t find it right now but this morning I saw on Twitter either Andrea Mitchell or NBC News say they won’t broadcast Trump’s Twitter about the attack in London because the information was “unconfirmed”.
        Someone responded:you’ve been talking about anonymously sourced information for the last 2 weeks and you have no problem with broadcasting that!

        • Exactly.

          They endlessly peddled the DOJ debunked claims about the Ferguson, Mo. cop and false claims about George Zimmerman’s actions before being confronted by Trayvon Martin.

          I don’t think Pres. Trump should tweet unconfirmed stuff either, but no institution in American life is supposed to be more zealous for the truth than the media, and no group of people is less so than these phonies.

    • The perk of hosting your own show.

      My husband would probably be interviewing underwear models.

      • Howie was consistent as he closed the show with a fourth lady attractive enough to be a beaty queen… or a model of anything.

    • Stelter was busy expressing disapproval over Trump using coordinated terrorist attacks to further his agenda against terrorists attacks, and tsking whatever Fox & Friends was airing about the incident.

  6. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 piece of sh!t
    4 Kathy Griffin’s press conference
    3 ratings bump
    2 betrayed by Coop
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Calling Kimberly.

  7. Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly Premieres TONIGHT: Exclusive Interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin… will (drumroll) reveal nothing.

    • I watched the news magazine , it was alright I like the idea of a classic news magazine program – meaning it’s not focused on just crime stories like Dateline and 20/20 have become and what 48 hours is. But it wasn’t really bad, it’s 60 Minutes level of quality but that’s something else.

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